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Names of God # 3

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     We’re going to continue on the Names of God. So often, in religion we think of God as being 1 way, sometimes we have a preconceived idea of God. As we look at the Names of God in the OT and some in the NT, we see a new part of God’s character that we have never seen before.

     I. A few weeks ago, we looked at the name Jehovah and found out that Jehovah is the Lord Jesus Christ.

              A. Often in the Word of God, it refers to Jehovah as the 1 doing something, but in the NT it says that Jesus is the 1 responsible for doing that very thing.

                        1. We also looked at the Hebrew wordEL” which is the name for God.

                                  a. Elrefers to the God of Strength, the God of Might and the God of Power.

                        2. We also looked at “Elohim.”

                                  a. Elohim” is the plural for the word “El” (for God), and it refers to God the Father, God the Son, and God the HS.

                                  b. Elohim also describes God’s Power, Strength, Might, but it goes even further than that, It also refers to His Greatness, and His Glory.

              B. But not only is “Elohimreferred to as a God of Power, He also is referred to as a God of Covenant.

                        1. It was “Elohim” that said, In (GEN 17:7) “I will establish my covenant between me and thee and thy seed after thee in their generations for an everlasting covenant, to be a God unto thee.”

                                  a. Then in (Genesis 17:9) “God (Elohim) said unto Abraham, Thou shalt keep my covenant therefore, thou, and thy seed after thee in their generations.” KJV

                                  b. Elohim entered into a covenant with Abraham and His seed after Him.

                                           i. This was an everlasting covenant between Abraham and his seed after Him.

                        2. In (Galatians 3:29) it says, “If ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.” KJV

                                  c. That means that if you’re in Christ you are in a covenant with God.

                                           i. God has entered into a covenant with you, and He cannot break that covenant No wonder God says in His Word that He would never leave you or forsake you. He can’t He’s in a covenant with you.

                                           ii. (2 Corinthians 2:14) Says, “Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ, and maketh manifest the savor of his knowledge by us in every place.” KJV

                                           iii. This all happens because we are in a covenant with God.

              C. We also looked “El Shaddaianother name for God.

                        1. Most of the time when the name “El Shaddaiis used the KJV translates itAlmighty God,” but that really incorrect.

                                  a. ElmeansAlmighty God.” ButEl Shaddaimeans more than that, it refers to “Abundance,” meaning “The God of abundance.”

                                           i. Or “The God who supplies abundantly.”

                                  b. He is a God who is more than enough.

                        2. EPH 3:20

                                  a. Our God provides for us with more that enough, but just because it’s provided for us doesn’t mean that we are walking in it, or have received it.

                                           i. Through my work at Lucky’s health benefits are provided, but if I don’t do anything about those benefits, I wont receive anything.

                                  b. In the same way the Bible says that it’s only through faith and patience that we inherit the promises. (HEB 6:12)

                                           i. We might know that God is more than enough, we might know that God supplies abundantly, but if we don’t know how to receive it, it’s not going to do us much good.

                                           ii. But God does tell us how to receive His abundance, it comes through faith and patience.

     II. Turn with me to GEN 28:1a

              A. Isaac (Abraham’s son) knew God as El Shaddai. And soon Jacob was also going to know God as El Shaddai.

                        1. GEN 28:1-3

                                  a. Isaac was saying, “Jacob, El Shaddai, the God who is all sufficient, will bless you and multiply you. He will even work contrary to nature to overcome difficult circumstances just for you.

                        2. You know the story. Jacob left home with his father’s blessings, but nothing in his hands.

                                  a. As Jacob was on his travels to find a wife, the Lord appeared unto him and said, “I’m giving this land to you and your seed, and I am going to be with you and protect you.”

                                  b. As Jacob continued on his journey to find a wife, he fell in love with Rachel.

                                           i. When Jacob came to Laban, Rachel’s father, Jacob and Laban agreed that Jacob would work 7 years for Rachel.

                                           ii. After 7 years passed, Laban gave Leah (Rachel’s older sister) to Jacob.

                                  c. Jacob had to work another 7 years for Rachel.

                        3. After Rachel gave birth to Joseph, Jacob planed to return to his own country.

                                  a. Anywhere had to be better than living with Laban.

                                           i. Laban not only deceived Jacob, but Laban was also dabbling in the occult.

                                  b. GEN 30:25-27

                                           i. The word “Experience” here is actually the word “Divination.”

                                           ii. Anything would be better than living with Laban, But God (El Shaddai) planed to bless Jacob.

                        4. For all that Jacob did for Laban, Laban agreed that Jacob would only take the animals of the flock that were Speckled, Spotted, or Striped.

                                  a. Laban knew that he only had a few in his flock that were colored that way, so he was in complete agreement with that.

                                  b. But God, the God who is the all Sufficient One, did something supernatural, He caused all the babies of Laban’s flock to be born with spots, specked or with stripes.

                                           i. Jacob left a wealthy man.

              B. Turn to GEN 35:9-11

                                  1. God has a way of turning situations around.

                                           a. Jacob was blessed, and lived a very wealthy man because he knew God asEl Shaddai” the God who supplies abundantly.

     III. Moses also knew El Shaddai.

              A. Look at EXO 6:2-3

                        1. God was saying, I appeared to them as the God who is more than enough, and now I am speaking to you.

                                  a. Look at something Moses wrote in PSA 91:1

                                  b. Moses is saying, “I’m going to dwell under the Shadow of the God who is more than enough. That’s where I want to live.”

                        2. Moses knew God as a God who was more that enough.

                                  a. When Moses led Israel in the wilderness for 40 years, God provided for them with more than enough, even while they were in the wilderness.

                                           i. They had all the food they could eat, they had all the water they could drink, God was their air condition, He also provided heat for them, none of their clothes wore out for 40 years.

                                           ii. He was more than enough for them in the wilderness.

                                           iii. If He took care of 2 to 3 million people in the wilderness, don’t you think that He will take care of you now?

              B. Do you want to live and walk in the realm with a God who abundantly provides, A God who is more that enough?

                        1. Then 1st you have to Dwell with Him. Make Him 1st in your life.

                        2. 2nd is found in PSA 91:2a

                                  a. Stake you claim with your mouth. Moses did that.

                                           i. Begin saying what you need God to be in your situation.

                                           ii. Begin saying, “The God who is more than enough, He is my Healer, The God who is more than enough, He is my provider, The God who is more than enough, He is my Strength, The God who is more than enough, He will cause my children to serve the Lord, The God who is more than enough, He will put my marriage back together, The God who is more than enough, He will give me a Godly spouse.

              C. In order to have the God who supplies abundantly working in your life there is a 3rd step and that’s also found in PSA 91:2

                        1. Now you have to trust Him, and put you faith in Him to bring it to pass.

                        2. Too often we want thing right now. Instant coffee, instant tea, fast food.

                                  a. Things that are instant usually aren’t as good.

                                           i. Instant coffee isn’t as good as freshly brewed coffee, instant tea isn’t as good as brew tea, fast food isn’t as good as a home cooked meal.

                                  b. Jacob was willing to wait 14 years for the best, for Rachel.

                        3. It through faith and patience that we’ll have God’s best.

                                  a. Don’t become impatient, don’t become discouraged, keep on dwelling in the secret place of the Almighty, and the God who is more than enough will bless you with an abundance.

WOLCC Sun AM 7/28/96

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