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Names of God

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     We’re going to continue in a similar that we’ve been on. For the last 2 weeks we looked at Jehovah in the OT and found out that Jehovah is the Lord Jesus Christ

     I. In (Zechariah 12:10) Jehovah said, “They shall look upon me whom they have pierced.” KJV

              A. It was Jesus that was pierced when he was placed on that cross and after He was taken down they pierced His side.

                        1. Now don’t get caught up on words, if someone doesn’t want to believe that Jesus is Jehovah, that OK, As long as they believe that Jesus is Lord.

              B. Today I want to begin looking at some of the other names for God and the Lord Jesus Christ.

                        1. If you’re wondering about why we’re taking up the subject of the names of God, each name for God and for Jesus describe who they are, their character, and even their will for us.

     II. The 1st name that I want to start off with today is the 1st title for God that we have in the Word of God.

              A. Turn with me to GEN. 1:1

                        1. Here the word “God” is actually the Hebrew word “Elohim.”

                                  a. Elohim is the plural for the Hebrew word “El.”

                                  b. Elohim refers to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

                        2. It also describes God’s Greatness and His Glory.

                                  a. If you look up the word “Elohimin your Strong’s Concordance it refers you back to the root wordEl” which meansStrength, Might and Power.”

                                  b. Our God is the God of Power.

                                           i. We can see that in GEN 1:1

                                           ii. That took a display of God’s great power.

              B. Just a moment ago I said that the word “Elohimrefers to the Father, Son, and HS.

                        1. All three of them were involved in creation.

                        2. Look at GEN 1:2

                                  a. Why did the HS move upon the face of the waters?

                                           i. He was bringing the Glory and the Power of God on the seen. You could say that He was preparing the way bringing the miracle of creation.

                                  b. Look at 1COR 12:7-11

                                           i. The Gift of prophecy, tongues; the interpretation of tongues, the word of wisdom, another the word of knowledge, and the discerning of spirits all come to reveal something. (They reveal a word from God).

                                           ii. Faith, (that is the Special gift of faith), the working of miracles, and the gifts of healing come to bring a miracle in this natural realm.

                                           iii. Jesus is the Healer, but the HS causes the miracle to be revealed.

                                  c. 1 of the role’s of the HS is to reveal what has happened in the spirit realm to this natural realm.

                                           i. (John 16:13) Says, “Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come.” KJV

                                           ii. Notice the last part, “He will show you things to come.”

                                           iii. That is revealing something to you.

                        3. 1 COR 2:9-14

                                  a. In (V 10), Paul makes it vary clear that the HS is the 1 that reveals to us what God has in store for us.

                                           i. (V 12) tells us that we have received the SPIRIT OF GOD or the HS that we might know the things that God has freely given to us.

                                           ii. Again, it’s the HS that is bringing us revelation.

                                  b. In (Ephesians 3:5) it tells us that the HS revealed things to the apostles and prophets.”

                        4. Now that we know that the HS gives revelation, Look at something that Paul said in EPH 3:17

                                  a. Most translation capitalize the word “SPIRITmeaning the HS.

                                           i. You could word it this way, “That the Lord Jesus Christ would give you the Spirit of Wisdom and the SPIRIT of Revelation.

                                           ii. The HS will give youRevelation.”

                                  b. Notice how that revelation will come. END of EPH 1:17

                                           i. In the Knowledge of Him” (Of Jesus)

                                           ii. This word “Knowledge” here comes from the Greek word “epignosismeaningA full and intimate knowledge.”

                                  c. Paul said in (PHIL 3:10) “That I may know him.”

                                            i. As we get to know the Lord Jesus Christ better each day, the greater revelation we’ll have from the HS.

              C. We’ve been talking about the HS’s role in creation, He brings it to this natural realm, but Jesus was also actively involved in creation.

                        1. Look at COL 1:16

                                  a. Jesus did the creating and the HS caused it to manifest and be revealed.

                        2. But where was the Father involved.

                                  a. I like this analogy: The Father is the 1 that plans the whole thing, Jesus does the work, and the HS causes it to be revealed.

                                  b. We already saw that Jesus created the Heavens and the Earth, He did the work and the HS revealed it and causes it to manifest, But I don’t want you to take it for granted that Father is the 1 who planed it all.

                        3. Go to EPH 1:3-5

                                  a. This is all part of God’s plan and it was done before the foundation of the world, Before (GEN 1:1)

     III. Elohim is a God of power.

              A. ROM 1:16

                        1. The Gospel (or the good news of what the Lord Jesus Christ has done for us, is the very power of God unto Salvation and all of God’s promises.

                                  a. Salvation and God’s promises only came through a covenant that God made with man.

                        2. Elohim is a God of covenants.

              B. GEN 17:1-9

                        1. In these Vs here we see that God (ELOHIM) established a covenant with Abraham.

                                  a. Go down to GEN 22:1-2

                                           i. GEN 22 4-5 notice “Come again.”

                                           ii. GEN 22:7-18

                                  b. HEB 11:17-19

                        2. Because God (Elohim) required Abraham to offer up His son, now as part of a covenant relationship God had to offer up His 1st born Son.

                                  a. But Abraham went 1 step further, He had faith in God that after he offered Isaac in the alter, that God would have to raise him up from the dead so that God could fulfill His promise, “In Isaac shall thy seed be called.”

                                           i. But God stopped Abraham from offering up Isaac.

                                  b. Now God had to do the same thing. I believe man could have stopped Jesus the Lame of God from being offered up when He was crucified, but they did not know what they were doing.

                                           i. Jesus was offered up, but as Abraham had faith that Isaac would be raised up, that gave God the right to raise up the Lord Jesus Christ.

                        3. Elohim is a God of Power and a God of Covenants and He has a covenant with you and me, and He will never brake that covenant.

WOLCC SUN AM 7/14/96

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