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     We began last week on the subject calledLook What the Lord Has Done.” I want to continue from that message, but with a little different direction. The title that I've put on this message is “Limiting the Lord,” but I want to go in the direction of how not to limit the Lord.

     I. Turn to PSA 78:40-41

              A. Many people limit the Holy One of Israel.

                        1. We put some kind of boundaries around Him. We put Him in a box. (Mail box)

                        2. By us putting some boundaries on God, we're limiting Him.

                                  a. We need to let God be God.

                        3. MARK 6:1-6a

                                  a. Why could Jesus do no mighty work here?

                                  b. In (V 6) it gives us the answer, it says that He marveled because of their unbelief.

                                           i. It was unbelief that stopped them from receiving.

                                           ii. In (MARK 9:17-27) We have the story of a father that brought his son, to be healed by Jesus. The Word says that the boy had a dumb spirit. (An evil spirit that took away his speech)

                                           iii. Jesus said in (V 23) “If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.”

                                  c. If you believe all things are possible, even miracles.

                                           i. But unbelief or doubt will stop the miracles from happening.

                                           ii. Unbelief will limit the Holy One of Israel.

                        4. What do you do to turn doubt to faith?

                                  a. Exactly what Jesus did.

                                  b. MARK 6:6b (Faith comes by hearing)

     II. Turn back with me to PSA 78:41-42

              A. Last week we looked at the greatness of God & His willingness to bless His children.

                        1. He says in (EPH 3:20) that He wants to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, or even conceive.

                                  a. And He will do it, if we don't limit Him.

              B. There are many different ways to limit the Holy One of Israel.

                        1. PSA 78:42

                                  a. 1 way to limit God in your life, is by not remembering what the Lord has done.

                                           i. Don't forget the things that the Lord has done for you in the past.

                                           ii. & Don't forget what the Lord has done in the Word of God.

                                           iii. If God did it in the Word, He'll do it for you.

              C. The 2nd way to limit God is by not continuing in what the Lord has given you to do.

                        1. Many Christians receive something from God, a goal or a vision or a ministry. (A ministry could be anything from a pulpit ministry to the ministry of helps.)

                                  a. But what happens is that when they've been doing what God told them to do, the newness wears off, & it isn't easy or fun anymore, & they give up.

                                  b. Or if it's a vision that God gave them, & things start going rough, they quit.

                        2. They forsook what the Lord gave them. In doing that they limited God.

                                  a. Look at PSA 78:41

                                  b. They turned back, they forsook what the Lord gave them to do.

                                           i. If you're not committed to do what God's given you to do, you will forsake it & limit God in your life.

              D. What is the cause for someone to lose that commitment in doing what God told them to do?

                        1. One of the reasons is found in PSA 78:37a

                                  a. The children of Israel would limit God because their heart was not right with Him.

                                           i. Even you & I as Christians have to look at our own heart to see if it's right with God.

                                  b. I have to keep my own heart & my own motives in check & pure before the Lord.

                        2. (MATT 6:33) Says “Seek ye first the kingdom of God.” Are you seeking 1st His kingdom or your kingdom? That has to do with motives?

                                  a. Please don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that your motives are wrong, but what I am saying is that we have to continue to judge ourselves.

                                  b. If we let our motives get out of line, we're going to hinder the move of God in our lives.

                                           i. (PSA 24:4 & 5) Say, “He that has a pure heart shall receive the blessing from the Lord.”

              E. Go back to PSA 78:37b

                        1. People who are not steadfast in the covenant of God begin to waver with His Word.

                                  a. Did God really mean what He said? I know God said that, but He understands.

                                           i. That's probably the biggest area, “I know God said that but He'll make an exception in my case, He'll understand.

                                           ii. If God said it, He expects us to keep His Word.

                        2. There are times when people get a Word from God in what to do & they begin to do it, but when things get tough, they begin to waver at His Word & turn back.

                                  a. Jesus who should be our example, went through many things that were tough. (wilderness, crucified) But He never turned back.

     (1COR 15:58)        b. Paul told the Church in Corinth to be stedfast, unmoveable.

                                           i. This is the way we need to be to God's Word, weather it's from a spoken Word or His written Word, we need to be Stedfast & Unmoveable.

                                           ii. If He's told us to do it, we're going to do it.

                        3. If we begin to draw back & waver, we're going to limit God.

                                  a. (HEB 10:38) says, “If any man draw back, my soul shall have to pleasure in him.”

                                  b. James said that the person that is wavering will not receive anything from the Lord. (JAMES 1:5-6)

                                  c. Those 2 Vs make it very clear that if we're not going to be stedfast & immovable, we're going to limit God.

     III. 1TIM 6:12

              A. We are in a warfare. The Devil wants to stop us. The flesh tries to stop us.

                        1. But if you refuse to turn back, if you're stedfast in the Covenant, you're fighting the good fight of faith.

                                  a. And the devil is losing.

              B. LUKE 5:17-19

                        1. They had a goal or a vision to see this man healed, but there was an obstacle, they couldn't get in.

                                  a. Did they turn back? No

                                  b. What would have happened if they turned back?

                                           i. They would have limited God.

                                           ii. What happened?

                        2. LUKE 5:20-26

                                  a. A direct result of them not turning back.

     IV. MARK 5:21-24

              A. Jairus was probably thinking, Glory to God, I heaven's attention.

                        1. But all of a sudden Jesus stopped to minister to someone else.

                        2. In Jairus's mind there was no time to minister to any one else. His daughter could die any second.

                                  a. Jairus could have said, “Forget it, I want to be with my daughter.”

                                  b. But Jairus would not turn back.

              B. Look what happened in V 35 (MARK 5:35)

                        1. The devil will use people to cause you to give up, to draw back, or to turn back.

                                  a. Doctor that says you're sick.

                                  b. Accountant that says you're broke.

                                  c. It might be a friend that says that says you should give up you'll never receive anything.

                        2. You need to be stedfast in His Word.

                                  a. You'll have the victory if you don't turn back.

                        3. V 36 (MARK 5:36)

                                  a. When you're in the middle of your battle Don't limit God.

                                  b. Be not afraid, only believe.

              C. V 37-40a

                        1. To stay in the battle is tough, but it's worth it.

                        2. V 40-43

                                  a. Right in the middle of the battle Jairus learned something.

                                  b. Don't turn back. Don't forsake what the Lord has started.

                                           i. Remain stedfast & you'll see the victory.

                        3. Don't limit God.

                                  a. Remember what the Lord has already done, remember the hand of the Lord.

                                  b. & don't forsake what the Lord is doing in your life.

WOLCC 6-13-93 SUN AM

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