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     We're going to continue on the subject of Limiting the Lord in your life. Too often we limit God by putting Him in a box, putting some boundaries on Him.

     I. Turn with me to PSA 78:41-42

              A. 2 week ago we looked at the greatness of God & His willingness to bless His children.

                        1. He says in (EPH 3:20) that He wants to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think.

                                  a. And He will do it, if we don't limit Him.

              B. There are many different ways to limit the Holy One of Israel.

                        1. PSA 78:42

                                  a. 1 way to limit God in your life, is by not remembering what the Lord has done.

                                           i. Don't forget the things that the Lord has done for you in the past.

                                           ii. & Don't forget what the Lord has done in the Word of God.

                                           iii. If God did it in the Word, He'll do it for you.

              C. The 2nd way to limit God is by not continuing in what the Lord has given you to do.

                        1. Many Christians receive something from God, a goal or a vision or a ministry. (A ministry could be anything from a pulpit ministry to the ministry of helps.)

                                  a. But when the newness wears off, & it isn't easy or fun anymore, & they give up.

                                  b. If things start going rough, they quit.

                        2. They forsook what the Lord gave them. In doing that they limited God.

                                 a. Look at PSA 78:41

                                  b. They turned back, they forsook what the Lord gave them to do.

                                           i. If you're not committed to do what God's given you to do, you will forsake it & limit God in your life.

              D. In (PSA 78:37) it gives us One of the reasons why people lose their commitment in doing what God told them to do?

                        1. Look at PSA 78:37a

                                  a. The children of Israel would limit God because their heart was not right with Him.

                                           i. All of us have to look at our own heart to see if it's right with God. To make sure are motives are pure before the Lord

                        2. (MATT 6:33) Says “Seek ye first the kingdom of God.” That has to do with motives?

                                  a. We have to continue to judge ourselves.

                                  b. If we let our motives get out of line, we're going to hinder the move of God in our lives.

                                           i. In the Book of PSA it says, “He that has a pure heart shall receive the blessing from the Lord.” (PSA 24:4 & 5)

              E. In the last ½ of PSA 78:37b it says...

                        1. People who are not steadfast in the covenant of God begin to waver with His Word.

                                  a. Did God really mean what He said? I know God said that, but He understands.

                        2. There are times when people get a Word from God in what to do & they begin to do it, but when things get tough, they begin to waver at His Word & turn back.

     (1COR 15:58)        b. Paul told the Church in Corinth to be stedfast, unmoveable.

                                           i. We need to be this way to God's Word. Stedfast & Unmoveable.

                        3. If we begin to draw back & waver, we're going to limit God.

                                  a. (HEB 10:38) says, “If any man draw back, my soul shall have to pleasure in him.”

                                  b. James said that the person that is wavering will not receive anything from the Lord. (JAMES 1:5-6)

                                  c. Those 2 Vs make it very clear that if we're not going to be stedfast & immovable, we're going to limit God.

     II. Look at PSA 78:9

              A. Unless you're stedfast in His Covenant (Word) you're going to turn back in the day of battle.

                        1. (1TIM 6:12) Says, “Fight the good fight of faith.”

                        2. We are in a warfare.

                                  a. (2 Corinthians 10:4) Says, “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds.”

                                  b. The battle takes place in the spirit.

                                           i. Daniel... (prince of the kingdom of Persia, Michael)

                        3. There is a battle going on, but thank God we don't have to turn back in the day of battle. The Greater One lives on the inside of you.

                        4. So far we have covered 2 way that we limit the Lord in our lives.

                                  a. 1 was by forgetting what the Lord has done.

                                  b. 2 turning back in what the Lord has given you.

     III. For # 3 go back to PSA 78:42-51

              A. Out of all the things that happened to the Egyptians the children of Israel went unharmed.

              B. V 52-53a

                        1. Right in the midst of all that which was happening to the Egyptians (sinners), God was still leading & guiding the children of Israel.

                                  a. He said in (V 53) “He led them on safely.”

                                  b. Israel was coming up against a big obstacle in their live, the Red Sea.

                                           i. With no place to go. The enemy closing in. God parted the Red Sea. He led them on safely.

                                           ii. You might be facing an obstacle in your life, with no place to go. But rest assured that God will led you on safely. He will not let you drown.

                        2. You can have a peace on the inside, even when it seems that the world all around you is falling apart.

              C. Look at Psalm 78:53bSo that they feared not.”

                        1. The 3rd way to limit God is to fear that God will not come through, that you won't have the victory.

                                  a. (2 Corinthians 2:14) Says, “Now thanks [be] unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ.”

                                  b. If the Devil can get you to (& keep you in) fear that God will not come through, that God won't give you the victory,

                                           i. Then he's successfully put you in a place that you'll limit God from working in your life.

                        2. Look at V 53 again (PSA 78:53)

                                  a. Any time the Devil can put you in fear, you open the door for the enemy to overwhelm you.

                                  b. But anytime that you walk in faith, free from fear, you can be led on safely & you won't limit Him.

     IV. EXO 14:13 (Crossing the Red Sea)

              A. Isn't that a powerful Verse.

                        1. He says, “Fear not

                                  a. Don't be afraid, but stand in faith & you'll see the salvation of the Lord.

              B. EXO 14:14-22

                        1. You know the rest of the story. The Egyptians were swallowed up by the Red Sea.

                        2. The Israelites did not get into fear at this time. They knew that Lord already won the battle.

                                  a. Even before the battle even started.

                                  b. You end up limiting God if you fear that God won't win in your situation, in your battle.

                        3. After you've done all that you need to do, you need to take this V to heart.

                                  a. Fear not, stand still, & see the salvation of the Lord.

                                           i. The word “Salvation” in this V means, “salvation, deliverance, welfare, prosperity & victory.”

              C. LUKE 1: Zacharias just finished naming his son John & his mouth was opened & he could now speak. LUKE 1:67-74

                        1. We can walk in a place with God totally free from fear.

                                  a. We need to realize that God has won the victory.

                                           i. We don't ever need to fear that He hasn't won, because he has. He always causes us to triumph.

                        2. It says in (ISA 54:14) that fear & oppression are far from us.

                                  a. How can it be far from us?

                                           i. Because He has already won the victory.

                        3. PRO 1:33

                                  a. In going back to the Greek this V really say this;

                                           i. (Proverbs 1:33) But whose hearkeneth (obeys, understands, & listens) unto me shall dwell (live) safely, and shall be quiet (be at ease, be at peace, rest securely) from fear (terror, or dread) of evil.

                                  b. If you're following after the Lord you don't have to fear, for God has already given you the Victory.

                        4. (2 Timothy 1:7) “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. ”

WOLCC SUN AM 6-20-93

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