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Letting God be Mighty

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     I think that throughout all of history, God's people have had to face conflicts. Whether it's brother against brother - like w/ Cain & Abel, or nation against nation or even Adam & Eve against Satan in t Garden. There has been a continual conflict between t kingdom of God & Satan's evil kingdom. God is rising up t Church to operate in His power, & Satan is warring against it like never before.

     I. There has been time after time that when God's people faced an enemy, t Lord would show Himself strong & deliver His people.

              A. God has always provided a way for His people to receive His Power & might for t battles they faced.

                        1. God is showing Himself strong to those who choose to follow Him closely.

                        2. David understood this.

                                  a. Look at ACTS 13:22

                                           i. David had a heart after God's own heart.

                                           ii. We need to be like David.We know that David wasn't perfect, but he truly loved t Lord & followed after Him.

                                  b. In (1KI 14:8) It says that David followed t Lord with all his heart.

              B. Not only did David understand t importance of following after t Lord, but he knew that it was essential to have victory.

                        1. PSA 24:7-10

                                  a. "T LORD Mighty in Battle."

                                           i. He understands your battles. & He will be mighty in your battles.

                        2. But there is a prerequisite. These Vs that we just read imply, we need to be putting t Lord 1st in our lives.

                                  a. When I say putting Him 1st, I don't just mean in words, but in action. (MATT 15:8)

                                           i. Following Him w/ our whole hearts. Praise, worship, love, service. (Essential)

                                  b. When t Lord does go into battle in our behalf, He will not be defeated.

                                           i. He a God of Victory.

                                           ii. He doesn't know defeat. No enemy can stand against Him.

                                  c. When a football team wins a game, they might say that it was a glorious victory.

                                           i. T word glorious comes from t word glory.

                                           ii. Well, our Lord is, t Lord of Glory, that means that He gets t victory all t time.

                                           iii. PSA 37:25

              C. ?Then why are so many Christians defeated?

                        1. There's a number of reasons, but 1 of t reasons is that they're not being a channel for t Lord's glory.

                        2. Back in (PSA 24:7) It said, "Lift up your heads, O ye gates & t King of glory shall come in."

                                  a. When you lift up your head to see Him & His glory, & to follow after Him, you become a door for His glory to come in. (Moses)

                                           i. & that means victory when Satan brings His attacks against you.

                                           ii. (HEB 12:2) Says, "Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of {our} faith."

                        3. But there are those times that we do get our eyes off of Jesus. We get so consumed w/ t attacks of t enemy, we forget to "Lift up our heads."

                                  a. Peter went thru t same thing when he walked on t water.

                                           i. We could talk about what Peter did, but it does us more good to look at it.

                        4. MATT 14:22-31

                                  a. In (V 30) it says that Peter saw t wind boisterous & that he was afraid. (Greek "phobeo" where we get "phobia")

                                           i. Peter got his eyes off of Jesus & on t storm, then fear came."

                                           ii. When you get your eyes off of Jesus your opening t door to fear. & when your in fear your doubting t Lord & His Word.

                                  b. Look at V 31 again.

                                           i. In (V 30) it says that "Peter cried, saying, Lord, save me."

                                           ii. Peter got his eyes back on t Lord.

                                           iii. If you've got your eyes off of t Lord & you're beginning to sink or being overcome, turn your eyes back to Jesus & he will not let you drown.

     II. Too often, we are trying to do every thing in our selves, We've got to let go & let God. Let Him be mighty in our lives.

              A. Sure we need to do all we can, but we need our Lord involved to have victory, VICTORY in JESUS.

                        1. If we don't learn to trust in t Lord to always make t difference in our lives, there will come a time that we're up against a wall & nowhere to turn.

                        2. But I'll tell you this, If you keep your eyes on t Lord, t Lord will fight for you.

                                  a. EXO 14:13-14

                                  b. Things seemed hopeless, there back's were up against a wall w/ no place to turn.

                                           i. Look at what God said in V 16.

                                           ii. We know t rest of t story...

              B.Throughout t entire Bible we see t Lord doing t same type of thing.

                        1. God was able to show Himself strong in t book of (JUDGES) thru Gideon.

                                  a. Israel was up against a nation that looked invincible, t Midianities.

                                  b. Being vastly out numbered, Gideon & his 300 men saw God showing Himself strong, mighty in battle.

              C. Even w/ Daniel when He was thrown into t lions den, t Lord revealed Himself as mighty by shutting up their mouths.

                        1. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego saw t mighty hand of t Lord when they were thrown into t burning fiery furnace. T Lord delivered them, w/out even t smell of smoke on there clothes.

                        2. GEN 37:3, 23-28

                                  a. Things looked pretty bad for Joseph, but he kept on trusting t Lord.

                                  b. GEN 39:1, 7-9, 19-20

                                           i. Things were bad when he was sold to Medianites, so he trusted t Lord, & things got worse.

                                           ii. That's just like t Devil, when you start doing something for God, the Devil attacks even harder.

                                  c. But Joseph didn't give up. He kept on trusting t Lord for t Victory.

                                  d. Listen to what t Pharaoh said in reference to Joseph.

                                           i. GEN 41:38-40

                        3. As we truly seek t Lord & follow after Him, we'll continue to stay full of t Spirit of God, just like Pharaoh said about Joseph, & we'll see t mighty hand of God in our lives.

                        4. It says in (DAN 11:32) "T people that do know their God Shall be strong, & do exploits.

                                  a. T exploits that we do are from His might.

              D. EPH 6:10

                        1. I like to word it this way & it's just as true.

                        2. Be strong in t Lord & you'll see t power of His might.

TFC SUN 2/17/91 AM & WOLCC 6/16/91 SUN AM

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