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   Many Christians are asking t question: "How can I build strong faith?" These people realize that t things they need from God, like healing, prosperity, & other blessing, do not come by simply being born again. These blessing come thru faith. Faith is not just an act of t will of man. Faith is not t act of you deciding that you're going to be in faith. But it's more than that. Faith is acting on t Word of God. Here are some things I know will help you to be strong in faith.

   I. # 1. Surround yourself w/ that which produces faith.

       A. Every born‑again Christian has received "the" measure of faith.

            1. ROM 12:3

                a. It doesn't say "a" measure of faith, it says "the" measure of faith.

            2. What you do w/ your measure of faith is up to you, but what you do w/ it determines whether or not you grow in faith.

                a. So often Christians surround themselves w/ things that will cause them to be weak in faith.

                     i. They might go to a church that does not teach t Word, listening to someone say that God does not want you well, he might have even put this sickness on you.

                     ii. Sitting under that kind of thing will make you weak in faith.

                b. If we want our faith to grow into something that will produce results we must surround ourselves w/ positive people of God & not negative people.

                     i. We need to feed our minds & spirits on material that will build faith, not destroy it.

                     ii. You don't feed you spirit by reading secular magazines or a steady diet of secular TV & expect to build you faith.

                     iii. Where do you want to be: barely making it w/  God or do you want to be victorious.

                     Iv. People that are a success in this world, didn't start out a success. There had to be some sacrifices.

                c. GAL 2:20; 5:24

                     i. There are times that we need to crucify t flesh & those times are more often than not.

            3. If you want to be strong in faith then surround yourself w/ things of faith, not t negative.

                a. MAR 4:35‑41

                b. T disciples surrounded themselves w/ that which produced faith.

                             i. They didn't start off in faith.  MAT 17:18‑20a c. But lets look at t disciples on t day of Pentecost.

                     i. ACTS 4:13

                     ii. What did they see? "Unlearned & ignorant men." But they took note that they had been w/ Jesus.

                     iii. How did they know that they'd been w/ Jesus.

                     Iv. Because they acted just like Him.

                d. Who ever your around your going to be like them.

                     i. If there in strife, you're going to pick it up. If there in doubt & unbelief you're going to be like them. If they are in unforgiveness, you're going to be like them.

                     ii. 1COR 15:33  T NIV says, (1CO 15:33) "Do not be misled: "Bad company corrupts good character."

                     iii. But just t opposite is also true. If t person that you're around is in faith you're going to be picking that up. If there walking in love, you're going to be that way.

                     Iv. If you want T blessing of God in your life then surround w/ t things that which produces strong faith.

   II. #2. If you want strong faith build on t Word of God, not on experience.

       A. Your faith needs to be on t Word of God & not on experience.

   III. #3. Look to t Word of God not to someone else.

       A. People are always going to let you down & that can hinder your faith.

            1. PSA 107:20

                a. He sent His Word to heal them, He didn't send me to  heal you. I can't heal any one.

                b. Look to His Word not to man.

   IV. #4. OBEDIENCE is necessary to build strong faith.

       A. 1JOHN 3:22

            1. JOHN 15:7

       B. Obedience is needed to have strong faith.

   V. You need HUMILITY to have strong faith.

       A. 1PET 5:5

            1. (JAM 4:6) But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble. (KJV)

            2. We are to come to God by faith, but if we're in pride then God will resist us.

   VI. #6 You need to be BOLD

       A. Don't be afraid of t Devil.

            1. Boldly take back what t Devil has stolen from you.

       B. #1 surround yourself w/ that which produces faith, 2nd Look To  t Word not to experience, 3rd Look to t Word & not to someone else, 4th  Be obedient to t Lord & to His word. 5th Put on humility, & 6th Be bold, don't except what t Devil has to offer, fight back & you'll have VICTORY.

                      WED 10/24/90

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