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James # 9 James 4-1 thru 4-8

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We're going to continue teaching on the book of James. So let's pick up right were left off last week with James chapter 4.

I) James 4:1.

A) James starts off this section, like he does so many times, with a question.

1) He asks the question, "What causes the fights and quarrels among you?"

2) He then answers that question in the same verse by saying, "It's the lust or desire for pleasure within you."

B) James 4:2.

1) James says that the people he's writing to LUST, KILL, COVET, FIGHT AND QUARREL to receive, but they don't receive because they don't ask.

2) When he says, "They don't receive because they don't ask," he's not saying that they would have their sensual or sinful desires fulfilled if they just asked God.

a) James clarifies what he's saying in the next verse.

3) James 4:3.

a) The correct way for a Christian to have his legitimate needs met is by asking God.

b) But ONE reason why a believer does not receive when he asks is that he asks with the wrong motives.

4) Apparently they were asking for money so that they can spend it on their own lust and sinful pleasures.

II) James 4:4-5.

A) In this verse he's not so much saying that they were literally involved in adulterous relationships (sex outside marriage).

1) He's talking more about spiritual adultery.

2) You and I have been joined to Christ. In a spiritual sense we're married to Him.

a) But if you join yourself to the sinful ways of the world then you're committing spiritual adultery.

b) And if you're joined to the worlds sinful ways of doing things then your enemy of God.

B) All right let's go on to James 4:6.

1) When this verse says, "God resisteth the proud," the Word "RESISTETH" means, "TO DO BATTLE AGAINST."

a) Pride is a very dangerous thing in a believer's life. James says that "GOD WILL DO BATTLE AGAINST OR BE AT WAR WITH THOSE WHO ARE PRIDEFUL."

b) In (Proverbs 16:18) it says, "Pride goeth before destruction."

c) And in (Proverbs 29:23) it says, "A man's pride shall bring him low."

2) But James goes on to say in (James 4:6), "But God giveth grace to the humble."

a) The reward to the humble is God's Grace and that is God's power, God's might, God's ability, and God's anointing.

b) When a believer truly walks in humility (the act of being humble) he has available to him all of heaven's power and all of God's blessings and promises.

III) James 4:7.

A) 1st of all James tells us to "Summit unto God." The Word "SUMMIT" in that verse means "TO RENDER OBEDIENCE."

1) This is a commitment that the Lord is asking of us: that we would walk in obedience to Him and to His Word.

2) In the last half of this verse James says, "Resist the Devil and he will flee from you."

a) Before the Devil flees from you there are 2 things mentioned that we have to do 1st.

(i) That's how some Christians messed up in their Christian walk. They don't put 1st things 1st.

(ii) They want the end result without following the prerequisite.

b) James tells us in this verse 1st of all, "Summit to God." 2nd he says, "Resist the Devil." Then and only then, will the devil flee.

3) When James uses the Word "RESIST" in verse 7, the Word resist means, "TAKE A STAND AGAINST."

a) The Devil isn't going to flee just because you want him to.

(i) James says you have to deliberately take a stand against him, without giving him anymore ground.

(ii) And resist all of his works.

b) When you're obedient to the Word of God that's when you start to reap the promises from the Word.

(i) If you submit yourself to God and resist the enemy and his works, then the Devil and his demonic beings has to flee from you.

(ii) When we're free from the demonic influence, then we can truly experience victory in our lives.

B) James 4:8.

1) In this verse he tells us to draw nigh unto God.

a) But in this same verse he tells us to "Cleanse our hands and purify our hearts."

(i) "CLEANSE" and "PURIFY" refers to the Jewish ceremonial cleansing.

b) If we want to come into the presence of God, we have to make sure that we're right with Him.

(i) Before we come to the Lord, we should ask the Lord to forgive us of our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

2) James also says in this verse "Draw nigh unto God and he will draw nigh unto you."

a) If we want more of God in our lives we have to draw nigh unto Him.

b) And we do that by spending time in prayer, reading is Word, and by setting time aside to praise Him and worship Him.

c) When we do we open the door for God to move in every area of our lives.

W. O. L. C. C. Thursday, April 23, 1998

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