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James # 8 James 3-7 thru 4-6

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We're going to continue teaching on the book of James. Last week we spent a great deal of time teaching on the tongue or the words that we speak. I want to pick up where we left off last week.

I) So let's start with James 3:7-12.

A) Again James continues teaching on the tongue.

1) In these Vs. James makes it very clear that in one breath we can be praising the Lord, but in the next breath we can be speaking negative and evil things against men who are created in the image of God.

2) In (verse 10) he says, "Out of the same mouth proceeds blessings and cursing."

a) But James goes on to add that this should not be.

B) In the next few Vs. James brings out the key to controlling the tongue and speaking out what is right.

1) That key to right talk is right thought.

2) And the key to right thought is getting our minds renewed to the Word of God.

a) That means not only do we have to come to church and hear the Word of God, but we also have to spend time our own reading God's Word.

b) Jesus said in (Matthew 12:34) "Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh."

c) Whatever it is that you're meditating on will go into your heart, and whatever is in your heart is going to come out of your mouth.

(i) As we meditate on God's Word and our minds are gradually renewed to His Word, our tongue will also gradually be changed from speaking curses to blessings.

C) James 3:13.

1) In the 1st part of verse 13 James says, "Who is wise and endued with understanding or intelligence?"

a) Now in the last half of verse 13 when we read the Word "CONVERSATION" it literally he should be translated "MANNER OF LIFE, LIFESTYLE or THE WAY ONE CONDUCTS HIMSELF."

b) So the last half of verse 13 should read like this, "Let him show his good conduct by his works with meekness of Wisdom."

2) In other words Wisdom is not revealed in knowledge, but it's revealed in deeds, by what a person does.

a) Wisdom is best portrayed by deeds done with meekness.

b) A truly wise man is humble.

D) James 3:14.

1) True Wisdom has no room for bitter envying which is jealousy nor does it have room for strife, which is a desire to put oneself forward with no regard for another.

a) These actions are nothing to glory about or boast about, but they are actually a lie against the truth.

2) James 3:15-16.

a) Envy and strife are clear indicators that this person's wisdom is not from God, but in turn it is earthly, sensual, and devilish.

(i) I think James makes it pretty clear where envying and strife comes from.

(ii) He says it's earthly or worldly. It's also sensual (NIV unspiritual) and devilish. It comes right from the Devil.

b) Where envy and strife are in operation there is confusion and the potential for every evil work is at hand.

II) James 3:17.

A) But the Wisdom that is from above is 1st pure or Holy, it is gentle or patient, easy to be entreated, which means submissive or compliant, full of mercy and good fruit...

1) Godly Wisdom is also impartial and it is sincere.

B) James 3:18.

1) I like how the NIV translates this verse. It says, "Peacemakers who sow in peace raise a harvest of righteousness."

a) A truly wise man is a man who walks in peace with his brothers and sisters.

III) James 4:1.

A) James starts off this section, like he does so many times, with a question.

1) He asks the question, "What causes the fight and quarrel among you?"

2) He then answers that question in the same verse by saying, "It's the lust or desire for pleasure within you."

B) James 4:2.

1) James says that the people he's writing to LUST, KILL, COVET, FIGHT AND QUARREL to receive, but they don't receive because they don't ask.

2) When he says, "They don't receive because they don't ask," he's not saying that they would have their sensual desires fulfilled if it as God.

a) James clarify is what he's saying in the next verse.

3) James 4:3.

a) The correct way for a Christian to have his legitimate needs met is by asking God.

b) But ONE reason why a believer does not receive when he asks is that he asks with the wrong motives.

4) Apparently they were asking for money so that they can spend it on their own lust and sinful pleasures.

IV) James 4:4-5.

A) In this verse he's not so much saying that they were literally involved in adulterous relationships (sex outside marriage).

1) He's talking more about spiritual adultery.

2) You and I have been joined to Christ. In a spiritual sense we're married to him.

a) But if you join yourself to the sinful ways of the world then you're committing spiritual adultery.

b) And if you're joined to the worlds sinful ways of doing things then your enemy of God.

B) All right let's go on to James 4:6.

1) When this verse says, "God resisteth the proud," the Word "RESISTETH" means, "TO DO BATTLE AGAINST."

a) Pride is a very dangerous thing in a believer's life. James says that "GOD WILL DO BATTLE AGAINST OR BE AT WAR WITH THOSE WHO ARE PRIDEFUL."

2) But James goes on to say, "But God giveth grace to the humble."

a) The reward to the humble is God's Grace and that is God's power, God's might, God's ability, and God's anointing.

b) When a believer truly walks in humility (the act of being humble) he has available to him all of heaven's power and all of God's blessings and promises.

W. O. L. C. C. Thursday, April 16, 1998

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