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            In these Vs. here we see something about intercession that if we grasp it fully it will change our prayer lives. In (V 2) Daniel said that he was mourning 3 full days. The word “mourning” comes from the Hebrew wordABAL” {aw-bal'} which meansto mourn or to weep” this has to do with intercession.

            I. LUK 6:21

                        A. Why is it that those who weep now will laugh?

                                    1. This weeping also has to do with intercession, and through intercession we'll see the answer to our prayers.

                        B. Look at JOHN 16:20

                                    1. This is saying almost the same thing, but look at V 21.

                                                a. In this V, travail is also likened to intercession, but even a deeper intercession.

                                                b. In travail there is still the weeping or sorrow, but this verse says that there is also anguish, which means a heavy burden, or a deep troubling in your spirit.

                                                c. But soon the joy comes. Why?

                                                            i. Because the thing that you have been praying for is birthed into existence or into this realm.

                        C. ROM 8:22-23

                                    1. In (V 23) it tells us that all of us who have the Spirit can enter into groanings, intercession and travailing.

                                    2. Lets go down to V 26-27 (This is still talking about the same thing, intercession.)

                                                a. 1st we see that the H.S. helps us to pray for the things that we know not, and he also helps us to pray when we run out of words in English.

                                                b. The word “Helpeth” in (V 26) does not do justice to what the Greek says.

                                                            i. The Greek says it means, “To take hold together with against.”

                                                            ii. The H.S. takes hold with us against the powers of darkness.

            II. Turn back with me to DAN 10: 2-3 Just another thought about these 2 Vs. is that it makes it clear that there are different ways to fast. Fasting doesn't always mean total abstinence from food. Daniel said, “I ate no pleasant bread.”

                        A. Go down to V 10‑13

                        B. Notice that the angel was not sent from heaven to Daniel with the message until Daniel prayed.

                                    1. God sent the message on the 1st day. But the answer was 21 days in getting there.

                                                a. Sometimes when we pray, the answer doesn't get through instantly.

                                                b. That doesn't mean that God doesn't hear us or hasn't sent the answer.

                                                            i. 1JOHN 5:14‑15

                                                c. When we pray God does hear us and He does send the answer, but many times it doesn't get through.

                                    2. (V 13 of DAN 10) explains why. [read it]

                                                a. The Bible is not talking about a physical person.

                                                b. An angel is not a physical being; he's a spiritual being.

                                                c. What this V is trying to tell us is that there was on the earth an earthly kingdom with a prince of Persia heading it up.

                                                d. But right above it in the heavenlies was a spiritual being also called the Prince of Persia.

                                                e. This was the one who was really in control of Persia.

                                    3. In our story here with Daniel, this spiritual being, called the prince of Persia, didn't want the angel to get through with the answer.

                                                a. When the prince of Persia withstood the angel, God sent another angel, and finally, on the 21st day, he got through to Daniel with the message.

                                    4. Now look at V 20. The message that the angel brought was that the empire of Persia would come to an end and Grecia {or Greece} will take over.

                        a. But the part I wanted you to see is right in the middle of the V. the angel said, “And now will I return to fight with the prince of Persia.”

                        C. Now turn with me to EPH 6:12 THE marginal reading says, “against wicked spirits in the heavenlies”.

                                    1. The bible talks about 3 heavens. Paul said in (2CO 12:2)I knew a man in Christ above fourteen years ago, (whether in the body, I cannot tell; or whether out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth;) such an one caught up to the third heaven.” (KJV)

                                                a. Most scholars say that Paul was talking about himself that was caught up to the 3rd heaven.

                                                b. The 1st heaven is right above us, it's the atmosphere.

                                                c. Beyond that we have the 2nd heaven, that's where the stars are, or you could say space.

                                                d. 3rd you have the heaven of heavens, this is where God's throne is.

                                    2. We have evil spirits that are walking around on the face of this earth and we also have those evil spirits that are in the atmosphere.

                                                a. In (Dan 10) the angel confronted one of these wicked spirits in the heavenlies.

                                                b. This evil spirit must have been very powerful. The angel could not get through in his own power.

                                                            i. This evil spirit must have been close to equal in strength for the angel.

                                                            ii. It's very possible that this evil spirit was a fallen angel.

                                                c. This godly angel had to call for Michael the archangel to help him get through. (JUDE 1:9 calls Michael an archangel)

            III. Turn with me to EZE 28:  I want to look at the double kingdom, like the one we have here in (EZE) which we also had in DAN 10 (prince of Persia)  Vs. 1‑2

                        A. The prince of Tyrus referred to here is a man. The “Lord said, Yet thou art a man”.

                        B. Vs. 11‑17

                                    1. It's quite obvious here that God is not talking about a man. He's talking about a spirit being.

                                                a. 1st He speaks to the prince of Tyrus, and tells him he is a man.

                                                b. Then he speaks to the king of Tyrus and says, “Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God”.

                                                c. The prince of Tyrus was not there, but Satan was.

                                    2. These Vs. are talking about Satan. There was an earthly prince of Tyrus who had a kingdom, But there was also an invisible kingdom, which was doing the ruling.

            IV. Back in (EPH 6:12) it says, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high {places}.”  (KJV)

                        A. I've heard some say that we will never cone in contact with these wicked spirits in the heavenlies.

                                    1. If we don't come in contact with these wicked spirits or even have to deal with them in a direct sense, than why does (EPH 6:12) say that we do wrestle against these wicked spirits?

                                    2. We wrestle against then in the same way Daniel did in DANIEL 10. Through PRAYER.

                                    3. 2CO 10:4‑5 We do have weapons, but our weapons are not carnal, but they are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.

                                                a. What are our weapons?

                                                b. 1st we have the Word of God. We use that weapon mainly against the evil forces that we come in contact with.

                                                c. and 2nd we have intercession, prayer. This is the weapon that we use against the wicked spirits in the heavenlies.

                        B. Now how are we supposed to pray?

                                    1. That all depends on the situation, what the problem is.

                                    2. It's been said many times that God cannot do anything on this earth, unless a man asks.

                                                a. We need to start asking.

                                                b. Pray that the Will of the Father would be done here on earth as it is in heaven.

                                                c. Pray that God would begin to move and manifest himself.

                                                d. Pray for rain of the HS, the latter and former rain.

                                    3. When God comes on the seen and begins to manifest himself, darkness flees.

                                                a. When the light comes on the darkness goes.

                                                b. Turn the light on through your prayers. Your the key


WOLCC SUN AM 6/28/92 also used in the message called VICTORY THROUGH PRAYER preached on Sunday, June 14, 1998

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