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     Just as Eve was deceived w/ Satans subtlety, it's also possible for us to be deceived thru his subtlety. It's possible for our minds to be corrupted from t simplicity that is in Christ. Never be removed from t simplicity that is in Christ.

     I. That's not saying that God doesn't want us to mature.

              A. We should be mature that we can win people to Jesus, lay hands on t sick & see them recover, casts out devils,so that we can flow in t H.S. & w/ His gifts.

                        1. But God never told us to "go deep", He told us to "go out."

              B. 1COR 2:12

                        1. He said, "We have not received t spirit of t world."

                        2. T spirit of t world is always exalting self.

                                  a. Gimmee, & get. (Don't care hurt, step-on, destroy).

                                  b. God forbid that this attitude would be in t Christian world, but many times it is.

                        3. We need to get rid of the "I" in our life.

                                  a. That was 1 of t things that caused Satan to fall. (ISA 14:12-15)

                                  b. We need to get rid of t "I" mentality, t self-centered attitude.

                                           i. Paul understood that, Look at GAL 2:20

                                  c. (ROM 12:10) Says, "{Be} kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honor preferring one another;"

                                           i. Let's seek God until we have that Spirit that honors others above ourselves.                 

     II. Again in (1COR 2:12) It says, "Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God."

              A. Paul states 4 important truths in this passage.

                        1. 1st, We have not received t spirit of t world.

                        2. 2nd, We have received t Spirit which is of God.

                        3. 3rd, We have received that Spirit  that we "might Know." ...

                        4. & 4th, God has freely given us Blessings.

                                  a. T H.S. takes us beyond t place of believing, to a place of KNOWING.

                                  b. Thru t H.S. there's a continual unfolding of t Lord Jesus Christ.

              B. Look at what Paul said in PHIL 3:7-10

                        1. MY prayer is that "I might KNOW HIM", & t power of His resurrection.

                                  a. I haven't begun to know Jesus the way that I want to know Him.

                        2. COL 2:3

                                  a. These treasures of wisdom & knowledge, which include all His blessings, are all "HID IN HIM."

     III. There are many blessings in Christ, but many of us don't know it.

              A. T problem w/ many Christians is not sin, or some other problem.

                        1. T problem is that we're not being found "Hid in Him."

                        2. I'm not talking about hiding ourselves from t world.

                                  a. But what I am talking about is that when someone does look for us they find us "In Him."

                                           i. If they do they will take notice that we've been w/ t Lord.

                                           ii. ACTS 4:13

                                           iii. & we have t same account w/ Moses.

                                           iv. Even t devils will know that we've been w/ t Lord. ACTS 19:13-15

                                  b. We have many blessings by being in Christ.

     IV. We have a very interesting story in 2KINGS 7. (Turn there)

              A. 2KINGS 7:3, 5-9, 16

                        1. Notice t 1st thing they did.

                                  a. They said one to another, "Why sit we here until we die?"

                        2. T 2nd thing that they did was move.

                                  a. "They ROSE up."

                                  b. They acted, & God did something for them.

                        3. While those lepers were in t tents eating plenty of food, many in t city were starving.

                                  a. People were starving & had no hope.

                                  b. There was plenty of food available but they had no knowledge of it.

              B. T spiritual famine is over but still many don't have knowledge of it, or they don't know how to get it.

                        1. One of those ways is to rise up & face your enemies; just like t lepers did.

                                  a. If you do you'll see t enemy flee form you in terror, just as did t Syrians.

                        2. T 2nd way, which is t most important, is to come to Jesus.

                                  a. This has to be done before t enemies will flee.

                                  b. We need to do t same things that t lepers did; realize that we can wither up & die spiritually, unless we are found hid in Jesus.

                                           i. We need to rise up & go to Jesus.

              C. ISA 55:1

                        1. This is talking about t out pouring of t H.S., & That t H.S. will be poured out upon all flesh.

                        2. But notice he says, "COME YE TO THE WATERS."

                                  a. You have to go to Him to be filled w/ those living waters.

                                  b. (James 4:8) Says, "Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you."

              D. Look w/ me to 1 last scripture. PSA 91:1-4

                        1. How do we find that spiritual revival?

                                  a. We have to come to t waters.

                                  b. We have to be found in t secret place of t most High.

                                  c. Make that your dwelling place. & All will know that you've been w/ t Lord.

4/28/91 SUN AM TFC & WOLCC 6/23/91 SUN AM

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