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     Last week we started on t subject "Who We Are In Christ" & We're going to continue on that same subject today.

     I. In (1JOHN 4:17) it says, "Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: because as he is, so are we in this world."

              A. As He is right now so are we in this world.

                        1. This is what belongs to us, but not all of us are walking in that total victory, as a matter of fact none of us are.

                                  a. When we're not walking in God's best we have to stop & find out what we're doing wrong. God's not doing anything wrong, & God hasn't changed.

                                  b. But part of us receiving God's best, has to do w/ us going on w/ t Lord & growing in t things of God.

                                           i. You could say "Growing to maturity", but sometimes people think that because they are mature in t natural sense that they are always mature in t spiritual.

                                           ii. But t 2 are not t same.

                                                     a. I know of a man of God that has been in t ministry 17 yrs, & when he was shown that he was wrong in 1 area, he realized that he was only a spiritual teenager.    That's 17 years in t ministry.

              B. Turn w/ me to EPH 4:22-24 This is where we left off last time.

                        1. There's 3 things that happen as we begin to grow in t Lord.

                                  a. 1st we put off t old man. (V 22)

                                  b. 2nd we're renewed in t spirit of t mind. (V 23)

                                  c. & 3rd we put on t New man which follows after righteous & true holiness. (V 24)

     II. In (2COR 5:17) it says, "Therefore if any man {be} in Christ, {he is} a new creature: old things  are passed away; behold, all things are become new."

              A. For a Christian to have failure in their life is a result of Adam's 1st sin & a sin consciousness.

                        1. Man lost that God consciousness & that's something that needs to be regained.

                                  a. W/out it you'll never feel worthy to receive God's best. You'll be in doubt & unbelief.  (wavering)

                        2. So we need to regain that God consciousness, but it's only done by seeing who we are in Christ, & By identifying w/ Him.

                        a. We need to know by faith that we died w/ Him, were buried w/ Him, made alive w/ Him, raised from t dead w/ Him, ascended w/ Him, Seated w/ Him & glorified w/ Him.

              B. GAL 2:20

                        1. 1st of all we need to see ourselves as dead to this world.

                                  a. Dead to this worlds ways; dead to it's system, dead to t things of t world. But most of all we need to see ourselves as dead, dead to t flesh. Crucifying t flesh & t lust thereof.

                                  b. (ROM 13:14) Says, "But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to {fulfil} the lusts {thereof}."

                                  c. (1JOHN 2:17) [keep finger there] Says, "And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever."

                        2. Going back to (GAL 2:20)

                                  a. Not only are we crucified w/ Christ but we are alive in Christ.

                                  b. (Read) V 20

                                           i. We need to identify ourselves w/ t Lord Jesus Christ.

              C. Last week we read (2PET 1:4) Which told us that we are partakers of His divine nature.

                        1. We are in Him; part of Him. T Bible says that we are t body of Christ.

              D. In (COL 2:10) It says, "Ye are complete in him."

                        1. Were talking about who we are in Christ, & what we are by being in Christ.

              E. COL 1:25-27

                        1. It's Christ in you which is your hope of glory & being glorified.

                        2. 1JOHN 3:2

                                  a. We don't know exactly how our bodies will be glorified, but t Bible says that we shall be like Him.

     III. We need to see ourselves in Christ. To identify w/ Him.

              A. In His death, burial, resurrection, ascension, seated at t right at t right hand of t Father, & glorified w/ Him.

              B. When we do begin to see ourselves in Christ, we open t doors for God's best & victory in our lives.

                        1. 2COR 2:14

                                  a. Because of who we are in Christ, we are an Overcomer & victory is ours.                                               WOLCC SUN AM 9/21/91

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