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      During t ministry of Jesus, t city of Jerusalem was experiencing a struggle. There was a spiritual battle going on. People had become comfortable w/ their religious ideas, & there was also t true move of t Spirit of God. T words of Jesus penetrated t people. He presented t power of God thru His teaching, preaching, healing t sick, casting out demons, raising t dead & so on. Yet people refused to accept God in their midst.

      I. MAR 11:2-10 They began to praise t King, t possessor of heaven & earth.

                  A. But yet it wasn't much later that they were shouting, "crucify him."

                              1. Because of there religious contentment, there eyes were blinded to t things of God.

                              2. We have reference in t Word of God that Jesus looked on t city of God's people & began to weep.

                                          a. He wept because they missed t whole thing of what God was doing. "God visiting them in t flesh."

                                          b. Jesus was all of God's peace, mercy, & power made available to them, but they not only missed it, they rejected it.

                                                      i. It was all because they were blind to who Jesus was.

                                          c. LUKE 19:41-44

                                                      i. T very people that should have known t Messiah could not recognize God standing in there midst.

                                                      ii. They missed t coming of t H.S. & t birthing of t Church. Instead of receiving t Messiah, they rejected Him.

                                          d. By Israel rejecting God in this way, they set into motion their own destruction.

                                                      i. Jesus even spoke it out prophetically in Vs 43-44. read

                                                      ii. It was less than 40 years that t Romans took t city

                                                      iii. It was almost 1900 later that they were again a nation.

                  B. What was true of God's people back then can also be true of His people today.

                              1. There is a fresh breath of t H.S. being breathed into t Body of Christ.

                                          a. As t H.S. reaches out, welcome Him & receive t things he's doing w/ a willing heart.

                                                      i. You can't get caught up in what God was doing yesterday, by saying "God can't be doing that, he didn't do that in my day."

                                                                  a. EPH 4:14

                                                      ii. If you get that way then you get religious, to where you have a form of godliness, but denying t power thereof.

                                          b. Listen to His voice, follow His leading, don't hesitate to obey His direction.

                              2. In t beginning when that breath of God began to pulsating thru Adam's cold, lifeless body, he was made alive.

                                          a. But not only was Adam made alive thru that breath of life but it started a miraculous, a wonderful, fellowship w/ God.

                                          b. T Bible tells us that t Lord God would walk in t Garden. He had that kind of fellowship.

                              3. As God breathes on His people today, He pulls us into a deeper relationship & a deeper walk w/ Him.

                                          a. But only those that yield in willing obedience to Him will experience this move of t Spirit.

                                          b. Don't pull back to this move of God as He's reaching out to lift us out or we'll be left behind.

                                                            i. (HEB 10:38) says, "Now the just shall live by faith: but if {any man} draw back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him."

      II. Look at JOB 10:1

                  A. Many of us feel that way. We feel that heavy weight.

                              1. But look at V 2

                              2. Job felt that he was at t end, ready to give up, but he asked t Lord to show him where he missed it.

                                          a. If you come to God in total openness & honesty, He'll never condemn you.

                                          b. Instead He will breathe a new breath into your spirit & ignite you w/ His power.

                              3. Later Job said in V 12. ---

                                          a. It's only thru a fresh, personal visitation of t H.S. that we'll remain in t main stream of God's plan.

      III. ACTS 10:1-4

                  A. Cornelius was a Gentile who had a deep hunger for God.

                              1. This hunger for God was expressed in 2 ways.

                                          a. Thru his giving & his prayers.

                              2. There's a deep spiritual connection between giving, praying & a fresh move of t H.S.

                                          a. God looks for those who pray & give.

                                          b. What's t significance of prayer & giving?

                                                      i. Well, thru prayer, t channels of t Spirit can open to release God's anointing.

                                                      ii. Thru giving, our willingness to obey links spiritual power w/ t material needs of our lives.

                                                      iii. Our acts of faith to pray & give serve as a continual reminder, or memorial, that we are pressing in to activate t riches of God.

                                          c. T Bible say that Cornelius's prayers & giving were a memorial before God.

                  B. If you will not grow cold & discouraged, but remain a person who gives to God & prays, God will bring you into new personal dimensions in Him.

                              1. God's looking for someone to move thru.

                                          a. Cornelius had certain qualities that separated him from others.

                                                      i. He was devoted to God in his giving & praying.

                                                      ii. If you will give God your money & t effort & discipline to be a person of prayer, He will pass over many, thousands, even millions of people to move in your life.

                              2. 2CHRON 16:9

                                          a. God looks for a heart that is perfect or devoted to Him.

                                          b. Listen to how t Moffatt's translation puts it, "God exerts His power on behalf of those who are devoted to Him."

                  C. God's power will be in operation in your lives if you are devoted to Him.

                              1. T H.S. wants to strengthen you.

                                          a. Paul prayed in (EPH 3:19 AMP), "That you may have t richest measure of t divine Presence, & become a body wholly filled & flooded w/ God Himself."

                              2. God is lifting His Body into a visitation of His presence. As you yield to that presence, you become filled w/ His power. Let Him flood you w/ Himself.

TFC 2/3/91 Sun AM & 8/25/91 SUN AM WOLCC

Jesus is Lord

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