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   I think that we all know that God speaks or communicates to His people. T gifts of t Spirit are t powerful tools or avenues of this  divine communication. T gifts of t Spirit are primarily divine  communications transmitted from t H.S. to t church of t Lord Jesus Christ.

   I. T gifts of t Spirit primarily function in 3 areas, or you could say

3 different types.

       A. Revelation gifts, that would be, A word of knowledge, a word of wisdom, & discerning of spirits.

       B. We also have t Power gifts, & that would be working of  miracles, gifts of healing, & t special operation of t gift of faith.

       C. & There are also 3 inspirational gifts, Prophecy, tongues, & t  interpretation of tongues.

   II. We see in Jesus' ministry that He operated in t gifts of t Spirit. If He operated in t gifts because He was God, that would leave us out because we are not God all mighty.

       A. But if he operated in t Gifts of t Spirit because He was empowered by t same H.S. that we have, then we can fulfill JOHN 14:12.  (turn there)

            1. If t O. T. men of faith, such as Moses, David, Daniel, &  Elisha operated their ministry w/ t gifts of t spirit, Then people in our generation can do those same works by t same spirit.

            2. ACTS 1:8

                a. T word "power" in this V. is t Greek work "dunamis"  which means "t miracle working power of God."

                b. If you have received t baptism of t H.S. then you  have received t miracle working power of God, & your a candidate for t gifts of t Spirit.


       B. T gifts of t Spirit are called "gifts" to reveal that there is only 1 way to obtain them.

            1. T gifts of t Spirit cannot be earned or worked for.

            2. Salvation comes from God & it is referred to as a gift.

                a. (EPH 2:9) Says, that it cannot earned or worked for.

                b. JAM 1:17

                c. All t gifts of t Spirit are from t Father & cannot be worked for.

       C. There has never been such a sleeping giant in t world as t  church of t Lord Jesus Christ.

            1. It must awake to t challenge of t Great Commission clothed in t armor of God, w/ t gifts of t Spirit in operation. 

  III. In (2COR 10:4) it says,

(For the weapons of our warfare {are} not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;) (KJV)

       A. T gifts of t Spirit are weapons & they are not carnal weapons  they are spiritual weapons.

            1. 1COR 12:1

                a. We see t spiritual gifts thru t entire Bible, But it wasn't until (1COR 12) that t H.S. inspired Paul to give them names &  some explanation.

                b. In this same V. Paul is directing his thoughts to Christians.

                     i. T gifts of t Spirit are for believers only.

                     ii. T H.S. commanded t church not to be ignorant  concerning spiritual gifts. That's why I'm teaching on t subject.

            2. 1COR 12:31

                a. What in t more excellent way?

                     i. Love, that's what chapter 13 is all about.

                     ii. But it's also about unity.

                b. T Gifts of T Spirit stand on 2 great foundations:  unity & love.

                     i. In these next few Vs. we'll see unity in t spirit.

                     ii. That means there has to be unity w/ t believers & for us to be walking in love for t Gifts of t Spirit to be in

operation to t degree that we want to see.

            3. Look at V 4. (1CO 12:4)

                a. As we have seen there are different gifts. We have a  total of 9 listed here.

                b. But it is t same Spirit that divides t gifts.

            4. Let's go on to V. 5

                a. In administration we have degrees of leadership.

                b. In t 5 fold ministry gifts, that would be apostles; prophets; evangelists; pastors and teachers, you will see t gifts of t Spirit more often.

                c. But t Gifts of t Spirit are for t entire body. All of us should be used by t H.S. in t Gifts of t Spirit.

                d. Paul ends this V. w/ "it is t same Lord."

                     i. It is t same Lord which is involved in placing  all t ministers & it is t same Lord that has you where you are.

            5. V. 6

                a. Other translations say that there are differences of  workings.

                b. There are many different works, some big some small but it is t same God which worketh all in all.

       B. V. 7

            1. We have 3 key words in this V.

                a. #1 "Manifestation"

                b. #2 "Every man"

                c. #3 "Profit"

            2. MANIFESTATION means for one or more of t 9 gifts to be  apparent in your life, for that gift to be operating in your life.

            3. Then this V goes on to say that they are given to EVERY  MAN.

                a. Every man means every man.

                b. Each person in any congregation can look up to God  for manifestations of t gifts of t spirit in their lives.

            4. T 3rd key word is "profit."

                a. There is spiritual profit for all when t gifts of t Spirit are in operation.

                b. One of t definition of t word "profit" is "be better  for."

                     i. When t Gifts of t Spirit are in operation it's  better for all.

       C. V. 11

            1. "The selfsame Spirit" is t H.S.

            2. "Dividing to every man", tell us again that t gifts are  for all believers.

            3. "Dividing to every man severally", shows us that there is  no limitation to t amount of gifts that might be in someone's life.

            4. Then he concludes by saying, "as he will."

                a. T H.S. is t 1 that makes t decisions about His gifts, who should get them & when they should be used.

                b. T nearer we get to Him & to His divine directions, t more t gifts of t Spirit will function in our lives & t church. 

                         8/19/90 SUN AM

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