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      Were going to continue on t subject of t Ministry of t H.S. & even more specific t Gifts of t Spirit. Today we're going to end t subject of t gifts & then go on to other aspects of t H.S., but today we've got to cover t Special Gift of Faith & t Gifts of Healing.

      I. In t past several weeks we've looked at t inspirational gifts, t gifts that say something, & that would be Tongues that are to be interpreted, t Interpretation of tongues & Prophecy.

                  A. We've also looked at Revelation Gifts, t gifts that reveal something & they are t Word of Wisdom, t Word of Knowledge & Discerning of spirits.

                              1. Then last time we started on t POWER GIFTS. We already covered t Working of Miracles.

                              2. Today we have t 2 gifts that I already mentioned, t Special Gift of Faith, & t Gifts of Healing.

                  B. Let's begin reading w/ 1COR 12:4-12

                              1. I want to stress again that this gift, along w/ all of t gifts of t Spirit are not natural, they are supernatural gifts given by God to t Church.

                                          a. I feel that t gift of Faith is t most powerful gift.

                                          b. This gift is provided to t Church, so that not just a miracle will take place but t miraculous will take place.

                                                      i. All of t Power Gifts are very closely related to each other or you could say very closely associated w/ each other.

                                                      ii. Just like Prophecy, tongues, & t Interpretation of Tongues.

                              2. Concerning t gift of faith, t Amplified translation calls it "Wonder-working" faith, or you could call "special faith."

                                          a. Every believer already has faith. T Bible even call "saving faith" a gift.

                                          b. (EPH 2:8) Says, "For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: {it is} the gift of God:"

                                                      i. When you received t Lord, it was a free gift. Also saving faith came at that same time, which was also a gift.

                                          c. There is faith in a general since.

                                          d. Look at MARK 11:24

                                                      i. when you believe God for something this is general faith.

      II. There is a different kind of faith & that is t "Gift of Faith" or t "Special kind of faith" also know as t "Wonder working faith."

                  A. When this Special Faith is in operation, t person that is operating it believes God in such a way that God honors their word as His own & miraculously things happen.

                              1. There are times that people get this miraculous gift of faith confused w/ t general type of faith.

                                          a. They read in (1COR 12:9) That faith is given by t Spirit.

                                                      i. Then they read in (V11) That t Gifts only come as t Spirit wills.

                                          b. T Bible says in (ROM 10:17) "So then faith {cometh} by hearing, and hearing by the word of God."

                                                      i. This is telling us that all can have faith.

                                                      ii. Even in t V that we just read in (MARK 11:24) tell us to believe when we pray.

                                                      iii. If God tells us to believe when we pray, but faith only comes as t Spirit wills, not as we will, then that would make God unjust.

                                          c. But we can see that there is 2 kinds of faith, General faith which would include saving faith, & t Special Faith from (1CO 12:9).

                  B. Alright let's look at some examples of t "Special kind of Faith."

                              1. ACTS 5:1-5


                                          a. T same thing happened to his wife.

                                          b. This would not have happened w/out t gift of faith being in operation.

                                                      i. We never have any control over someone else's spirit.

                                                      ii. Only t Gift of Faith could cause someone's spirit to leave there body.

                                                      iii. This wasn't just a miracle, it was more than that.

                              2.Look at 1KINGS 17:2-6

                                          a. Here we see an instance where t Gift of Faith was used for supernatural sustenance during a famine.

                                          b. This was something that was beyond Elijah's own faith.

                                                      i. Remember he's not even born again.

                              C. In t case of raising t dead, 3 gifts are needed to be in operation.

                                          1. T Gift of Faith, t Working of Miracles, & t Gifts of Healing.

                                                      a. This is probable t reason that more are not raised from t dead.

                                                      b. Someone might be used in 1 or even 2 of t gifts at t same time, But it's not too common that 3 are in operation at t same time.

                                          2. 1st of all, in raising t dead it takes supernatural Faith to call that person's spirit back into their body.

                                                      a. Then it takes t Working of Miracles to raise that person up. They probably have a number of other problems being dead. ---

                                                      b. Then it would take t Gifts of Healing to heal them of whatever they died from.

      III. Let's go on w/ t Gifts of Healing.

                  A. T Gifts of Healings are for t supernatural healing of disease w/out any natural means.

                              1. I've taught a lot on healing in t past so I'm not going to go into this in much detail.

                                          a. In (1 COR 12:9) we see t Gifts of Healing mentioned, But we also see them in 1COR 12 28-30, let's look at that.

                                          b. T answer to that question is no.

                                                      i. Not everyone is going to be used in t Gift of Healing,

                              2. But now look at MARK 16:16-18

                                          a. This V tells us that all believers should lay hands on t sick & when they do they will recover.

                                                      i. Someone has probably thought at some time, "What if they don't recover." that's God's business, just do what he says & be obedient to it.

                                          b. T point that I wanted to get across to you is that there is a difference from t Gift of Healings & t laying on of hands that all of us should be doing to see people recover.

                                                      i. In t book of (MARK 15) we see that people will RECOVER when believers lay hands on them.

                                                      ii. T word "recover" does not mean that they will be healed at that moment, they could be healed as they go, they could be healed days latter, even weeks later.

                  B. But w/ t Gifts of Healings people are usually healed right a way.

                              1. One other interesting point about this gift is that it is t only one that is in t plural.

                                          a. You can talk to other ministries & many of them will tell you that when they pray for people,certain aliments will be healed more then other

                              2. Some may operate in t Gift of Healing for one sickness.

                                          b. Others operate in one of t other Gifts of Healings for a different sickness, & so on, that's why it's in t  plural.

                                                      i. Next weak we'll go on t another aspect of t H.S.


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