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       We're teaching on t gifts of t H.S. Last weak we were on t Word of Wisdom. I didn't finish w/ it as of yet, So that's were we're going to pick up. A Word of Wisdom is a supernatural revelation of t purpose of God.

       I. 1COR 12:1

                 A. As we said before t Word of Wisdom is only a FRAGMENTED part of God's wisdom.

                             1. This gift, as well as all t others, is given to every man  as t Spirit wills.

                                         a. 1COR 12:11

                 B. We said last time that in t Word of Knowledge, it deals w/ t  past_or present.    Something that already happened or something that is happening. 

                             1. T Word of Wisdom always deals w/ t Future.

                                         a. For example, something that is going to happen to someone if they continue doing a certain thing or it can also be used to tell someone how to get out of a problem that is already in existence.

       II. Sometimes people get this gift of t Word of Wisdom confused w/  simple wisdom.

                 A. (JOS 1:8) Says, "This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success."  (KJV)

                             1. Another translation says, "Thou shall make thyself prosperous & thou shalt be able to deal wisely in t affairs of life."

                                         a. There is a wisdom that is gained thru t knowledge of  God's Word.

                                                     i. But that not a supernatural manifestation.

                             2. Many think Solomon's wisdom was a manifestation of t Word  of Wisdom, but it wasn't.

                                         a. Solomon's wisdom was given to him by God.

                                         b. JAMES 1:5

                                                     i. God has promised that all of us can have this  type of wisdom daily. It's our's as often as we need it or want it.

                                                     ii. But it's not t super natural manifestation of t Word of Wisdom, which only comes as t Spirit wills.

       II. T Word of Wisdom, like t Word of Knowledge, can come in many  forms.

                 A. It can be given by an audible voice, it can come thru a vision, it can be given in a dream, it can come thru a prophesy or an interpretation of tongues, we've seen it come thru an angel_to Philip, it can also come thru someone teaching or preaching t Word.  (unaware)

                             1. Look at ACTS 11:28‑30

                                         a. Agabus prophesied that a drought was coming, & t people believed him because he was a man of integrity & he had a proven ministry.

                                                     i. You can't believe everything that everyone says.

                                                     ii. You have to judge things weather they are in  line w/ God's Word or not.

                                                                 1. (1CO 14:29) Says, "Let the prophets speak two or three, and let the other judge." (KJV)

                                                     iii. You have to judge t thing, t action, not t  person.

                                                     Iv. You don't sent your children to a satanic  church, Why? Because you've judged that to be wrong.

                                                     v. Sin is sin, just call it what it is, WRONG.

                 B. There are times that a Word of Knowledge can be conditional.

                             1. 2KINGS 20:1‑5

                                         a. God told Isaiah to tell Hezekiah, that he was going to die & for him to set his house in order.

                                         b. Isaiah did, but before he could leave t court yard, Hezekiah repented & God told Isaiah to go back & tell him that I'll give  him 15 more years.

                                                     i. He also gave him another Word of Wisdom, Something that was God's plan for Hezekiah.

       III. Look at ACTS 21:10‑11

                 A. Notice that there was something that was revealed.

                             1. When any revelation comes, it is always a Word of Wisdom,

a Word of Knowledge, or Discerning of spirits.

                                         a. There are no other gifts of revelation listed in t Bible.

                             2. This manifestation of a gift of t Spirit is not a word of

Knowledge, because it is looking to t future.

                                         a. This is not t discerning of spirits, we don't see any

spirits involved.

                                         b. Because it talks about t future it has it be t Word

of Wisdom.

                 B. We'll end w/ this last scripture. ACTS 27:9‑11._

                             1. But after they set sail they hit heavy storms.

                             2. V 20‑24

                                         a. This again was a Word of Wisdom that came to Paul  thru an angel.

                                         b. It was giving God's purpose & it was revealing a  future event.  (Did it to protect)

December 8, 1990 Sun AM

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