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       We've been looking at t ministry of t H.S. for t past few weeks &  in t last 2 or 3 weeks we've been on t Gifts of t Spirit. Today we're going to look at T Word of Knowledge. Turn W/ me to 1COR 12:8. Not only are we going to a different gift today it is also in a different  category.

       I. We already said that t 3 categories are, T Gifts of Inspiration, T Gifts of Revelation, & t Power Gifts.

                 A. We already looked at t Inspirational gifts, which are Tongues that are to be interpreted, t interpretation of tongues, & Prophecy.

                 B. Today I'm going to start on t Revelation gifts.

                             1. T 1st one that I want to deal w/ is T Word of knowledge.

                             2. There is 1 important fact about that I want to make about this Gift of t Spirit.

                                         a. It's called "T Word of Knowledge" not "T Gift of  knowledge."

                                                     i. There is no such thing as a gift of knowledge.

                                         b. A gift of knowledge would imply that there someone has received a great deal of knowledge by a gift.

                                                     i. T Bible says to study to show yourself approved.

                                                     ii. Yes it is true that t H.S. will show you things to come & He will reveal things to you, but he wants you to put it in so that He can bring it back to your remembrance.

                                         c. This Gift is called a "Word of knowledge."

                                                     i. God is all knowing, He has all knowledge, He knows everything.

                                                     ii. But He doesn't reveal to us everything.

                                         d. He gives to us a word or part of what he knows.

                                                     i. God gives to us a fragmentary part of what He knows.

                                                     ii. He imparts a Word of Knowledge to us ‑ just  what He wants us to know.

       II. This gift is also a supernatural manifestation of t Spirit of God.

                 A. There is nothing natural about it.

                             1. A Word of Knowledge does not come from something that you  know in t natural.

                                         a. It is something that is from t Spirit of God.

                             2. Let's look at an example from t Word of God. (That's t best way to explain or define words.)

a. John received a Word of Knowledge thru a Vision.

                                         b. REV 1:10‑11

                                                     i. In t next several Vs John received knowledge of  t condition of t 7 churches in Asia Minor.

                                                     ii. John had no other way to know this. He was already exile to t isle of Patmos.

                 B. Let's look at another example.

                             1. ACTS 9:10‑12

                             2. Here we have another Word of Knowledge that was manifest thru a vision, But this time it came thru a layman.

                                         a. Ananias was not an Apostle, he was not a prophet, he was not an Evangelist, he was not a Pastor. T Bible does'nt even call him a teacher.

                                         b. T Bible does call him a "Disciple."

                                                     i. T word "Disciple" means a "learner, or a pupil."

                                                     ii. We all are to be a learner, a pupil or a  follower of t Lord.

                             3. There is also t scripture in t book of ACTS that talks about Peter when he was on t roof top praying.

                                         a. Peter had a Word of Knowledge which came in a vision, that told him that 3 men are seeking him & for Peter to go w/ them.  (ACTS 10:9‑20)

       III. There is also t Word of knowledge that comes thru an inward  revelation.

                 A. If you remember when Jesus dealt w/ t woman at t well, He used t Word of Knowledge to convince a sinner there need for a savior. (JOH 4)

                             1. A Word of Knowledge can come thru a number of ways.  It can come thru t interpretation of tongues, it can come thru prophecy, it even might come thru an angel.

                             2. But a Word of Knowledge doesn't come because you've been walking w/ God a long time.

                                         a. In (1SAM 3:4‑10) Samuel was just a boy at that time & t Lord called out his name but Samuel thought it was Eli, t prophet calling him. When he came to Eli, Eli sent him back to bed. This happened a number of times.

                                         b. It was t Lord that was talking to him, but Eli who had been walking w/ God a long time didn't hear anything.

                                                     i. Just because they been walking w/ God doesn't  mean that they are used in t Word of Knowledge.

                                                     ii. Any one that has t Spirit of God can expect to  be used in t Gift of a Word of Knowledge.

                                                     iii. Those that are more mature in t Lord should be more sensitive to his leadings. But it doesn't mean that they will be  used & t new Christians will not. 

              B. Let's look at some more examples of t Word of knodledge. 1KI

                             1. In 1KINGS 19 we see Elijah, let's start w/ V. 4, 14, 18.

                                         a. Here Elijah thought that he was t only 1 left that was still serving God.

                                         b. But God gave him a Word of Knowledge that there was  still 7,000 that did not bow down to Baal.

                             2. 2KINGS 5:25‑26

                                         a. Naaman was healed & wanted to give Elisha some money  & other things. Elisha refused it, but Gehazi went back & took it.

                                         b. Gehazi was exposed by a Word of Knowledge.

                             3. 2KINGS 6:9‑12

                                         a. Every time Syria would set up ambushments against Israel, t prophet would tell t king what they were doing.

                                         b. It was a Word of Knowledge.

                             4. Addition referance:

                                         a. In (1SAM 9:3‑20)  {V. 3‑4, 6, 19‑20} A Word of  Knowledge was used to help recover lost property.

                                         b. In (1SAM 10:21‑23) a Word of Knowledge was used to  discover a man in hiding.

       IV. T Word of Knowledge can also be used to reveal sickness & deamons.


                 A. T Word of Knowledge is never future. That would be a Word of  WISDOM.

                             1. T Word of Knowledge always deals w/ t Past or Present. 

                                                              SUN AN 9/23/90

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