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   All t way back in (GEN 1:1) we see t H.S.  Lets turn there GEN 1:1 T word "God" in that V. is t Hebrew word "elohiym {el‑o‑heem'}" which means t plural of God.  In other words, God t Father, God t Son, & God t H.S.  were all involved in t creation of t earth.

   I. T 1st time that we see Him (t H.S.) mentioned by name is in GEN  1:2   (Spirit of God)

       A. Thru t work of t H.S. in t creation of t earth we see Him as  All Powerful.

            1. Many times t Word of God calls God, "Almighty." T H.S. is just as much God as t Father & t Son.

            2. If we can call them Almighty than we can surly call t H.S. Almighty.

                a. He is Omnipotent.

       B. Psa 139:7

            1. We see T H.S. omnipresent.

                a. No matter where you go God's H.S. will be there.

                b. He's everywhere at t same time.

            2. JOH 14:16‑17

                a. Once you are saved you have t H.S. & He will never leave you, He will be w/ you forever. (V 16) says, "for ever."

       C. We see t H.S. bring conviction of SIN.

            1. JOHN 16:8

            2. JOHN 8:7‑9

                a. T Bible says in (ACT 23:1), And Paul, earnestly beholding the council, said, Men {and} brethren, I have lived in all good conscience before God until this day. (KJV)

                b. Paul said that he lived in all good conscience.

                     i. If someone could live in a good conscience, then it's also possible for someone to have a conscience that is defiled.

                     ii. 1TI 4:2

                     iii. T phrase "seared with a hot iron;" means "to  render insensitive."

                          a. Who are they going to be insensitive to?

                          b. To leading & even t conviction of t H.S.

       D. JOEL 2:28

            1. Here we see t H.S. speaking thru men prophetically.

            2. We're probably going to spend a whole service talking on t subject of prophesy, tongues, & interpretation of tongues.  So I'm not going to spent much time on that today.

                a. All I wanted to point out today is that all of t gifts are from t H.S.

       E. We also see t H.S. thru t revelation that He gives His people.

            1. JOHN 16:13

               a. Here t H.S. is t guide into all truth.

                b. T H.S. is t revealer of things to come.

                c. This is t Dispensation of t H.S.

            2. In times past we have had t dispensation of Innocence,  Conscience, Human Government, Promise, & Law.

                a. Now we are in t Dispensation of Grace or H.S.

                b. After t Dispensation of Grace or H.S. will come t  Dispensation of Millennium.

   II. W/ t rest of this message I want to look at t H.S. w/ relationship to t GIFTS of t SPIRIT & His MINISTRY to t Church.

       A. They are special & supernatural Gifts from t H.S., t 3rd person of t Trinity.

            1. MAT 16:16‑18

                a. These are t special weapons of warfare against t Devil, t world, & t flesh.

            2. We must learn of their existence.

            3.  We must learn of their availability to us.

            4.  We must learn of their proper usage.

            5.  We must understand their limitations & their potential.

   III. 1PET 4:10_

       A. T word "gift" in this V is t Greek word "CHARISMA"

            1. T Greek word for spiritual gifts is charisma.

                a. T definition of charisma is "a gift of grace, a gift  involving grace on t part of God as t donor, t endowments upon believers  by t operation of t H.S. in t churches, extraordinary ability from t H.S. for special purposes.

            2. T charisma or spiritual gifts are found in (1COR 12).

                a. T spiritual gifts are operations of supernatural  revelation, power, & inspiration.

                b. They are to keep t church protected, whole, & sound;  against t Devil, t world, & t flesh.

                     i. T gifts are either for t church as a whole or on an individual level.

       B. One of t greatest dangers facing t modern Church is that it will become a great REFERRAL STATION.

            1. It will refer those w/ emotional problems to t  PSYCHIATRISTS.

            2. It will refer t alcoholic to ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS.

            3. It will refer domestic problems between husbands & wives  to psychologists, consulting clinics & attorneys.

            4. It will refer t mentally disturbed to t ASYLUM.

            5. BUT t H.S. teaches that Christ is t answer right now.

                a. There's nothing wrong w/ going to those places if  there is a need especially if there not going to receive from God.

                b. Eph 6:11‑12

                     i. We have to realize that t problems that we're  going thru are not natural. They're taking place in t spirit realm.

                     ii. 2COR 10:4

                     iii. Are weapons of our warfare are spiritual weapons.

                          a. Intercession is one of our weapons.

                               1. w/ intercession our spirit hook up w/

t H.S. in prayer.

                          b. What are some of t other weapons that we've

been given by t H.S.?

                               1. Word of wisdom; word of knowledge,  faith, gifts of healing, the working of miracles; prophecy; discerning of spirits; {divers} kinds of tongues; interpretation of tongues:

                               2. These are all weapons that t H.S. has  given to t Church to defeat t enemy. 

                        8/5/90  SUN AM

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