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Healing of the Lord # 6

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We’re going to continue our teaching on the HEALING OF THE LORD. Last time we do with the integrity of the Word of God. If the Word of God says it it’s true. The Word of God tells us that by Jesus stripes we are healed. Symptoms may come and go but that doesn’t change the Word of God. We also looked at Jesus being our substitute on the cross.

I) We need to continually remind ourselves of our redemption from Satan’s dominion.

A) Satan no longer rules us nor do we have to fear any of Satan’s weapons including sickness or disease.

1) And as we hold fast to our confession of faith, “by Jesus stripes I’m healed,” our confession is Satan’s defeat.

2) This may come to as a surprise, but we as believers do not have to ASK TO BE HEALED, because WE HAVE BEEN HEALED.

3) We don’t have to ask to be made RIGHTEOUS, because we have been made righteous.

4) We don’t have to ask to be REDEEMED, because we have been redeemed.

a) In the mind of the Father, we have been healed just as much as we’ve been made righteous.

b) Jesus was made sin with our sins. Our sins were laid upon him and he paid the price for them.

(i) Jesus was also made sick with our diseases. Our sicknesses and diseases were laid upon him and he paid the price for them.

c) In the mind of the Father we’ve been healed just as much as we’ve been made righteous, the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.

d) Jesus has already freed us from our sins and our sicknesses.

(i) That’s why (1st Peter 2:24) says, “By his stripes ye were healed.”

(ii) “Were” is in the past tense meaning that it is already done.

(iii) It was done 2000 years ago on that cross.

B) If we are already healed and God’s Word is the absolute truth, WHY ARE SO MANY SICK?


2) Turn with me to MATTHEW 15:21-28. In verse 28 “MADE WHOLE” is the Greek word “HEALED.”

a) Back in (Verse 25) Jesus called HEALING the “CHILDREN’S BREAD.”

b) It was something that already belongs to them.

c) You as a child of the living God have a right to healing; it is already yours through the redemptive work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

II) Since we’re talking about getting in perfect harmony with His Word there’s another subject that I should bring up.

A) And that is the RENEWING OF OUR MINDS.

1) It’s only THE RENEWED MIND that can grasp these truths and begin to believe them in the heart and not the head only.

2) We need to understand that there are three different ways of thinking for the person that AGREES with the Word.

a) 1st there is the person that believes they will receive some time in the future and that is very similar to HOPE. “I hope I’ll receive it someday.”

b) Then there is the person that agrees to the truthfulness of the Word of God, but never believes it with their heart and therefore never acts on the Word.

(i) This person agrees in their head that the Word of God is true and they even rejoice in the Word, but in essence they’re still hoping they will receive.

(ii) They’re trying to believe with the head and not with the heart.

c) The 3rd person is the person that will receive and that is the person who truly believes with the heart that the promises already belong to them.

(i) They know that the Word of God is the absolute truth and if the Word of God said it that makes it so. They are also a people who will act like the Word of God is true.

(ii) True believing and faith will cause you to inherit (or receive) the promises of God.

B) In order for us to get from the place of HOPING and MENTAL ASSENT to the area of true FAITH we have to get our MINDS RENEWED to the Word of God.

1) Before we knew the Lord we grew up in this world getting our minds bombarded with SENSE KNOWLEDGE that’s all we saw and that’s all we knew, so we follow right along in its pattern.

a) But SENSE KNOWLEDGE is NOT going to get us to receive the promises of God.

b) For us to receive God’s promises we have to get REVELATION KNOWLEDGE of the Word of God.

(i) We have to get the knowledge of God’s Word from our head to our hearts where faith is produced.

2) Turn to Romans 12:2.

a) In this verse he tells us do not be conformed to the worlds ways of doing things and that would include our thought process.

(i) He goes on to say that there has to be a renewing of our minds and that renewing only comes by the Word of God.

3) Our spirits are already recreated they don’t need to be renewed, but our thought process is basically the same before we got born again as it is right after salvation.

a) When the Word of God talks about “RENEWING” it’s usually referring to RENEWING OUR MINDS.

4) Turn to Ephesians 4:22-24.

a) Notice how Paul says it, “we need to be renewed in the spirit of our mind.”

(i) Our way of thinking has to begin to change.

5) Look at Colossians 3:10.

a) This verse right here tells us how to get our minds renewed.

b) 1st he says it has to be renewed unto KNOWLEDGE.

(i) But what kind of knowledge, sense knowledge, worldly knowledge? NO.

(ii) He says it right in this verse, a knowledge of him that created us.

(iii) (Colossians 1:16) says that Jesus created all things. And as (John 1:1 and a Revelation 19:13) says that Jesus is the Word of God.

c) Our minds need to be renewed to the knowledge of Jesus and the knowledge of the Word of God.

6) The renewed mind sees that healing is already done. The renewed mind sees that sickness and disease has been laid upon Jesus.

a) The renewed mind says, “I am healed.”

b) And the renewed mind will begin to thank the Father because it’s already done.

C) Our senses may tell us we hurt but really that’s SENSE KNOWLEDGE.

1) We don’t deny that the pains are there but we have a higher authority, which is the Word of God that says by Jesus stripes you are healed.

III) The words that come from our lips are an indicator of what’s going on in our heart and it also shows us whether we’re ruled by sense knowledge or revelation knowledge of the Word of God.

A) When a person is sick and they say that they’re not going to go to church or to work because of it, they are being ruled by sense knowledge.

1) Their senses are telling them what they should do.

2) But the person that has a strong confession of the Word of God coupled together with the corresponding action brings God on the scene.

a) Holding fast to one’s confession and acting as though you believe the Word of God is true, when the senses contradict, shows that one is well established in the Word.

b) When your senses tell you that you’re sick, but you believe that you’re healed because the Word says so, you need to act accordingly. You need to act like you’re healed.

B) What to healthy, healed people do?

1) They don’t stay home sick. They believed in their heart that they are healed and the act accordingly.

2) Their confession is not how bad they feel but they confessed that by Jesus stripes they are healed.

a) Your confession can imprisoned you or set you free.

b) (Proverbs 18:21) says, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.”

3) Now if you really don’t believe in your heart that you’re healed; if you realize that you’re not at that level of faith yet, you may need to stay home sick if you feel that bad.

a) But don’t become condemned if you haven’t arrived yet, but use it as it learning lesson that teaches you what you need to work on.

C) Our confession is a very powerful instrument that can either bring healing for bodies or put us into more bondage.

1) When you begin to ACKNOWLEDGE AND CONFESSED your sickness, it’s like signing for a package that’s delivered to the door. You’ve accepted it.

2) But when you begin to confess, “Surely He hath borne our sicknesses and carried our diseases” you’re accepting the healing power of God.

a) A positive confession, one based on the Word of God, will always dominate the circumstance.

b) But a negative confession permits the circumstances to govern you.

D) In order for your confession of God’s promises to work, your lips should be in complete agreement with what’s in your heart.

1) Jesus is our healer and he is the same yesterday today and forever but in order for us to receive it we have to believe his Word with all our hearts and began to act like it so.

W. O. L. C. C. Sunday, January 17, 1999 Mostly from “Jesus the Healer” by E. W. Kenyon pg. 20-24.

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