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Healing # 7

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     We’re going to start on the subject of healing. We may be on this same subject for a few weeks and we may be on it for months. So many of us have become sick in 1 way or another. That’s why I think that God is leading me to teach on the subject of healing.

     I. MARK 16:15, 19-20

              A. Jesus told them to go out and preach the Gospel. Part of the Gospel is healing.

                        1. The word “GospelmeansGood News.

                        2. To make it even more specific, it’s the Good News of what Jesus Has done for us.

                                  a. The Bible says by Jesus stripes we were healed.

                                  b. Jesus has already provided healing for us.

                                           i. That’s part of the Good news.

              B. In (Mark 16:20) it says, “The Lord working with [them], and confirming the word with signs following.” (KJV)

                        1. The RSV (Mark 16:20) says, “The Lord worked with them and confirmed the message by the signs that attended it.” (RSV)

                                  a. When it says, “Confirmed the message” it meansHaving been ratified.”

                        2. God put His stamp of approval on what was preached by doing it.

                                  a. In other words, whatever the Word was that preached God did that very thing.

                                           i. God proved it to be true by doing it.

                                           ii. If they preached on salvation, people were saved.

                                           iii. If they preached on healing, people were healed.

                                  b. God said that He would confirm or ratify His Word with signs following.

                                           i. Each time, in the next few weeks, when I preach on the subject expect your healing.

     II. EXO 23: 25-26


              A. Here we have a promise from the Lord that He will take sickness away from the midst of us.

                        1. But there is a prerequisite to God healing us.

                                  a. It starts in (V 24) ‘You will not bow down to other Gods and you will serve the Lord your God, then He will bless you and heal you.’

                                           i. There are the times that God does heal someone that is a total sinner, someone that is not serving God.

                                           ii. It’s just the mercy of God or a gift of the Spirit, but it’s not the normal.

                        2. For the vast majority, you have to be a follower of God and know that God wants you healed.

                                  a. As long as there is continual doubt in your mind, faith in that area cannot exist.

                                           i. Without unwavering faith, you may never be healed.

              B. HEB 11:6

                        1. We often use this V to talk about faith and that we can not please Him without faith.

                                  a. But I want you to see something else in this V.

                                           i. It says that God will reward those that Diligently or earnestly seek Him.

                                           ii. If we want the rewards of healing for our bodies, or the rewards in any other area of our life, then we have to diligently seek Him.

                                  b. We probably all know (MATT 6:33.)

                                           i. (Matthew 6:33) Says, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” (KJV)

                                           ii. What things is He talking about?

                                           iii. In context, He’s talking about being provided for, but that would also have to include healing.    (In providing for your children you would take them to the doctor to get better, but we can also go to Doctor Jesus.)

                        2. PSA 9:10


                                  a. God said, ‘He would not forsake you if you seek him.’

                                  b. We need to be a seeker of God and not wait until we get sick (or have another need) to start seeking Him.

                                           i. Most of the time, whatever we’re doing now we’ll reap in the future.

                                           ii. GAL 6:7-8

                                                     a. This is all in the future tense. You will reap someday. (Good or bad)

                                           iii. 2COR 9:6

                                                     a. This is also in the future tense. You will reap.

                        3. 1CHRON 28:9

                                  a. The Lord is telling us that if we diligently seek Him, we will find Him.

                                  b. Jesus said, “Seek and ye shall find.”

                                           i. We can rest assure that if we seek God we will find Him.

              C. How do you diligently seek God?

                        1. Sometimes people say that you’re seeking God by reading the Word.

                                  a. In reading the Word, you’re renewing your mind, and you’re learning about Him and His commandments.

                                           i. This is something that is very important to our Christian walk.

                                           ii. You can’t have faith without the Word.

                                  b. Seeking out the Word of God is part of seeking Him.

                                           i. You can’t seek Him without faith, and faith comes by hearing the Word.

                                           ii. So it is important, to get into the Word, but there is more to than that.

     III. PSA 100:4

              A. How can you seek God’s face?

                        1. This V tells me that it’s with thanksgiving that you enter into His gates, and it’s with songs of praise to His that you enter into His courts.

                        2. The secret of getting into the God’s presence and seeking Him is to offer up thanksgiving and songs of praise.

                            a. PSA 63:1-8

                            b. In this V David is “Rejoicing in the Lord, Praising the Lord, and Worshipping Him.”

              B. (Psalm 22:3) Says, “But thou [art] holy, [O thou] that inhabitest the praises of Israel.” (KJV)

                        1. If you purpose to seek God, you will get a response from heaven.

              C. The Word says that if we will serve Him and seek Him, He would not forsake us but the He would reward us with His blessings.

                        1. God rewards those that diligently seek Him.

                                  a. Seek 1st the God’s kingdom, and all these things will be added.

                        2. As Jesus said, “Seek and ye shall find.”

                                  a. If you’re seeking Jesus the Healer, that’s who you’ll find.

WOLCC SUN AM 12/5/93

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