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Healing # 6

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      Paul is talking about his thorn in the flesh here. There are many questions in the body of Christ on this subject of Paul's thorn in the flesh, anywhere from an eye disease to an unsaved wife. If this is Paul's thorn, then he should know what it is. So we have to look at Paul & his writings to see what his thorn is.

      I. In 2CO 12:7 Paul says what it is. [Look at it]

                  A. You don't have to read any further to find out what Paul's thorn in the flesh was.

                              1. It was a messenger of Satan sent to buffet Paul.

                                          a. It doesn't say that it was any sickness. I'm convinced right there.

                                          b. We could end right there knowing that it wasn't a sickness, it was a messenger of Satan sent to buffet Paul.

                              2. That's what the scripture says, nowhere in these chapters does it ever refer to Paul being sick.

                  B. The phrase, “messenger of Satan”, in the actually Greek says that it was “an angel of Satan.

                              1. The word “messenger” in (2COR 12:7) is the Greek word “aggelos {ang'-el-os}” which usually is translatedangel.”

                                          a. Most of the time it refers to Godly angels, but there are times that it is referring to a human messenger, & there are times that it refers to a demonic messenger like a fallen angel.

      `                                   b. Look at 2COR 11:14

                                                      i. The word “angel” is the same Greek word.

                                                      ii. In (2PET 2:4) we have the same thing when it's talking about the fallen angels.

                              2. Now the Bible does teach that there are fallen angels which fell with Satan.

                                          a. Satan himself is a fallen angel.

                              3. The messenger that we have in (2COR 12:7) is a fallen angel that was sent by the Devil to buffet Paul.

                                          a. Everywhere that Paul went to preach the Gospel this angel went to stir up trouble.

                  C. Some people will say, “Well, we don't know what Paul's thorn was & we'll probably never know.”

                              1. Others say, “Well, I can't understand why God didn't heal Paul.”

                              2. 1st of all, Paul's thorn was not a sickness.  It wasn't a matter of God healing him.

                                          a. It was a matter of Paul doing something about the situation.  Look at 2COR 12: 7‑9a

                                                      i. (JAM 4:7) Says, “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” (KJV)

                                          b. Paul Had to resist the Devil. That's why Jesus said to him, “My grace is sufficient for thee.”

                                                      i. Jesus has done all that He's going to do. Now he's given us the authority over the Devil.

                  D. Another reason that people don't understand Paul's thorn in the flesh, is that they think that God gave it to him.

                              1. But if you look at this scripture (2COR 12:7) a little closer you'll see that nowhere in these Vs. does it say or even imply that God gave it to him.

                                          a. All it says, in (V 7), Is that, “There was given to me a thorn in the flesh.”

                                                      i. That doesn't say who sent it.

                                                      ii. The devil in not going to do God's work.

      II. Now Paul said in (2CO 12:7) that the messenger was given to Paul to buffet him.

                  A. T word “buffet” means, “to rap with the fist, or to hit blow after  blow.”

                              1. Again sickness is not even implied.

                              2. Well then, how was Paul buffeted, What was it that kept on hitting Paul blow after blow?

                              3. It was a messenger of Satan sent to cause trouble everywhere Paul went.

                  B. 2CO 11:23–30*   (Another reference )(2CO 6:4–10)

                              1. This angel of Satan went every place that Paul went to buffet him so that this gospel would not get preached, so that Paul would not be able to preach his revelation that he got from the Lord.

                              2. Go back to 2CO 12:9

                                          a. Some have said that because the word “infirmities” is used here this shows that Paul had a sickness.

                                          b. The Greek word here translated “infirmity” means, according to one Greek scholar, “to bear trials and troubles.”

                              3. One thing that we need to realize is that we need to see ourselves as weak in our own selves. That's when we can trust in the Lord & be strong in Him.

                                          a. It's only with the Lord that all things are possible.

                                          b. Look at 2COR 12:10

                                                      i. Paul said in (Ephesians 6:10) “Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. ”

      III. In these Vs. here, Paul calls this thing “A thorn in the flesh”.

                  A. All scholars that I have ever read after say that the phrase “A thorn in the flesh” is a figure of speech.

                              1. Paul used that phrase & it's important to find out what that figure of speech means.

                              2. If we could find this same figure of speech somewhere else in the Bible, it could give us a good idea what Paul meant, especially with Paul being a scholar of the old testament, he would know what was meant by that phrase.

                  B. Look at NUM 33:55

                              1. This is most definitely not talking about sickness.

                              2. What was the thorn in the side in this V.? PEOPLE

                              3. And what were their people going to do? They we're going to VEX them.

                                          a. The word “vex” means “TROUBLE”. THOSE PEOPLE WERE GOING TO CAUSE TROUBLE.

                  C. JOS 23:13

                              1. Again who or what were going to be “SCOURGES IN THERE SIDES & THORNS IN THERE EYES”.

                              2. People

                  D. JUD 2:2‑3

                              1. Here again who were the thorns in their sidePeople

      IV. There are a few places in the book of GAL. that cause some people to think that Paul had some sickness.

                  A. Gal 4:13‑15

                              1. One thing that we have to remember is that Paul was stoned in the providence of Galatia. After he was stoned he went back through each of the cities of Galatia.

                  B. The other place that causes people to think that Paul had an incurable eye disease is found in GAL 6:11.

                              1. People say [large letters]

                              2. The Greek says the word “letter” means “a writing, a letter, a note, an epistle, a book, or scripture.”

                  C. Nowhere does it say that Paul had some disease. We know he was stoned, wiped, & that he bore the marks in his body. But sick, I don't ever see it.

                              1. What was Paul's thorn in the fleshPeople that the messenger of Satan stirred up to buffet Paul & bring him trouble to stop him from preaching the Gospel.

February 4, 1990 & WOLCC 12-13-92 SUN AM

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