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We’ve been talking about “Knowing the Will of God” and we’re going to continue on this subject, but looking a little more at the specific things that God may want us to do that you don’t see in the Word.

     I. Last week we looked at some thing that can hinder us from following God’s plan for our lives.

              A. Sin is 1 big area.

                        1. It can hinder your prayer life and it will also stop your fellowship with God

                                  a. If your prayer life is hindered, you may not be able to pray in God will. (Doors to be opened)

                                  b. And if your fellowship is stopped, you’re not going to hear the voice of God.

                        2. Look at what Paul says in 1 Corinthians 9:27

                                  a. In (Romans 12:1) Paul said, “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, [which is] your reasonable service.” (KJV)

                                  b. When God tells us to do something, He always tells us how.

                                           i. He doesn't just say crucify the Flesh, but he tells us what to do.

                                  c. He says, ‘Do what is holy.’ Then He says to do what is acceptable unto God.

                                           i. If it's not acceptable to God, don't do it.

                                  d. Then He makes the statement, “Which is your reasonable service.”

                                           i. He's not giving us something that's impossible to do.

                                           ii. He says this is “reasonable.”

                        3. Then in the very next V. (ROM 12:2) He tell us how to accomplish this, “By the renewing of your mind.” (The Word of God.)

                                  a. You have to make that decision to say no to sin and then have the Word of God to give you the strength, and the power of the Spirit in your in your heart to keep you free.

                                           i. (1 John 4:4) Says, “Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world.” (KJV)

                                           ii. The Greater One that is in you is greater than sin.

              B. There are other hindrances that can stop you from fulfilling the plan of God in your lives.

                        1. Like attacks of the enemy.

                        2. For that you’re going to have to use your authority over the enemy and you’re going to have to do battle in the spirit.

                                  a. Tearing down strong holds through prayer.

     II. ROM 8:14-16

              A. In (V 16) When he says that “The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit,” means that’s how the HS will speak or communicate with us.

                        1. The HS will speak to our spirits and reveal God’s plan to us.

                                  a. (John 4:24) Says, “God [is] a Spirit.” (KJV)

                                           i. In (Genesis 1:26-27) It says that God created man in own image, after His own likeness.

                                                     a. {If God is a spirit then we are too.}

                        2. (1 Thessalonians 5:23) Says, “And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and [I pray God] your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.” (KJV)

                                  a. Man is a spirit being and that’s how the HS will speak to us in revealing God’s plan to us. (His direction for our lives.)

              B. All right let's look at the spirit of man and the ways that God will lead us by the H.S.

                        1. Turn to ACTS 2 This is talking about the day of Pentecost, but notice what Peter says here in Vs14-17

                                  a. Peter said that we are going to have dreams and visions.

                        2. I would say that probably the most authoritative way the HS will lead us is through Visions.

                                  a. Notice that I said the most authoritative way, not the most common way.

                                           i. In fact visions are the least common scriptural way the HS will lead someone.

                        3. ACTS 10:1-6






                                  a. Cornelius had a vision of an angel.

                                  b. And this angel gave some guidance to Cornelius.

                                           i. Sometimes the HS will open our eyes into the spirit so that we can know something or even receive some direction.

               C. In (2 KINGS 5:20-27) Elisha had vision of Gehazi receiving things from the king in Elisha’s name.

                        1. Elisha never told him to do that. It was a lie.

                                  a. Leprosy came on Gehazi for that.

                        2. What I wanted you to see is that Elisha had a vision of what took place. He didn’t know in natural.

                                  a. Elisha had something revealed to him by the spirit of God through this vision.

              D. Look at 2 KINGS 6:15-17

                        1. Elisha’s servant’s eyes were opened so that he could see what the Lord was doing.

                                  a. Not only did this reveal something to the servant, but it also taught him something.

                                  b. There’s more that be with us than those that be with them.

     III. Dreams was the other thing that Peter mentioned on the day of Pentecost.

              A. This is also something that is not real common, but from time to time the HS will reveal something to us through dreams.

                        1. MATT 1:19-20

                                  a. A dream was used here to reveal something to Joseph.

              B. It wasn’t too long ago that I had a dream of this church having about 300 adults.

                        1. I didn’t say anything for a while. I wanted to be sure that it was God.

                                  a. That dream stayed so real to me that finally I shared it in church 1 Sunday.

                                  b. Since then it’s been confirmed by many people.

                                           i. 3 people said that they saw the same exact thing, and many others have said that they saw this church being a large church.

                        2. God will use dreams to show us something, to teach us something, and even give us some guidance.

                                  a. Joseph had another dream in (MATT 2:13) which told him that Herod wanted to kill the baby Jesus, but in the dream the angel told him to go to Egypt.

              C. Another way God leads us, which is not as authoritative as a vision, is the VOICE OF THE HS.

                        1. Turn with me to ACTS 10:19

                                  a. This voice is still somewhat authoritative. You might even think it was an audible voice.

                                  b. In (1SAM 3:1-9) Samuel had a similar experience.

                                           i. The Lord called to Samuel when he was just a boy, and Samuel did not know that it was the Lord, he thought it was the prophet Eli calling him.

                                           ii. What I wanted you to notice is that see was that Samuel heard a voice that sounded like an audible voice, but it wasn't.

                                  c. My experiences, in Bob Yandan's church, and Praying on the couch.

              D. Back in (ROM 8:16) Paul says, “He bears witness with our spirit.”

                        1. This is 1 of the primary ways that God leads all of His children.

                        2. MATT 10:18-20

                                  a. In (V 20) he said that it was the spirit that was doing the speaking.

                                  b. (1 John 5:10a) Says, “He that believeth on the Son of God hath the witness in himself.” (KJV)

                                           i. There is what you can call a knowing on the inside.

                        3. Turn to ACTS 20:25 (Listen to what Paul is saying.)

                                  a. This is near the end of Paul’s ministry, and he says, “I KNOW that ye all, shall see my face no more.”

                                  b. Look what He adds in ACTS 20:29

                                           i. Paul had a knowing on the inside.

                                           ii. You and I can have this same knowing on the inside about certain things. It comes from the HS.

                                           iii. You know that you know something, but there is no natural reason why you know. It’s from the HS.

     IV. Another way that the HS will lead us is through a still small voice.

              A. ACTS 27:9-10

                        1. Paul said, “I perceive.

                                  a. Paul knew something by listening to the spirit, the human spirit, which is in fellowship with the HS.

                        2. There are 2 ways to perceive something.

                                  a. 1st by the Spirit of God, or by the HS revealing it to the human spirit.

                                  b. 2nd by seeing something in the natural.

                                  c. One way is by the Spirit of God the other way comes just by being observant.

                                           i. The Word of God has references to both types of perception.

                                           ii. I'm not going to deal with the natural type of perception which any one can have.

                                           iii. But what I want to look at for just a moment is the perception that only comes by the HS.

                                  d. In the V we just read, Paul knew something that could have only come by the Spirit of God.

              B. ACTS 14:8-10

                        1. There is no other way to know if someone has faith to be healed unless the HS reveals it to you.

                        2. Mark 2:8

                                  a. Here we also see that Jesus perceived something, but this V makes it very clear that He perceived it in His spirit not in His head.

              C. Then we have another way that the Hs will guide us.

                        1. COL 3:15

                                  a. The wordRULEmeansdecide, determine to direct, or control.”

                                  b. There are times that you can go by the peace that is in your heart.

                                           i. If you have no peace about something then you need to take a closer look at the situation. Spend time praying about it until you get God’s direction.

                        2. The HS is speaking to you but are you in a place where you can listen.

WOCCC SUN AM 4/2/95 from sprtlea1, 2, and 3.doc.

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