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Giving Birth to a Miracle #2

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     We’ve been teaching on the Glory of God for the last 2 weeks. This is something that we need to have in the churches, and it is something that we need to have in this church. When the glory of God is here, things are going to happen, people are going to get saved as they come in, the HS is going to bring people into the church, miracles are going to happen, and the gifts of the spirit are going to be in operation.

It says in (Habakkuk 2:14), “For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.” KJV

And in (Numbers 14:21) the Lord said, “But as truly as I live, all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the LORD.” KJV

(2 Chronicles 7:14) says, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” KJV

     I. We’ve seen all of these things happening to some degree, but it is only going to incense as we press on into prayer and seeking God’s face through Praise and Worship.

              A. Kenneth Hagin has a prophecy from the Lord, which said that the year 1997 is going to be like a bit of Heaven. We’re going to experience more and more of the Glory of the Lord.

                        1. It’s great to come to church and experience the Glory of the Lord.

                                  a. You feel the peace of God, you feel the Joy of the Lord, all of the things that have been bothering you seem like a distant memory, until you get home and these problems begin to hit you again.

                                  b. We need to have God working in our lives, daily, and we need to have the Miracles of God and Victory in God during the week, not just on Sunday’s.

                                           i. There are times that we can’t get to a phone to call someone else to pray for us.

                                           ii. We need to know how to believe God for ourselves, and how to get unleash the Power of God.

                        2. Turn with me to ACTS 5:12-16.

                                  a. Notice that it says in (V 12), “And they were all with one accord in Solomon’s porch.”

                                           i. When it says that “They were all I 1 accord,” it means, “They were all in 1 accord in prayer and/or worship.”

                                  b. Notice what happened because of their prayers.

                                           i. Believers were the more added to the Lord.” (V 14) That’s the Spirit of Revival.

                                           ii. Then in (V 16) it says, “They were healed every one.” Miracles were taking place.

                                  c. The Glory of the Lord was being poured out.

                                           i. It’s time for Miracles and it’s time for the Glory of the Lord.

                                           ii. If God did it for them, He’ll do it for you. He is not a respecter of persons.

              B. How are we going to get the Miracles of God in our own personal lives?

                        1. It doesn’t always have to be by the Laying on of Hands, according to (MARK 16:18) which says, “They shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.” KJV

                        2. Turn with me to PSA 107:20

                                  a. Miracles can come by you sitting in church and listening to Anointed teaching and preaching of the Word of God.

                                  b. But the Word of God can also bring miracles to you over the course of time.

                                           i. As you meditate on the Word of God you’ll get more Miracle Minded.

                                           ii. If you need a miracle, it’s a must that you become Miracle minded.

                                  c. Don’t dwell on the problems.

                                           i. Don’t be sickness-minded, cancer-minded, heart trouble-minded, Poverty-minded, Failure-minded.

                                           ii. Be Miracle-Minded.

                                           iii. You become more Miracle-Minded only when you get into the Word of God. Learn to meditate on it day and night.

                                           iv. Your 1st step is to be a man or woman of PRAISE and WORSHIP. Your 2nd step is to be a man or woman of the Word.

     II. Turn with me to (GEN 2)

              A. Most of you know the story of creation, so I’m not going to go into it in detail, but look at Genesis 2:15

                        1. When God told Adam toDress it and keep it,” that meant that Adam was the 1 that was now in charge.

                                  a. Adam had toWork the Garden” (That’s whatDress itmeans) It doesn’t meanLabor.” That would come later, after the fall.

                        2. The wordsKEEP IT” in (GEN 2:15) meansTo keep, guard, keep watch, protect, and have charge of.”

                                  a. Now, how was Adam going toWork the Garden,” “To Protect it and to take charge of it.”

                                  b. In 2 ways 1st of all God placed Adam in authority on the Earth, but he had to use his authority.

                                           i. When Satan came to tempt Adam and Eve to eat of that tree, Adam could have commanded Satan to go, and he would’ve had to go.

                                           ii. Now, the way that Adam was going to use his authority was to speak it.

                                           iii. Even when God placed all the animals on the Earth, He gave Adam the chore of naming the animals.

                        3. In (GEN 2:19) It says that “God watched to see what Adam would CALL each animal.”

                                  a. The word “CALLmeansTo SPEAK FORTH or to PROCLAIM.”

                                  b. Then it goes on to say in the same V. “And whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof.” (V 19)

                                           i. In other word it says, “Whatever Adam PROCLAIMED the animal to be that is what it was.”

                                           ii. Adam didn’t do the creating, but he called it to be what it was going to be.

                                  c. So Adam took charge of the Garden in 2 ways, by the authority that God gave him and by the words that he spoke.

                        4. Here’s another KEY. If we want the Glory of God in our lives and if we want to have victory, we have to use our Authority over the enemy and begin to speak the Word.

                                  a. We have Authority over the Enemy and we can tell him to stop steeling from us, we can tell him to get his hands off our finances. (According to LUKE 10:19)

                                  b. But there is another area of using our AUTHORITY that we haven’t touched on much.

                                           i. When Satan came to Adam and tried to get him to eat the fruit of the tree, Adam should have used his authority over Satan and demanded him to flee.

                                           ii. When Satan come to us with a temptation to sin, we need to use our authority over him and demand him to go.

                                           iii. You need to take authority over SIN, and live a HOLY life before God.

                                  c. On the same note, when Jesus was tempted by the Devil, Jesus used the Word of God to stop those temptations.

                                           i. If we want the Glory of God to come in the Church and in our personal lives, we need to live holy before God.

                                           ii. Take authority over the temptations of sin and speak the Word.

              B. Then in (GEN 3) Adam blew it. He ate from the tree that God said not to.

                        1. When He did, sin entered in and along with sin, came spiritual death.

                                  a. From that point on Adam went from a man of faith to a men of fear.

                                  b. Look at GEN 3:9-10

                                           i. Faith ATTRACTS you to GOD, but FEAR causes you to draw back from God.

                                           ii. Fear is basically faith in what the Devil says.

                                           iii. Faith activates the Power of God where FEAR activates the Devil. (Fear is perverted faith.)

                        2. If you want the Power of God and the Glory of God in your life, you need to walk in faith toward the things of God.

              C. We’re talking about walking in the Glory of God and in the Power of God, but it’s not going to come unless we’re ready for it.


                                  a. When we do what we are supposed to do the Glory will be here and in our own personal lives.

Sun AM WOLCC 2/9/97

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