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     We’re going to continue on the “Gifts of the H.S.” So far we’ve covered the “Inspiration Gifts,” which is “Prophecy,” “Tongues” and the “Interpretation of Tongues.” Then we went on to the “Revelation Gifts,” which are, the “Word of Wisdom,” the “Word of Knowledge,” and the one that were going to be covering today which is the “Discerning of Spirits.”

     I. 1COR 12:10

              A. This gift gives us insight into the spirit world, and it is actually more limited than the other revelation gifts, because it is limited to just spirits where the other revelation gifts could also include spirits and many other things.

                        1. I want to make one point clear before we go on, this gift is not the “Discerning of Devils,” it is called the “Discerning of Spirits.”

                        2. This gift is not just the discerning of evil spirits.

                                  a. Someone that only seeing Devils or demons are not operating in the gift of “Discerning of Spirits.”

                                  b. This gift is the Discerning of all Spirits.

                        3. It doesn’t matter if there are evil spirits or God’s heavenly host.

                                  a. ACTS 27:23

                                  b. Paul had a vision of an angel of God.

                        4. Some have had visions of the Lord Jesus Christ.

                                  a. God opened Moses eyes. God spoke to him and said that you can’t see my face but I’ll let you see my hind parts.

                                  b. ISA 6:1 (Isaiah said)

                                  c. ACTS 7:55‑56

                                           i. This is the story of Stephen. Just before he was stoned he saw the Lord.

                                d. In the book of REV, John even saw the H.S., John calls Him the 7 Spirits of God.

                                  e. 2KINGS 6:15‑17



              B. This gift does also imply that we will see evil spirits.

                        1. The NIV translation says, “Distinguishing between spirits.”

                                  a. Which refers to Good and evil spirits.

                        2. Everyone wants to see evil spirits, I rather see Jesus, all of His angels and the mountains full of horses and chariots of fire.

                                  a. Did you ever notice that in the Word of God there are more Heavenly being seen then evil spirits?

                                  b. Just in seeing that and knowing that should tell us something.

                                           i. We should be dwelling on the answer more than the problem.

                                           ii. Dwelling on Jesus much more than dwelling on demons.

                                  c. Sure demons exist and problems exist, we don’t deny them, but we want to dwell on the answer and the Lord Jesus Christ.

                                           i. Paul said in (PHIL 4:8) that we are to “think on the things that True, Honest, Just, Pure, Lovely, Good Report, Virtue, or Praise.”

                                           ii. Paul also said in (2COR 10:5) “Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God.”

     II. Turn with me to ACTS 16:16-18

              A. Paul was dealing with a woman that had a “spirit of divination,” or as the Greek puts it a “spirit of Python.”

                        1. The things that this woman said was correct. She said, “These men are the servants of the most high God, which shew unto us the way of salvation.”

                                  a. But Paul knew by the Discerning of Spirits that what she was saying was motivated by an evil spirit.

                                  b. In these Verses in (ACT 16) it doesn’t clearly tell us how Paul knew there was a demon present.

                                           i. Notice what it says in the middle of (V 18) “But Paul, being grieved, turned and said to the spirit.”

                                           ii. Paul was talking right to this spirit.

                                           iii. He Knew that there was an evil spirit present.

              B. He may have seen the spirit or he may have known by the Sprit of God, that there was a spirit present.

                        1. The phraseDiscerning of Spirits” does not only mean that you have to see them.

                        2. The word “Discerning” From the phraseDiscerning of spirits” in (1COR 12:10) means, “a distinguishing, discerning, or judging.”

                                  a. It has to do with “separating, or making a distinction between spirits.”

                                  b. Never does the Word say that the “Discerning of spirits” is only seeing them.

                                           i. It can also come from a knowing on the inside given by the HS.

                        3. Look at LUKE 9:54-56 (Samaritans would not receive Him)

                                  a. It never says that Jesus saw the spirit, but Jesus knew that what they said was not from God, it was not from their human spirit, but it was from an evil spirit.

                                  b. This again was the Gift ofDiscerning of Spirits.”

     III. Now I want to take a look atThe WORKING OF MIRACLES.”

              A. In (1CO 12:10) It says, “To another the working of miracles.”

                        1. Were just going to spend a few minutes on this gift.

                        2. TheWorking of Miracles” is 1 of the “Gifts of Power.”

                                  a. Remember we said that there are 3 different categories of gifts. There’s the “Gifts of Inspiration,” there’s also the “Gifts of Revelation,” and there’s also the “Power Gifts.”

                                  b. The “Power Gifts” are the “Working of Miracles,” the “Gifts of Healing,” and the special kind ofFaith.”

              B. But before we go on any further we need to defineWorking of Miracles.”

                        1. The working of miracles is different then the miracle of the sun rise or how a flower grows or even the birth of a child.

                                  a. Those are more of what you would call a natural miracle. The “Working of Miracles” is something different then a natural miracle.

                        2. Every one of the gifts of the spirit are miraculous. But the “Working of Miracles” is a specific act.

                                  a. Things like dividing a stream, like Elisha did just shortly after he received Elijah’s mantle.

                                  b. One good definition of “Working of Miracles," but still a little general is this, “An intervention in the ordinary course of nature.”

                                           i. The reason that I say that it is a little general is because even the Gifts of Healing could be called an intervention in the ordinary course of nature.

                                           ii. But again, generally, “Working of Miracleswould be an intervention in the ordinary course of nature, other than the Gifts of Healing, As long as it is by the Spirit of God.

              C. Let’s look at some different examples: That’s probably the best way to explain the “Working of Miracles.”

                        1. 1KINGS 17:12‑16

                                  a. This would have to be classified as a “Working of Miracles.”

                        2. In the book of (EXO) there are a # ofWorking of Miracles.”

                                  a. When Aaron threw down his rod and it turned into a serpent that was a “Working of Miracles.”

                                  b. When the dust was turned into insects and all the other miracles that were done there, were the “Working of Miracles.”

                                  c. The dividing of the RED SEA was a “Working of Miracles.”

                        3. 2KINGS 4:1‑7

     IV. Let’s look at a N.T. example:

              A. JOHN 6:5‑14

                        1. The only way to explain it, is that it was a “Working of Miracles.”

                                  c. This “Gift of the Spirit,” as with all the others, is as the Spirit wills.

              B. In this gift of the Spirit called “The Working of Miracles” the word “Miracles” is the Greek worddunamis.”

                        1. Dunamis” is the miracle working power of God.

                                  a. The YOUNG’S concordance says, the term “Working of Miracles,” would be better translatedThe Working of POWERS.”

                        2. The “Working of Miraclesdisplays God’s power and magnificence.

                                  a. Weather it something small or something big, it shows that our God is unlimited in power.

December 16, 1990 and WOLCC Sun AM 5/21/95

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