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     We’ve been looking at the Gifts of the HS for the last 2 or 3 weeks. Today we’re going to be looking at a different category of gifts.

     I. For the last few weeks we were on the Inspirational Gifts, the gifts that say something, and those are “Tongues that are to be Interpreted,” the “Interpretation of Tongues,” and “Prophecy.”

              A. There are 3 different categories of gifts and they are, “The Gifts of Inspiration,” The “Gifts of Revelation,” and the “Power Gifts.”

                        1. Today we’re going to start on the “Revelation Gifts.”

                                  a. The Revelation Gifts reveal something by the Spirit of God.

                                  b. The Revelation Gifts are “The Word of Knowledge,” “The Word of Wisdom,” and “Discerning of Spirits.”

              B. Today we’re going to look at The Word of Knowledge.

                        1. Look at 1COR 12:8.

                        2. There is 1 important fact about this Gift of the Spirit that I want you to see.

                                  a. It’s called “The Word of KnowledgenotThe Gift of Knowledge.”

                                           i. There is no such thing as a “Gift of Knowledge.”

                                  b. A gift of knowledge would imply that there someone has received a great deal of knowledge by a gift.

                                           i. The Bible says in (2TIM 2:15) to study to show yourself approved.

                                           ii. Yes, it is true that the H.S. will show you things to come and He will reveal things to you, but he also wants you to put His Word on the inside of you so He can bring it back to your remembrance.

                                  c. This Gift is called a “Word of knowledge.”

                                           i. God is all knowing, He has all knowledge, He knows everything.

                                           ii. But He doesn’t reveal to us everything.

                                d. He gives to us a word or part of what he knows.

                                           i. God gives to us a fragmentary part of what He knows.

                                           ii. He imparts a Word of Knowledge to us -- just what He wants us to know.

     II. This gift is also a supernatural manifestation of the Spirit of God.

              A. There is nothing natural about it.

                        1. A Word of Knowledge does not come from something that you know in the natural.

                                  a. It is something that is from the Spirit of God.

                        2. Let’s look at an example from the Word of God. (That’s the best way to explain or define words.)

                                  a. John received a Word of Knowledge through a Vision.

                                  b. REV 1:10‑11

                                           i. In the next several Vs John received knowledge of the condition of the 7 churches in Asia Minor.

                                           ii. John had no other way to know this. He was already exile to the isle of Patmos.

              B. Let’s look at another example.

                        1. ACTS 9:10‑12

                        2. Here we have another Word of Knowledge that was manifest through a vision, But this time it came through a layman.

                                  a. Ananias was not an Apostle, he was not a prophet, he was not an Evangelist, he was not a Pastor. The Bible doesn’t even call him a teacher.

                                  b. The Bible does call him a “Disciple.”

                                           i. The word “Disciplemeans a “learner, or a pupil.”

                                           ii. We all are to be a learner, a pupil or a follower of the Lord.

                        3. There is also the scripture in the book of ACTS that talks about Peter when he was on the roof top praying.

                                  a. Peter had a Word of Knowledge which came in a vision, that told him that 3 men are seeking him and for Peter to go with them. (ACTS 10:9‑20)

     III. There is also the Word of knowledge that comes through an inward revelation.

              A. If you remember when Jesus dealt with the Samaritan woman at the well, He used the Word of Knowledge to convince a sinner there need for a savior. (Starting in JOHN 4:7)

                        1. A Word of Knowledge can come through a number of ways. It can come through a vision, or it can come through the interpretation of tongues, it even might come through an angel, it can come through prophecy.

                                  a. “Now, wait a minute, I thought you said that Prophecy is for edification, and exhortation, and comfort.” It is.

                                  b. But, if the only way you feel that you can give a Word of knowledge is through a prophecy, let it come in that form.

                        2. But a Word of Knowledge doesn’t come because you’ve been walking with God a long time.

                                  a. In (1SAM 3:4‑10) Samuel was just a boy at that time and the Lord called out his name but Samuel thought it was Eli, the prophet calling him. When he came to Eli, Eli sent him back to bed. This happened a number of times.

                                  b. It was the Lord that was talking to him, but Eli who had been walking with God a long time didn’t hear anything.

                                           i. Just because someone has been walking with God a long time doesn’t mean that God is going to use them in the Word of Knowledge today. God may have someone else that He wants to use.

                                           ii. Any one that has the Spirit of God can expect to be used in the Gift of a Word of Knowledge.

                                           iii. Those that are more mature in the Lord should be more sensitive to his leadings. But it doesn’t mean that they will be used and the new Christians will not.

                                           iv. Sometimes people are used more frequently in 1 gift then another.

              B. Let’s look at some more examples of the Word of Knowledge. 1KI

                        1. In 1KINGS 19 we see Elijah, let’s start with V. 4, 14. Elijah here is having a pity party, but listen to what the Lord says to him in V 18.

                                  a. Here Elijah thought that he was the only 1 left that was still serving God.

                                  b. But God gave him a Word of Knowledge that there was still 7,000 that did not bow down to Baal.

                        2. 2KINGS 5:25‑26

                                  a. Naaman was healed and wanted to give Elisha some money and other things. Elisha refused it, but Gehazi went back and took it.

                                  b. Gehazi was exposed by a Word of Knowledge.

                        3. 2KINGS 6:9‑12

                                  a. Every time Syria would set up ambushments against Israel, the prophet would tell the king what they were doing.

                                  b. It was a Word of Knowledge.

                        4. Addition reference:

                                  a. In (1SAM 9:3‑20) {V. 3‑4, 6, 19‑20} A Word of Knowledge was used to help recover lost property.

                                  b. In (1SAM 10:21‑23) a Word of Knowledge was used to discover a man in hiding.

     IV. The Word of Knowledge can also be used to reveal sickness and demons.

              A. The Word of Knowledge is never future. That would be a Word of WISDOM.

                        1. The Word of Knowledge always deals with the Past or Present.

                                  a. Many times the Word of Knowledge comes with another gift of the spirit, maybe a Word of wisdom, or the Gifts of Healing, or 1 of the other gifts.

                                           i. But it doesn’t have to, sometimes The Word of Knowledge is enough to get the job done.

                        2. Jesus had that Word of Knowledge to the woman at the well.

                                  a. That word alone was enough to change her life.

                        3. When I was in Michigan, a Word of knowledge came to me about someone the was getting involved in pornography.

                                  a. That word that was very specific to him was enough to change him.

              B. When a gift of the spirit is in operation something is going to happen.

                        1. God does not give the Word of Knowledge, just to reveal a sickness.

                                  a. He will also reveal how to take care of that problem.

                                  b. Many times a Word of Wisdom will accompany the Word of Knowledge.

                                           i. Next time we’ll look at “The Word of Wisdom.”

TFC SUN AM 9/23/90 and WOLCC SUN AM 5/7/95

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