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     We’re going to continue on the subject of the “Gifts of the Spirit.” Last week we talked about the ministry of the Holy Spirit. I’m not going to go into all the facets of the HS today that’s another series for another day. But today I want to get into the subject of the actual Gifts of the Spirit.

     I. In (1COR 12:10) Paul mentions 5 different Gifts of the Holy Spirit, but I want to begin with the gifts that are sometimes called the “Inspirational Gifts.”

              A. These 3Inspirational Gifts” are the gifts of the Spirit that say something and they are “Prophecy, divers kinds of Tongues, and the Interpretation of Tongues.”

                        1. Turn with me to 1COR 14:1-5

                                  a. Paul makes reference here in (V 5) that Prophecy is the greater gift. In this V he’s talking about the 3 gifts that say something.

                                           i. The reason that Prophecy is the greater gift is that it take the other 2 gifts (Tongues and the interpretation of Tongues) to equal Prophecy. We’ll get into this later. (Probably next week)

              B. 1st of all let’s look at PROPHECY. Prophecy is supernatural utterance in a KNOWN tongue.

                        1. The word “prophecy” in the Hebrew meansto show forth or to spring forth”.

                                  a. Usually the prophecies of the OT dealt with future events.

                        2. In the Greek it means “to speak for another,” “to speak forth by divine inspirations.”

                                  a. Prophecy means to speak for God or a better way to put it would be God’s spokesman under the inspiration of the HS.

                        3. In (1CO 14:1) Paul makes a distinction betweenProphecyand the otherGifts of the Spirit.”

                                  a. Look at 1COR 14:1

                                  b. That doesn’t mean we are not to desire the others, but that we are to put this gift 1st.

                                  c. Look at V. 39 (1COR 14:39)

                                           i. Paul is writing by the inspiration of the God.

                                           ii. The Lord is emphasizing the importance of prophecy.

              C. This gift of prophecy should not be confused with the office of the PROPHET.

                        1. Look at V 3 again. (1CO 14:3)

                                  a. We can easily see that in this gift of prophecy there is no REVELATION. (Revelation meaning revealing things not known.)

                                  b. But in the office of the PROPHET there is a degree of revelation.

                                           i. There will be those times that a Prophet will reveal things to us that we did not know before.

                        2. Paul told us to covet prophecy and desire spiritual {gifts}, but rather that ye may prophesy.

                                  a. Look at 1CO 14:31

                                  b. Paul said, “For ye may all prophesy one by one”.

                                  c. Now look at 1CO 12:28‑29

                                d. Paul is saying that not everyone is a prophet, but all may give a prophecy.

                                           i. Just because someone may prophesy does not make them a PROPHET.

                                           ii. God has told us that we all may prophesy, but we can’t all be prophets. He picks the ones that He wants to be prophets.

     II. ACTS 21:8‑11

              A. Note that all of Philip’s daughters had what I call the simple gift of prophecy.

                        1. They must have prophesied in the services held in their house otherwise Paul and his company would not have known that they prophesied.

                                  a. What did they speak? According to (1COR 14:3) They spoke “edification, exhortation, and comfort.”

                        2. When the PROPHET Agabus came, he had something on a higher order.

                                  a. It came as a prophecy, but it was more than a prophecy.

                                  b. It had revealed something otherwise not known by any natural source.

                                           i. It told something that was going to happen in the future.

                                           ii. That is NOT the gift of prophecy that the Bible says that all can operate in.

                                           iii. The prophecy that we all can operate in is the one that brings forth edification, exhortation, and comfort.

                                  c. There is the gift of the Spirit that might tell something in the future and that is the Word of Wisdom.

                                           1. That gift is for all of us.

     III. Now I want to look at some things that the GIFT of PROPHECY is not.

              A. 1st of all as we already said, It is not the office of the Prophet.

                        1. A prophet is a man not a spiritual gift.

                        2. Many times the prophetic office will predict the future.

                                  a. But the gift of prophecy never does.

                                  b. According to the different Bible source and reference books that I have, all of them says that there is a difference between the Prophet and the NT gift of Prophecy.

                                           i. The gift of Prophecy that we all may be used in is for edification, exhortation, and comfort ONLY.

                                           ii. There was no evidence from the word of God to show that this gift of Prophecy was ever used to tell the future. (Sometimes the Prophet was used this way.)

              B. 2nd. Prophecy is not intended for guidance.

                        1. What I mean by that is, prophecy will not tell someone to quit there job and go to work at some other place or that this is God’s will for your life.

                                  a. It will not tell you by buy a house or something like that.

                                           i. Again that could come under 1 of the other gifts but not prophecy. (Word of Knowledge)

                                           ii. If someone does give you a word that might be guidance in nature, it must be something that you already know on the inside. (H.S. given)

                                           iii. (ROM 8:14) Says, “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.” (KJV)

                                           iv. All of us should be lead by the Spirit of God.

              C. 3rd. Prophecy is not PREACHING.

                        1. Preaching is to proclaim the Good News which is the Gospel.

                        2. Preaching is the Natural mind speaking by the Spirit.

                        3. Prophecy is the mind of the H.S. speaking.

                                  a. Preaching is inspired but not supernatural.

                                  b. Prophecy is a supernatural utterance.

     IV. Now the primary function of prophecy is to EDIFY.

              A. 1CO 14:3

                        1. The 1st word of what prophecy will do is EDIFICATION.

                                  i. We need to put 1st things 1st.

                        2. 1CO 14:5

                                  i. The gifts of the Spirit should bring edification.

                        3. V 12, 26.

                                  i. The end of that V says, “Let all things be done unto edifying.”

                        4. The word “EDIFICATION” means “to build up” or the “Promotion of spiritual growth.”

                                  a. Paul says in (1COR 14:1) “Desire spiritual gifts, but rather that ye may prophesy.”

                                           i. I feel the reason why he said that is because “Edification or Spiritual growth” is more important for us than the other gifts of the spirit.

                                           ii. Again (1COR 14:1) “Desire spiritual gifts, but rather that ye may prophesy.”

              B. The 2nd function of prophecy is EXHORTATION.

                        1. This is a call to encouragement, or a calling near.

                        2. An Exhortation might call the Church to Holiness, Consecration, or separation from the world, or to worship.

                                  a. (1CO 14:3) Does not say, “But he that prophesieth speaketh unto men {to} edification, and exhortation, and comfort and correction.” (KJV)

                                  b. Correction is not part of prophecy.

                                           i. Through exhortation the Lord is saying come follow me, but never scolding or criticism.

                                           ii. Correction comes through teaching of the Word.

                                                     a. Look at Paul’s ministry, he was always  correcting but he did it through teaching the Word of God.

                                                     b. Example: 1CO 7:1; 25; 12:1; 16:1


              C. The 3rd function of prophecy is COMFORT.

                        1. A lot of what people call prophecy never comforts anybody, but rather discomforts them. 1CO 14:31

                        2. This word, “comfort,” means “CONSOLATION, in distress, sorrow, persecution or suffering, with a degree of tenderness.”

                        3. We need those words of comfort today more than ever.

9/2/90 SUN AM

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