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     We’re going to be looking at the Gifts of the Spirit, before we do let’s look a little at the work of the HS. All the way back in (GEN 1:1) we see the H.S. Let’s turn there GEN 1:1 the wordGod” in that V. is the Hebrew wordelohiym "{el‑o‑heem’} which means the plural of God. In other words, God the Father, God the Son, and God the H.S., all 3 of them were involved were in the creation of the earth.

     I. The 1st time that we see the H.S. mentioned by name is in GEN 1:2 (Spirit of God)

              A. Through the work of the H.S. in the creation of the earth we see Him as All Powerful. He is co-equal and co-eternal with God the Father and God the Son.

                        1. Many times the Word calls God, “Almighty.” The H.S. is just as much God as the Father and the Son.

                        2. If we can call “them” “Almighty” than we can surly call the H.S. Almighty.

                                  a. He is Omnipotent.

              B. PSA 139:7

                        1. We see the H.S. Omnipresent.

                                  a. No matter where you go God’s H.S. will be there.

                                  b. He’s everywhere at the same time.

                        2. JOH 14:16‑17

                                  a. Once you’re saved you have the H.S. and He will never leave you, He will be with you forever. Just as it says in (V 16).

              C. There are far more things that the HS does than just bring the “Gifts of the Spirit.” (In JOHN 16) we see the H.S. bring conviction of SIN.

                        1. JOHN 16:8

                        2. JOHN 8:7‑9 Each of then knew that they had sin.

                                  a. The Bible says in (ACT 23:1), “And Paul, earnestly beholding the council, said, Men {and} brethren, I have lived in all good conscience before God until this day.” (KJV)

                                  b. Paul said that he lived in all good conscience.

                                           i. If someone could live in a good conscience, then it’s also possible for someone to have a conscience that is defiled.

                                           ii. 1TIM 4:2

                                           iii. The phrase “seared with a hot iron;” means “to render insensitive.”

                                                     a. Who are they going to be insensitive to?

                                                     b. To leading and direction of the HS and even to the conviction power of the H.S.

                                                     c. Kenneth Hagin talks about someone that use to drink coffee boiling hot. (Didn’t hurt, throat was seared.)

              D. JOEL 2:28

                        1. Here we see the H.S. speaking through men prophetically.

                        2. We’re probably going to spend a whole service talking on the subject of prophecy, tongues, and interpretation of tongues. So I’m not going to spend much time on that today.

                                  a. All I wanted to point out today is that all of the gifts are from the H.S.

              E. We also see here that the H.S. will bring revelation to His people.

                        1. JOHN 16:13

                                  a. Here the H.S. is the guide into all truth.

                                  b. The H.S. is the revealer of things to come.

                                  c. You probably heard people say that we’re in the Dispensation of Grace, but really this is the Dispensation of the H.S.

                        2. In times past we have had the dispensation of Innocence, Conscience, Human Government, Promise, and Law.

                                  a. Now we are in the Dispensation of Grace or H.S.

                                  b. After the Dispensation of Grace or H.S. will come the Dispensation of Millennium.

     II. With the rest of this message I want to look at the H.S. with relationship to the GIFTS of the SPIRIT and His MINISTRY to the Church.

              A. They are special and supernatural Gifts from the H.S., the 3rd person of the Trinity.

                        1. MARK 16:16‑18


                                  a. These are the special weapons of warfare against the Devil, the world, and the flesh.

                        2. We need learn of their existence.

                        3. We need learn of their availability to us.

                        4. We need learn their proper usage.

                        5. We need understand their limitations and their potential.

     III. 1PET 4:10

              A. The wordgift” in this V is the Greek wordCHARISMA

                        1. The Greek word for “spiritual gifts” is the same thing, “Charisma.”

                                  a. The definition of “Charisma” is “a gift of grace, a gift involving grace on the part of God as the donor, the endowments upon believers by the operation of the H.S. in the churches: (2) Extraordinary ability from the H.S. for special purposes.”

                        2. The charisma or spiritual gifts are found in (1COR 12).

                                  a. The spiritual gifts are operations of supernatural revelation, power, and inspiration.

                                  b. Generally they are to keep the church protected, whole, and sound; against the Devil, the world, and the flesh.

                                           i. The gifts are either for the church as a whole or on an individual level.

              B. One of the greatest dangers facing the modern Church is that it will become a great REFERRAL STATION.

                        1. It will refer those with emotional problems to the PSYCHIATRISTS.

                        2. It will refer the alcoholic to ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS.

                        3. It will refer domestic problems between husbands and wives to psychologists, consulting clinics and attorneys.

                        4. It will refer the mentally disturbed to the ASYLUM.

                        5. BUT the H.S. teaches that the LORD JESUS CHRIST is the answer right now.

                                  a. There’s nothing wrong with going to those places if there is a need and you haven’t been able to receive from God.

                                  b. Eph 6:11‑12

                                           i. We have to realize that the problems that we’re going through are not natural problems. They’re taking place in the spirit realm.

                                           ii. 2COR 10:4

                                           iii. Are weapons of our warfare are spiritual weapons.

                                                     a. Intercession is one of our weapons.

                                                              1. With intercession our spirit hooks up with the H.S. in prayer.

                                                     b. What are some of the other weapons that we’ve been given by the H.S.?

                                                              1. Word of wisdom; Word of Knowledge, Faith (special gift of faith), Gifts of Healing, the Working of Miracles; Prophecy; Discerning of Spirits; {Divers} kinds of Tongues; Interpretation of Tongues:

                                                              2. These are all weapons that the H.S. has given to the Church to defeat the enemy.

8/5/90  SUN AM and SUN AM for WOLCC 4-9-95

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