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Galatians # 9 Gal 3-26 thru 4-5

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We’re teaching on the book of Galatians, so we’re going to pick up where we left off last time.

I) Turn with me to GAL 3:26-29

A) In (V 26) from the KJV where he says, “For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus.”

1) The word “Children” would be better-translated “Sons.” (as the NKJV does).

(a) The word ‘Children’ usually refers to someone of very young age, but a SON can be someone of young age or it can be someone that is much older.

(i) Now when Paul is writing this he’s not talking about natural age, but spiritual age.

(b) Before someone came to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior, Satan was their father (JOHN 8:44), but now that Jesus is our personal Lord, God is our Father.

2) One thing that I wanted to point out to you in this V.

(a) Paul writing to the Churches at Galatia is made up of mostly Gentiles.

(i) Paul says in this V “For YE (or YOU) GENTILE GALATIANS are ALL the SONS of GOD.

(b) HOW did they become the Sons of GOD? BY FAITH IN THE Lord Jesus Christ.

B) All right, let’s go on reading GAL 3:27-28 again.

1) In (V 28) Paul is telling this church that it doesn’t matter who you are, salvation only comes by the Lord Jesus Christ.

(a) Paul is writing this because there were those in the Church that said “Salvation comes by faith in Jesus, but now that you are saved you have to go back and keep the LAW.

(b) But Paul is saying that salvation comes by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and nothing else.

(i) SALVATION comes by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, MATURING in the Lord and BECOMING more SPIRITUAL comes by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and receiving the PROMISES of God in our lives only come by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

(ii) It’s not Faith and keeping the Law. Doing that to become more spiritual would say that the work of Jesus is not enough, now you have to do something else.

(iii) But it’s by faith and faith alone.

C) GAL 3:29

1) Those that are in Christ are Abraham’s seed. That means you and I are Abraham’s seed.

2) Go back to GAL 3:16

(a) In (V 16) here we found out that the promises that were made to Abraham came because of a covenant between GOD and Abraham and his seed.

(b) Abraham’s seed was Christ. (1 of his descendants)

3) Now in (V 29) it says that those that are in Christ are Abraham’s seed.

(a) God made a covenant that with Abraham and all of his descendants.

(b) Because we are in Christ we are 1 of Abraham’s descendants.

(i) The blessings and the Covenant Promises belong to us.

4) How did we become partakers of this covenant? BY FAITH.

II) GAL 4:1-3

A) In this opening passage Paul likens us to an heir, born from the head of the house, who must serve a time under tutors and governors, until the time appointed by God for us to be given the full rights of manhood.

1) The TUTORS and GOVERNORS refer to the MOSAIC LAW.

(a) Before Christ all were under the law, regardless if they knew the Law or not.

2) GAL 4:4

(a) OF course, this V refers to the Lord Jesus Christ.

(b) When Paul used the words, “Made of a woman” its in reference to the VIRGIN BIRTH.

(c) Then Paul says that Jesus was “Made under the Law.”

(i) Jesus was born, lived His life, was crucified, died, was buried, was resurrected, and ascended into heaven – all under the dispensation of the LAW.

(ii) The NEW DISPENSATION the CHURCH AGE, the AGE OF GRACE did not begin until AFTER Jesus ASCENSION, when he offered His blood in the heavenly Holy of Holies.

(iii) Jesus shed blood paid the price for our salvation.

B) GAL 4:5

1) I like how the NIV puts this, the NIV says, “To redeem those under law, that we might receive the full RIGHTS OF SONS.” NIV (Galatians 4:5)

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