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Character of the Christian

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The character of the Christian is the character of Christ.  I believe that the closer a person gets to Christ the less distinguishable their personality becomes.

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

God helps those who helps themselves

The talent trick

Three crowds. 

One wanted their world changed. These people would have kept Jesus busy doing this very thing as long as He would have done it.

The other wanted to change their world.  These people are those who feed the heart of a servant of God.  I get more out of seeing someone enlist in service than I do out of seeing someone come to Christ.

The others had no hope.  Often these folks are invisible and we will never hear from them because they have simply resigned.

A Christian should believe in someone that no one else believes in.

Ministry requires endurance.  The most needy people will only take from us.

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