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What If the Resurrection Never Happened?

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Whatever captures our heart needs to end in triumph. No one wants a dead hero, or even a defeated hero. How much more is this true of the life of Jesus Christ, He who was born to be Earth’s King. That ideal life, prophesied more than 1500 years in advance, totally compliant with His Father’s will, could such a life end in a cruel and shameful death? Never! Not while God was watching the scene. Such a life was destined for RESURRECTION. But what if the resurrection didn’t happen? What if VOID had to be written across every prophecy that applied to Christ's mission beyond His death – every prophecy of His second coming, His role as Judge, Conqueror and KING? What about His own predictions of His death?--because every time he said “the son of man must suffer and be killed,” He said also that He would “on the third day rise again.” Listen in as we think about where WE would be if Jesus was still in the tomb!... and praise God that He is ALIVE!

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