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Easter Sunday April 12, 2020

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Lord Jesus I thank you so much that you're able to work miracles in our lives. Jesus I thank you that you were able to to work through even our feeble efforts. and be glorified Lord our hearts desire is to be usable. We want you to be able to move us. We want to be at your beckon call. help us God to see those things in our lives that are a distraction help us to see those things in her heart that interfere with being christ-like

I pray that during this time you will help us. bow our hearts before you and let you speak as God for you are God and we are not. And we want to truly lift up the name of Jesus and not ourselves. help us to take I out of our language and put Christ there. And we will give you the glory for what we're going to see happening as we passed through this time of fire. And we thank you God that you refine Us in the fire.

we consider it pure joy when we Face these trials for they

reveal our faith So now Jesus on this Easter. Help us to move from the cross upon which you hung and see that empty grave. Force that empty grave that is our victory over death and we praise you for our victory over death in Jesus name. Amen.


Jesus my Jesus my home.

Who is Amara?

Turtle names


Play Jesus my Jesus from the grave.

Who is Omari please?



Where are you?


How do I know which way he walks with me and talks with me?


my heart and I never went through all this.

Rejoice Rejoice O Christian stop your voice and see each other. No, no, no. No, there is so loud. He walks with me listen to

I should I turn it on. And this is an incredible time to celebrate that so glad that we have those of you that are here. We got plenty of distance between one another but we as Believers must always worship God and all we need to be safe about it. I really do believe that it's important that we spend time worshipping God and so I'm thankful that we have this opportunity this morning. And for those that aren't here because so many need to be at home and hunker down right now. We are recording this so that it will bless them also. Matthew 28 1 through 8 now after the Sabbath as the day of the week began to Dawn Mary Magdalene and the other Mary came to see the two. And behold there was a great earthquake for an angel of the Lord descended from heaven and came and roll back the Stone from the door and sat on it. His countenance was like lightning and as close as white as snow. And the guards shook for fear of him and became like dedman but the angel answered and said to the woman do not be afraid for I know that you see Jesus who was crucified. When I want to point out here is that there was a difference between the response of the Romans in the world and the response that God's people were allowed to have because this Angel spoke award to them quickly do not be afraid. This is significant in something that we ought to meditate on throughout the week as we consider some of the challenges. We are experiencing today. We are not going to look at things from the perspective of the world. We are going to look at things from God's perspective. For we have his word. and faith therefore We are not going to look like everybody else. Are we? amen

but the angel

answered and said to the woman do not be afraid for I know that you seek Jesus who was crucified. He's not here. For he is risen.

And he said come see the place where the Lord lay and go quickly and tell all his disciples. He is risen from the dead and indeed he is going before you into Galilee there. You will see him behold. I have told you so they went out quickly from the tune with fear and great joy and ran to bring his disciples were he is alive. Amen and he is risen risen indeed. I want a pit today discussed something that I think is really valuable for us to consider this time of year are good Friday. We talked about Jesus going to the cross and this time of year. We talk now about an empty grave in the fact that he had power over death and was able to reclaim his life. There's two sides of the cross. And that's really what I want to discuss today one on which Jesus hangs and dies. He dies because of our shame. I'm so when we depict him hanging on the cross. That's to our shame.

Not a cause of deep sorrow.

And if it's stopped right there, what a pitiful state that church would be in today. Amen. Because it's not him hanging on the cross alone. That is our victory.

Our Victory is that he once again sits upon the throne.

And he's reaching into the world to save his people from it. And I think that's glorious. You see the other side of the Cross is where there's an empty tomb and life. On one side death on the other side light.

The entire superficial sermons and teachings on holidays which are empty and lifeless.

Are you tired of religious routine void of God's presence? holiday thermos for the sake of sentiment merely fulfilling an emotional need which is forgotten as quickly as the holiday comes.

It is good to set the calendar special times of recognition. And holidays tournaments for the sake of sentiment only are really not accomplishing anything significant. We need to be recognized events that are worthy of Celebration member. I member memorializing.

And what better event to celebrate?

What better events is celebrate? Then those involving our God.

And if we're going to celebrate events and evolve involving our God. Let us celebrate them in his presence.

with hearts bowed And mine's Focus.

Easter for the Christian is truly a time of Celebration. We celebrate God's intervention in a certain fate awaiting Every Soul.

You see there is no sign of the cross that leads to Eternal damnation. death Hebrews 9:27 says and as it is appointed for man to die once but after this the judgement.

And what a horrifying thought if we are judged as we deserve. For the sentence is death. For those who don't know this body dying isn't true death. It's the first it's the second test that I ought to cause fear and trembling is what caused the world to be an incredible Terror during this pandemic for if they should leave this earth before they make a decision about Jesus. They're going to get what they desire and that's separation from him for eternity for those who would reject him.

When the first man and woman who were created in the image of God chose to ignore their creator and violate his command that became a sinful people. corrupt all that was born from them was born with this corrupt nature. Did God create us to be holy and righteous that means we were created for him and without this corrupt nature this sinful nature. Our very nature was Godly created in His image originally. When the first man and woman chose to send their Godly nature became corrupt. and every soul born from this

nature inherits that corrupt nature

and this needs to be understood to truly appreciate Jesus of sacrifice. There's so many that think they are in general good. What scripture tells us in Romans 3:10 xr18 as it is written there is none righteous. No, not one. There is no one who understands there is none who seeks after God they have all turned aside. They have together become unprofitable. There is no one who do it does good. No, not one their throat is an empty grave 52 With their tongues, they have practice deceit. The poison of asps is under their lips. Whose mouth is full of cursing and bitterness their feet are Swift to shed blood destruction and misery are in their ways and the way of peace they have not known there's no fear of God before their eyes. for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God Romans 3:23 And so even thinking that good is somehow going to be enough. to change this corrupt nature

they're fooling themselves.

If that were possible that we could buy doing good overcome our corrupt nature. Then Jesus wouldn't have had to come.

There's this poison called ricin is a very toxic substance is a by-product in the production of castor oil.

There's no antidote for ricin poisoning. Therefore. There's no cure for. An average adult needs 1.78 mg of ricin injected or inhaled to die. That's about the size of a few grains of table salt. No, imagine taking a Pure Glass of drinking water.

That vital water we all need to survive. And just putting a few grains of rice in it.

Ask yourself. Is that water drinkable?

There's plenty of H2O still in there, but the water itself is not drinkable any longer. the glass of water worthless for drinking

those that may think that's good deeds impresses God, but these performed by our corrupt nature are still unacceptable. There will always be impurity in the Good Deeds. done by a nature I give because it makes me feel better about myself.

I help because I find it pleasurable. I care for others so that I'll be cared for I do good to make up for the wrong that I do. And we may not even fully realize our own motive for doing things is why we need God. to expose the truth and to show us the Ennis 12 nothing good and that's the reason Jesus had to come to save you and I we cannot save ourselves.

In this nature, we are self-serving self-seeking self-motivated self-driven. selfish in every respect that's the corrupt nature that nature that came from Adam and Eve the day they fell from Grace or language reveals our corrupt nature. Jesus himself said a good man out of the good Treasure of his heart brings forth good and an evil, man. Out of the evil Treasure of his heart brings forth evil for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks and how much of our speech is filled with I I want I like I need I feel high demand. And even if we don't blatantly say these things out loud, you can't speak anything else.

In that corrupt nature from that crook nature. Are defiant nature is revealed early on after birth. How many if you've been around a child at a very young age that defiantly says no. No, mommy, no, Daddy. My wife is our children were about 18 months old the first time they blurted out in defiance. No. Not your will but mine.

Weather is the motive in that Creek Nature being exposed. As of yet or not accountable. But you can see the problem. We're born into amen. And I'm saying all this not to put a heavy Cloud over you because we're about to discover that Jesus came to deal with our nature so that you and I can have an abundant life and be free a man. So on this side of the Cross. Yes, it's challenging to hear these things. But I want you to know that you don't have to stay on this side of the Cross. Jesus has made a way for us to pass through and get on the other side and that side is life and hope and joy and freedom in forgiveness and life and life in abundance. And that's where we're heading. So don't let this part of swimming drag you down cuz there's hope always in every sermon. Unless that's Lerman isn't lifting up and glorifying Christ. For Jesus is hope he is our hope. My kids had a wonderful mother and she worked diligently with them. There are many people out there that are well raised. I know I have not met a single one of them that would say that they are without sin.

But I want you to understand that today. We're celebrating that God has provided a way for us to get right with him. Jesus is coming reveals that on this side of the Cross. We are incapable of redeeming ourselves his coming all for reveals God's plan for Redemption through the his death on the cross the righteous for the unrighteous Peter and sell said for Christ also suffered once force in the just for the unjust that he might bring us to God being put to death in the flesh but made a live by the spirit and that ought to be a big a man out there. all five of the seven of the theater

We are all born on the shameful side of the Cross if the side worthy of judgment and eternal sentence the wage for those on this side of the Cross is death. That's not just in this physical body you and I are in but death of an eternal Soul or separation from God forever. That's the death that I ought to terrify everyone because this is the final death This is a separation that can never be reconciled. And no wonder Jesus described those in this place as weeping and gnashing their teeth. This place called hell get henna word carries with it the idea of a dump a place you take your refuse. That which has become worthless think for a moment about their final Dwelling Place. This place called hell. Hell is void of God void of everything good void of Love Mercy Grace kindness. Peace rests Joy. I could go on and on. In this place first will never be quenched.

a terrifying place a place completely void of life

and yet those Souls will go on forever in this place. What a horrifying thought how we need to bring the message of Hope to the world so that they know death isn't your final resting place for the Christian death is the beginning of Life. And so we long to leave this world to be with our Lord. But as long as he has need for us here, we continue to serve him Faithfully. Amen. Isn't that what the Apostle Paul himself said? I rather go on and be with my Lord but for your sake.

How do I block you? But I can say I've been in this world long enough that I want to see heaven.

But no sooner than God's time. And he holds the keys to life and death so we can live here faithfully and boldly when we're living for our King and serving his purpose preparing for the day when we're going to leave this earth. That's the best retirement plan you can have

because there's no amount of money just going to buy you yesterday and there's no amount of money. Just going to get you into heaven and there's no amount of money that can get you out of hell.

Boy how blessed we are that God has shown us the truth that we don't have to live a van life. That's so empty and meaningless where we leave so much of our accomplishments. behind when we enter that grave

Is he for the world on this side of the cross the sinful side? It's like a prisoner awaiting sentence sitting in his cell. What can he offer while he's sitting there for a life that's demanded of him. He can't give his life. It's already demanded of him and there's no amount of work. That he can do.

To avoid the sentence the judge won't accept anything. His life is demanded of him. Now imagine for a moment. that this judge a judge who truly love who is merciful? and the gracious imagine him getting up from his bench. And walking over to the cell. And opening it.

And offering to take your place.

That's what Jesus did.

Oh how we need to Humble our hearts before our Lord.

if eaten by doing so now the cell doors open so that you and I

Can I leave? Leave our prison and step into a new life.

And I'm thankful that that judge when he died. or you and I didn't stay in his two.

but in power came back to life.

That's the Easter message. He died and came back to life. You see the gospel message.

Is a message of Hope and is powerful. Because Jesus demonstrated his power over death death could not hold him down. Praise God could not hold him down.

Buddha died and rots in his grave

Muhammad died and rots in his grave

There are so many who have been considered like God who are dead and rotting in the Earth. But Jesus not him. Death could not hold him down.

And that leads us to the side of the Cross where we enjoy victory for. Once you accept Jesus has payment on your behalf. Once you believe that God came to this earth in the form of a man and put the sentence of us all upon himself. Then you can truly repent of your sin and turn to him and walk with him and become a child of the Living God a saint or a holy nation a royal priesthood a people belonging to God a man and that's the flight of Victory. That's the side where we see the empty tomb and leave behind that dark world you and I came out if that's the place where we inherit our new nature or God himself comes into us and dwell. So there's no longer we who live but Christ who lives in us, that's alright dismiss. That's our hope and that's what we sell. Is that God has given us a new nature a man? And I understand that that's difficult to understand because it's difficult for you and I to differentiate between the good God wants us to do the good we want to do. I was cooking eggs, and I had two of them that I was cooking you ever notice when you're cooking a couple eggs. I like my eggs over easy, right? If I got a flip them just riding at the right time and in the little Pam cooking them in didcot came together. Who is the black one egg with two yolks? Right? You can't flip them like that very easy. Maybe there's some out there that could but I don't have that skill. That was too small. I got to divide those eggs.

and that's the work God is doing in you and I that's the sword that cuts between joint now

that's what the sword is all about.

But see here's here's the deal You & I we can't tell which is of one egg and witches of the other so you need God himself our original designer. To do the cutting and begin separating so you and I can start to see what's from him. And what's from that Old corrupt nature. That needs to die. Jesus said whoever wishes to come after me pick up his cross deny himself.

We are on the side of the cross. a victory free from carrying guilt

Jesus took it upon him. self Come unto me all of you who are heavy laden and you shall find rest. That's what Jesus Promised rest from the guilt. We carry because we are sinful in nature and he took it on the cross and bore. It's wait for you and I am m. That's a marvelous truth. That's going to bring me to the conclusion of the sermon because now that we are aware of why God needed to come to this earth to deal with this corrupt nature you and I are born into will better understand these works as I'm about to read and they're going to be out of Romans from the mouth of Paul from the writing of fall. Starting in chapter 6 in this the first 11 verses I want to read these now to give us something to meditate upon and think about as we celebrate Easter. and its significance

because there's nothing more valuable than what God has done for you and I there is no treasure in this earth.

That compares to Jesus. He is the treasure in the field. Amen. What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin? So that Grace May abound? certainly not How shall we who died to sin live any longer in it, or do you not know that as many of us as were baptized into Christ? Jesus were baptized into his death. You see he took that old nature of ours with him to the cross.

Therefore we were buried with him and I want you to understand something that'll nature of yours was buried.

And so now the work is for you and I to believe it and experience it.

And let go of those old desires that have been imprinted in our minds.

That just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the father even so we should walk in the newness of life. Free from the grave free from the sentence Victorious by the blood of our Lord Jesus that was shed for the remission of sin for our forgiveness.

praise God It's not a matter of whether or not you're worthy whether or not you're deserving whether or not you're important enough. It's a matter of God being gracious to a people that don't deserve it. We see it. So clearly on the cross as he hangs there between two thieves. Almost hideous sentence at that time. A Roman wouldn't be hung from a cross with a horrible way to be sentenced to death.

Any home there?

Looking down at the very people that put him there. How people that were mocking him and ridiculing him.

people that rejected him

And if he hung there. He looked down.

Not looking at them and their guilt.

But who they're going to be when the work's done and he said these words. And these words oh how they ought to be a part of our thinking all the time forgive them for they know not what they do.

How judgmental we can be as humans when we were operating that corrupt nature because we look at things from such a selfish perspective and yet there's where we see what godliness looks like Jesus hanging on the cross looking at the guilty and saying forgive them.

Oh God, you're so gracious and merciful.

How you bear with us? It's amazing and you are so patient. Though we Grieve Your Heart. Going to collect our face. Don't we stray to the right and left? You are faithful.

And we thank you Jesus for those words. You spoke on the cross?

For they reveal your heart.

and now if we died with Christ We believe that we shall also live with him.

That's life.

knowing god and living with him.

Cuz he loves you that much.

Love you that much. Death no longer has dominion over him. For the death. He died he died to sin once and for all but the life that he lives he lives to God and you and I are called to this life. And so the challenge in this message is this Who tell you serve?

And what purpose will you serve?

And during this pandemic. Oh how we need to? Remember God's mercy.

remember his faithfulness

remember his love to remember his forgiveness.

And let us consider these words. And these days and weeks to come. When I shut up heaven and there is no rain. Or command the locusts to the bower the land or send pestilence among my people.

If my people Who are called by my name will humble themselves? And pray and seek my face and turn from their Wicked Ways. Then I will hear from heaven and I will forgive their sin and heal their land a man and that's what we're celebrating life and the opportunity.

the police got Father God I thank you. I thank you for what you reveal about yourself in Scripture. I thank you that we can see you in Christ your word close than flesh and living like one of us amongst us, but holy and righteous. Not from the seed of Adam and Eve.

But through the Holy Spirit came into this world.

We thank you for seeing this incredible love that you have for us.

and ask that you would continue to remember your mercy and Grace and promised that you would save your people. And help us. Oh God in our weakness and in our foolishness and in our ignorance help us. Oh God. To draw near unto you show us. Oh God your ways guide us and lead us. and moving monsters and use us to accomplish your purpose.

And Jesus you alone are worthy of the glory.


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