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Mark 14-16

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Christ is alive

Not was alive Was raised but is alive and is raised Amen. Amen. Turn in your Bibles to the gospel of Mark. I'd encourage you to turn to Mark chapter 14 and we've been going through this is not change just because of a little a global pandemic and in God's Providence we come now to the last few chapters Mark here on the Resurrection Sunday. We've been looking at its in marked. I've been looking at Jesus life. I've been looking at Jesus's teaching and we seen that Mark is very clear to say this is all arriving towards one point driving to one thing that Jesus is the Messiah the tea is the king who is real expected. But then he is such an unexpected. Nobody saw coming what would actually going to happen? And so we come here to the last three chapters and we're not going to walk through the verse by verse but I want you to be there because we're going to look at a couple of advance. Bits come up for us Jesus's life and Jesus's teaching and it hit points us then to his dad and then beyond that to the resurrection. Do we look at this and then we look at it and all the way through Friday Rising the people teaching and acting in ways that were unexpected. But I don't think anything be more unexpected. For those of his day then to see what would happen. In chapter 14 of the Lord's Supper we have to pass over being celebrated with the disciple Mission Lord's supper at the end of our service today. We're going to be taking that together, even though we're supposed to gather you can or separate from one another we're going to be taking the Lord's supper together.

But Jesus is well aware of what has happened behind the scenes in the first part of heart 14 to see that the chief priests and scribes were speaking how to arrest him by stealth and kill him. Jesus is not unaware. This is not news to Jesus and as he goes through the Passover and as he goes through the Lord's Supper, he is prepared for that. He foretells Jesus feeder that Peter would deny it foretells at one of his own disciples betrayed him and he goes out in Praise In the Garden a nasty sprain. You sent that this is not an easy task like the passage that we read earlier Jesus humbled himself.

Betrayed by one of his own who gives him away with a kiss. Jesus sees the disciples, please. Jesus brought to trial and what are those things that Mark has been most concerned to show us he's on trial because of his life and his teaching he's on trial for all of the things that he was doing every single one of them pointed to the fact that he was the promised. He was the one God said to reconcile his creation to reunite God's people with God. He was the promise he was the Messiah the Christ the anointed one.

Exactly. Why? They want the killed it. Because he's not been doing it in a way. That is not their expectation.

And that the trial did you see they're starting at verse 53 chapter 14 the high priests and the the scribes and the teachers are all gathered there and it brought others in testify against new looking for a reason to condemn him. But they can't even gets. witnesses to agree What's the high priest that last stand up kit for 60? The high priest it up in the midst and ask Jesus. Have you no answer to make what is it that these men testify against you, but he remained silent and made noise getting high priest asked Christ.

Translation of the Hebrew term Messiah there comes with that term in the entire truck load of Old Testament teaching prophecies Israel new with people. Did they were looking? in the Messiah in Genesis 315 we have this promise that God is going to in the world to take care of the crush the head

Isaiah 53

In Moses in David, what were being prepared for in the Old Testament is to coming on the Messiah to win the hyper? Are you the Messiah he's doing so with the awareness of the entire? Genesis Malachi regarding the coming up there beside but he misses. Because he wouldn't have to ask the question if he would honestly exam at Jesus's life and teaching because it all pointed to the fact that he was the promise. DJ Fred Moses the better Moses when he healed the sick and gave sight to the When was the one prophesied in Isaiah who's going to give birth? heal the illness of Israel when he taught them with authority. He was the Messiah. All of this makes this question not necessary. If only the high priest would have been looking. But he asked a question. Anyways already the Christ the son of the Blessed. and Jesus said I am and you will see the son of man seated at the right hand of power and coming with the clouds of heaven and right there. He's going to another prophecy fulfilled in Daniel. The high priest knows what he's claiming. Jesus has made it abundantly clear through his life and teachings.

Jesus is the Messiah by his own testimony. Firefly in my speech Now it's a decision to make and a high priest makes the wrong ones. He tears His Garment and said what further Witnesses? You looking at the judges appointed have heard his blasphemy. What is your position? And they all condense him as deserving.

Jesus the Messiah the chosen one the one who the high priests and scribes in the TV lawsuit should have recognized for what he was. They condemn him as deserving. He didn't match their expectations of them. His humility was not in line with the Conquering Hero that they expected and so they said this man is deserving of death. And they condemned.

And then the story goes on here in 14 and 15. And we see that Peter does the night Jesus. We need Jesus being handed over to pilate and this is an interesting part of the story because of Jewish. But the Jews because they were a conquered people because they were living under Roman rule had no authority to impose the death. And so what they have to do is they have to get Rome on board. With their decision the Jewish Messiah has to be crucified by Gentile hands. And they go ride along. They take Jesus to Pilots. And they say crucify this man. We know from the gospel pilot was accustomed to release the prisoner at the time of the Passover need drive to release Jesus. But the chief priests said no release this other guy for rabbits and crucified.

Violets goes along with the crowd gives Jesus crucified now crucifixion is one of those debts that nobody wanted to die. It was humiliating that you were usually thinking before you were stripped naked and then hung up with no possibility of covering your shift. An excruciating Agony from Nails driven through wrist. And they crucified him.

And they crucified him into fighting his garments among them casting lots with him decide what he should take the third hour When They Crucified him in the inscription the king of the Jews. Now that's a big thing. That's how the Jewish priests were able to get the Conquering Romans on board with their play. Directions this is somebody would lead a rebellion against Rome rule. This is this is one who has set himself up as an alternative King to Caesar. And so when it says the king of the Jews, they're not saying this is the king of the Jews and you missed it. They're not saying here's your Messiah. We just crucified him there. The sign above him in order to pay my charging with Revolution and with Rebellion. Jesus

who said my kingdom is not of this one who said Render unto Caesar. What is Caesar's is a crucified? Had to rebel against Britain. hailed as the king of the Jews

I need not crucified in the best of company. Look at first 27 in with him. They crucified two robbers one on his right and one on his left and those who passed by the right at him wagging their heads. And you said you would destroy the temple and rebuild it in three days. We'll save yourself and come down from the cross Maxim's one another saying he's a Brother XL.

Now that I feel is a bar sink.

Now he's hung up on this Ross and everybody is a person in between Market. eBay

I'm knocking. That's the setting when we break into verse 33 and when the sixth hour to come there was Darkness over the box tonight, which means my God my God, why have you?

Elijah doesn't come.

verse 37 one of the weightiest versus in all of scripture Jesus out of the loud cry and breathed his last.

Jesus uttered a loud cry and breathe is

the Conquering King read the one who created

read the one who saves others did not say seller read his last.

Jesus is life in his teaching his testimony all pointed to the fact that he was the Messiah then we look at Jesus death and we see a tragedy. We look at Jesus's death and we see just the most unmistakable horrific.

Did the creation?

did those dependents God for their every breath for the greedy existence for the life that they enjoyed would kill the one who gave them the

dread It's a tragedy and we hear that tragedy echoed in words and he cries out my God my God.

an in that trial forsaken this you would see the chief priests in the Scribe saying we knew it all along. He wasn't going to die. Even now he recognizes. His kingship even now he recognizes that God was not with him. Now he recognizes that he is forsaken. but Jesus

Is Jesus entering into this tragedy unaware of the fact that it would also be a great trial? No, I don't think so in Psalm 22, you can turn their with me if you'd like some 22 starts out with those words my God my God. Why have you forsaken me? but that is not where

My God my God. Why have you forsaken me? Why are you so far from saving me from the words of my grown in my God. I tried my day to do not answer and buy nice, but I find no rest. but then look how story changes farther down into

I will tell if your name is my brothers in the midst of the congregation. I will praise you who fear the Lord praise him all you offspring of Jacob glorify him and stand in awe of him all you want. He has not. Spies were aboard the Affliction of The Afflicted. He has not hidden his face from him but has heard when he tried to him. This is a prophecy is fulfilled.

Jesus cries out. Why have you forsaken me but God does not forsake. The chi three-point and mocking say see your help with a bang, but it's hope wasn't in vain. Because the truth of the matter is that God does not despise the Affliction of The Afflicted. He did not hide his Race Face from him. But from you comes my praise in the great congregation my vows, I will perform for those who fear Him The Afflicted shower.

rapper become not just address.

salvation through the Affliction of The Afflicted

Then all would come to know this.

Jesus death can be broken tragedy into Triumph or tragedy of the old gods creation against plan to bring Salvation.

but we're not there. And it's at this point that I think particularly today on Easter Sunday. We need to hold the president. We need to stop. We need to recognize something that is vital to understanding all of this Jesus Jesus teaching Jesus death none of that matters. Every single bit of it is utterly mean.

if the story stops every single thing that you said everything you did the death. No purpose no meaning whatsoever.

If that's all there is. I've heard people say that they think Jesus was real, but they don't believe What you're saying is that there was really a man named Jesus who existed. I don't believe all that mumbo jumbo. There's people who say they think Jesus was a good teacher.

But they just don't believe that he was God kind. Where did he was right on it? Kirbyville say yes, Jesus died as a revolutionary on a cross, but he wasn't.

And here's your cards on the table. If it wasn't for the resurrection. I never even if it was not for the resurrection. I would have breathed just being real doesn't matter. I would agree that Jesus being good.

Doesn't matter there's plenty of evidence points to the fact that there was a real person in history named Jesus. undeniable There's plenty of evidence that you were the Traveling teacher. Whiskey chickens were very simple and yet incredibly profound. There's a reason why people even though they don't buy the religious. usabat Use a good teacher. We know that he was crucified. You know how Rome treated those who were against. There's all kinds of evidence. But is that was me the story of Jesus being a real person Jesus being a good teacher. If that was the end of the story, I would not be preaching the CERN. I would not have devoted. 17 years studying and understanding the Bible. I would not be a

I wouldn't be a Christian. It wasn't for the resurrection. Without the resurrection nothing else in Jesus life is compelling enough for me to do anything differently with my life without the resurrection. Nothing about his teaching stirmi for Credence to what he said.

without the resurrection The Death of Jesus would know more stir my soul. Then the death of someone like Nathan. We just be a historical fact that things look back to it would just be good ideas. Love your neighbor as yourself. The Golden Rule repackage, it would just be one more. Middle Eastern to sometime in history was like looking change.

and that's why the resurrection matters so

Because of Jesus's resurrection doesn't allow us to just skate, bye-bye.

Jesus's resurrection gives a meeting to all of those make something something to command our attention Jesus's resurrection demands humility from me and demands my whole life from me. Jesus of life is death without the resurrection are meaningless, but with the resurrection all of a sudden everything else is changed. Jesus. Jesus brother

taking Jesus down from the cross and they buried him in a rich man's tomb.

Because of the timing they weren't able to adequately prepare his body for burial and so for 16 picks up when the Sabbath was past Mary Magdalene Mary the mother of James and Salome brats. Spice and so that they might go and anointing. And very early on the first day of the week when the sun has risen they went to the tomb. They were saying to one another who will roll away the Stone from us from the entrance to the tomb. Looking up a stop at the stone has been rolled back. It was very large and entering the tomb they saw a young man sitting on the right side.

And he said that they do not be alarmed. You see Jesus of Nazareth crucified has risen he is not here see the place where they laid it, but go tell his disciples and Peter he's going for you to Gallup Galilee there. You will see him just went out and fled from the tomb for trembling and astonishment read these women who had given their life to following friends who have given their final moments to West Wing. It's bringing spices to prepare for the burial. they were astonished and they were

Jesus's resurrection changed their out Jesus resurrection was something that demanded their attention. They could not just shrug this off. when we started our service I was talking about some of my reflection this week has been how easy it is to just kind of ignore the resurrection how easy it is to just kind of shrugged it off to celebrate Easter and go back to our lives, but the resurrection is not drug

If it demands attention, it's a man's careful inspection is a man do to make an answer. Happen and if you don't believe that Jesus rose from the dead, here's what I have to say. You better be really certain.

You better be one hundred percent convinced.

Move on with your life. No search out the answer because the resurrection tomb. Jesus rose from the dead you better be surfing. You better study and pray and freeze it and learn the truth of that matter yourself.

because nothing else

everything else Maps Resurrection move on with our last know it depends who is effekte. It's meant to be something that demands our time demands our consideration. the resurrection cannot be a matter of Little League. It is our greatest. Once we begin to study the resurrection think about it the resurrection humble.

today We Speed most, people. We had all of these technological advances. We had all of this profound knowledge. We had all of this ability to go into do and to think and to speak mm in an inch.

And yet something as small as a virus as effectively brought our rule.

How much more? the resurrection

How much more we think we're so smart with me for sewing light? Oh my goodness. So glad that you're smarter than these pickfest women who showed up at the tomb on Sunday.

The week we can't be in the face. We have to understand that because of the Resurrection. We are brought low and our mind. Our intellect is no longer shown to be the Supreme in this world instead god reigns Supreme the resurrection humbles Us by pointing us to a God who is bigger than us who can conquer the one thing that no matter how advanced we get me still feared dead. God Is Bigger Than dead. Jesus resurrection proves it we are not coronavirus proves. It cancer proves it or an error prove it one thing that still terrifies us and God said even that I am sovereign.

Let me see the resurrection. We are brought to a point of humility. God doing what we

better attitude

The last thing that I want us to see is Jesus's resurrection command. Our attention is the man are familiar it changing a lot. Resurrection changes our why Jesus did not rise. If Jesus did not rise from the dead literally physically. eat drink and be merry for tomorrow if Jesus didn't rise. pursue well Pursue power Pursuit Bane for soup Fortune pursue, whatever it is that makes you happy. For the few brief moments that you get. between your non-existence before and your non existence Whatever you do, though. don't stop and think Whatever you do. Don't take a moment and look into.

Because all of the happiness goes away.

All of the students are proof, ultimately meaningless. If Jesus is still dead and in the ground with his bones are still mouldering away somewhere in a forgotten Brandon Routh. Love them.

a Jesus


And that changes everything. It shows you that there is meaning is there is purpose in this area something beyond the grave. It shows you that there is hope for the future. But it also demands it's your light change as a result. Don't pursue the things of this world.

Don't look for some kind of temporary happiness some sort of moment.

Don't look for something to give you. Elvis. The number will look for Christ. look Jesus black Jesus teaching his testimony. All saying I'm the Messiah. Jesus's death far from being Z triumph over Jesus and his enemies imagine was Jesus's triumph over death and his end. Because of the Resurrection because of the Resurrection we have to think about it. We have to consider it. We can't just shrug it off we have to say is this real and if it is what is my attitude in response one of humility? If my attitude is one of humility, what is my life and response? ignition Here's the thing you believe that Jesus rose again.

If you do not believe Jesus rose again. Study think about search out the truth, though. What you'll find is the very same thing that the wind been found. When you go looking for the bones of Jesus in the Tomb when you go to looking to disprove the resurrection instead. Find at the testimony of God's word, the testimony of God's people the testimony of God's. He is not here he is risen. Go look for Jesus. So don't go looking at 2 months. You won't find. Go look for him. He is not here. He is risen.

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