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Easter 2020

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We thank you for the empty tomb. That's what I'm going to talk about today Lord the empty tomb and what does it mean to each one of us watching today? Lord bless my lips Lord. I'm just your humble servant. You have chosen to bring it for those watching at home have their minds and hearts open to receive not from me. But from you have the receipt from you Lord. We Just Want to Thank You Lord as we celebrate the empty tomb and John chapter 20 Lord that people will reflect on what the empty tomb means to them. So what I just want to thank you praise you for this time that you have given us today in Jesus name. Amen. I'm going to read verses 1 to 18. So listen at home. It says the first day of the week Mary Magdalene went to the tomb early while it was still dark and shot at the store and have been taken away from the tomb then she ran she ran in and she ran and name the Simon Peter to the other disciple whom Jesus loved them sent to them. They have taken away the Lord out of the Tomb and we do not know where they have laid him Peter. Therefore went out with the other disciple and we're going to the tomb so they both ran together and the other disciple outran Peter and came to the tomb first. So the running quickly to see who can get to the first ever heard that Jesus body wasn't there when it happened to it. They were afraid perplexed didn't understand that if it was guard and why it was empty Mary Magdalene was the first to go there to work. can I change the cast seven demons out and was following him and it says stop down with Peter candida to First and he stooped down looked in and saw the linen cloth lying there yet. He did not go and not go in what was afraid of that did not go in.

And then the handkerchief. Had it been around his head not lying with the linen cloth with folded together in a place by itself. Then the other disciple came to the first one and also and he saw and believed he had a c first to believe he had gun into the tomb where Peter did not and he said that he came the face. He truly believed he came to understand what it was that Jesus had been sharing with him and the other disciples before he was crucified that he would raise himself again on the third day. Amen.

Crazy fries yet. They did not know the scripture that then you must Rise Again from the dead and the disciples went away again to the wrong home, but Mary stood outside it to him weeping and that she wished she thought it looked into the tomb is she signed into angels in White City. You want to see Heather and then the other at his feet at the feet where the body of Jesus had way then they said to her women. Why are you weeping? She said to them because they have taken away my Lord and I don't know where they have laid. Now what she had said that she turn around who was standing there none other than Jesus Christ himself. Standing there, but she did not know was it revealed that she did not know it was Jesus you see fear with their confusion was there she didn't understand what was going on. The tomb was empty where they that was your mindset. They must have taken his body and put it somewhere but as she turned around there was the resurrected Savior Jesus standing right there alive before her. And he said woman. Why are you weeping? She didn't know it was Sammy said who are you sinking but she supposing him to be the gardener. She said to him if you have carried him away tell me where you are and I will take them away and Jesus said simply one word to her call her by her name because she belongs to him. And if he calls you by your name, you belong to him. You want one word simply one word Mary and that's a fine. She turned to him and said rabbo knife which means teacher she didn't realize who it was and Jesus said to her Wings to me phrase not yet ascended to my father, but go to my brothers and sisters and say I am a send it to my father and your father and to my God and also your God you're imagining name and told the disciples that she had seen the lure and the spoken these things to her. She saw him alive the first one to see him alive a woman a woman a woman then who was it? Really recognize they were second-class citizens a woman. He didn't reveal himself to a man but to a woman to show us and also the importance of one women in the body of Christ that he spoke to her her name and she realize when she heard his voice to her his her name. She realized who you was couple points. I want to make today as we have them here without the Resurrection The Cross means nothing the teachings of Jesus mean nothing without the resurrection and there's no salvation Salvation from what salvation from Hell spending an eternity in hell away from him, but because of Jesus Christ because of his death as I shared the other day on Good Friday without the death is no Resurrection, what would the resurrection is? No, hope we die in our spin forever lost. But Jesus died and he rose again, and that's why we're here today celebrating with you. The teachings of Jesus are true, because otherwise I said without the resurrection were all destined for hell. Thank God for Jesus and we do not have to be destined for help. We can be destined to be with him for all eternity. Let's just put this to rest right now. Think about this for a second. If you haven't thought about this before do you know the leaders of Israel never deny that the tomb was empty when I say the leaders of Israel to go shoot hated Jesus crucified the leaders the rabbi the high priest the leaders of Israel never denied. The women came to the tomb knew was empty the disciples new the tomb was empty. No one ever ever tried history on the scriptures never pointed to an occupied through snow and ever deny that Jesus tomb was empty. So let's settle that fact right now doesn't matter where they were leader of Israel disciples guard to guard at the hollow about those who are assigned to guard the tomb they could have said when we took his body we saw someone take the body know no one everyone there. No one in scripture everyone who is present. No one denied the fact my friend, but the fact that Jesus tomb was in So what does that mean? Then go right there that's already set aside. Amanda tomb is empty. It's not that I even the story. So what does that mean for me? And you talked to me today that empty to means one thing and one thing only that Jesus Christ is risen from the dead and he's alive and I'll share with you a little bit more in a moment, but one can argue. Well his body where to buy someone that stole in the body of Jesus. Why didn't they present it? Where were the leaders of Israel someone would have just been given us the body of Jesus Christ Not Dead He's Alive. That's what the two represents to me today. What is the empty tomb represent to you today? Watching? The Jesus is Alive. There's nobody ever present by anyone. Alba many and I'll show what you and the scripture because the scriptures are Trust share with you in a few moments that many not just a disciple not just some women but many people hundreds of people saw Jesus Christ wife. After he was crucified. Amen. Jesus Christ has conquered death not only for himself, but he's conquered. and me as well number for the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the key to your own Resurrection today to that's the key Jesus rose. Do you mean by that? Well, you can raise yourself today for being spiritually dead. You have a spirit what the word says that if we're not in faith. We don't have a relationship with cheese the spiritually speaking or dead, but we come to Faith in Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit comes inside of us and we're alive again we're born again. We're alive the spirit that was that has come to life. We have been resurrected so to speak and then But also means that when you die in your direction today as well and all this happen according to the scriptures turn with me. What are there scripture on the Sheraton the Gospel of Luke chapter 24 verse 5 27 and you have it listed there as well 24 25 to 27. We're going to look at a few scriptures. This is Jesus actually walking with a cup disciples. I believe it to be here 25 to 27. It says He said to them over foolish one and slow hard to believe in all that the prophets have spoken. It was already prophesied not hundreds thousands of years.

Before he was born of the Virgin Mary before he came into existence. It was prophesied. He not only be born but he died but not that he died only died that he raised himself. It was prophesied missiles with Jesus the same as he's walking with them these men and they're walking and the disciples eyes become open and then he goes on to say verse 26. Not the Chrysler suffered these things and then the end and beginning at Moses and all the Jesus Jesus the resurrected Jesus scriptures to them or eyes in their hearts were open and they realized with them And then he says he be spotted in the scriptures. He said concerning himself then he said to them all foolish one and slow hard to believe in all that the prophets have spoken not the Christ suffered these things and an answer is boring unless I met you before he explained all those things things to them and her eyes were eventually open. I'm even going to read here and it came to pass that that it says that and he said the one another did our hearts not burn adverse 32 within us while he talked with us on the road and while he opened the scripture And it says they Rose at that very Hour Return to Jerusalem and found the 11th. And those were with them gather saying the Lord is risen indeed and he has appeared. You're saying is he's risen. He appeared to Simon and they told about all the things that have happened to them on the road and how he was known to them in the breaking of bread as well. She actually broke Chad communion in the live Jesus broke bread with us some of the examples today and this all happened according to scripture because the word of God is true. The disciples wrote about a reason they had seen and wrote about it. That's what's powerful. You don't Church it would be wrong to claim the price has risen, but he is risen Hallelujah and I'll close in a couple of minutes that the disciples would not willingly die for a lie, but for an undeniable truth, I want you to think about this for a second. Why would anyone willingly die for a lie? The disciples after Jesus was arrested and crucified they ran they hid why did you didn't want to be arrested? They don't want to be known as those what follow them that they might be crucified as well. What a shame ones that were hidden. Why would they come out into the open and willingly speak truth willingly go about two people sharing the truth. About someone who is dead because he's not he's alive and they saw him alive. Think about that for a second to go from here.

Actually died for their faith. Were killed for their faith except for John who was exiled to the island of Patmos. Every other disciple was murdered who didn't believe in Jesus Christ. I like changing a car on the road to Damascus and he changed he became a Believer one who hated who hated people like us became a follower and willingly gave his life for his wife for someone who's that he was educated. He was well-known why go against the grain so to speak or why go and follow after her with the Risen Savior because Jesus is alive after he raised himself from the death, but they would give their life after you have been crucified and he was buried Jesus came to give life. And that was The Confident hope in which they died and this the same confident hope and which we are living today. Many of us are looking for Hope and we're looking in all the wrong places. The only need to look to one place. That's because he's alive that's why he came he came to give me and he came to give you eternal life so we can go forward and hope that Jesus died and Rose himself from the dead and that he is coming to get a scripture as already stated that has yet to be fulfilled. He's going to come again so we can live this like the spider coronavirus or anything else that may come against this week. That Jesus Christ is alive coming again. I'm going to share with you and then I'm going to close and 1st Corinthians chapter 15 verses 3 days and 12 to 19 scripture Pride delivered to you. First of all that which I also receive the Christ died for our sins. According to what against the scriptures Christ die according to scriptures and that he was buried and that he rose again the third day according to what again the scriptures the word of God let this is Paul writing in 1st Corinthians and that he was seen by cephas and then he was seen by the 12 disciples. And after that I think about this he was seen by over 500 Brethren at one of whom the greater part Romaine to the present but some have fallen asleep. Now, what does that say summer fall asleep? Some of them have died since Jesus Christ rose from the dead. This is written probably from 20 to 30 years after me already been resurrected to somewhat witness them among those 500 there were life is to telephone. You know what Mass hallucination no way one or two or three people who sedating or reminds me?

500 impossible impossible. That's no Mass hallucination of craziness. That's the truth because they saw him alive. He had breakfast we can go on and on and on written by those with Cena because the word of God is truth. Jesus is Alive Hallelujah. And then it goes on to say after that. She was dancing by James and then by all the Apostle and a policy the last of all he was seen by me as well as by one born out of the time as God had a lot now, it's price the street that has been raised from the dead. How do some among you watching today say there's no resurrection of the Dead. because if there's no resurrection of the Dead, thanks, and if your face Jesus Christ is our life today. If you to raise himself from the deck, yes, and we are found it been to be myself and I will go with what Ren who said they have seen him that we were all found a piece of God because we have testified as I could find you now that God raised up Jesus Christ. If in fact you didn't raise him up and if in fact in the dead work that are dead,

For if the dead do not right then Christ is not risen head of Christ is not risen. Your faith is empty today. Your face is beautiful and you are still in your since then also all of those who have fallen asleep in Christ have perished if in this life only we have hope in Christ. We are all of the most men are all or are we are we are of all the most pitiable but I'm here to tell you today those of you watching. I don't want to be pity pity you should not want to be petted cuz I'm here to tell you today that Jesus Christ is alive. I believe that with all my heart. It's been written according to scripture scripture is true. Jesus is Alive. Will you receive him tonight to do you believe that the tomb is empty because Jesus is Alive. I'm here to tell you there is faith today. And then faith is powerful. He's got the Dead who have died in him heart rate for New Life in him when you die if you have faith. Strike, you will raise yourself to New Life in him stick of Jesus after death. Death Death has no sting that has no power over you that's only means eternal life another life that you're going to live forever and ever and ever. I like that's not perishable. I like that's not mortal anymore. It's him or it will not perish it's forever and ever and ever. So Jesus Christ is risen from the dead and not my friends watching today changes everything. We will have trials troubles and difficulties in this life, but we can live with expectant. Hope that Jesus is Alive and we someday someday whenever that may be for those of us would put our faith and trust in him. We will someday be with him for all Hallelujah give glory to God and with that I found it most appropriate to have David wood sings This anointed son. He's alive. That's the title of this song He's Alive and David and Sebastian are also going to come forth with him as if they is if they perform decide listen to these lyrics it's powerful as life-changing because the tomb is empty. Jesus is in fact a lot. So worship with this today that he's alive. Amen. Hallelujah.

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