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     I. When Paul said, "Be filled with the Spirit" in (EPH 5:18), in the Greek it's actually "BE BEING filled w/ t Spirit."

                  A. There are 7 things that will happen when you're Anointed with the HS. Go back to PSA 92

                              1. 1st, your spiritual eyes will be opened. PSA 92:11a

                                          a. That's not just talking about seeing in the natural, but you will see it in the Spirit, the outcome and the consequences for those that rise up against you.

                              2. 2nd, your spiritual hears will be unplugged. PSA 92:11b

                                          a. You're going to hear things from the Spirit of God.

                              3. 3rd, your life will flourish. PSA 92:12a

                                          a. You are going to flourish as long as you are rooted and grounded in the things of God.

                              4. 4th, you will have long life. PSA 92:12b

                                          a. Cedars have a long life span.

                                                      i. The word Cedar comes from the Hebrew root word meaning Firm & Strong.

                                                      ii. When there is an anointing of the HS upon someone there is a strength that goes with it.

                              5. 5th, You will be abundantly blessed. PSA 92:13

                              6. 6th, you will bring forth fruit. PSA 92:14

                                          a. The anointing means that there will never be a time in your life that will be without fruit.

                              7. 7th, God will reveal Himself thru you. PSA 92:15a.

                                          a. Why does the anointing come, “To show that the Lord is upright.

                                                      i. The word “upright” means “upright, just, correct

                                                      ii. The Lord will use you to show His power, His glory, and His purity to the world.

                                                      iii. The anointing of God comes for the main purpose of bringing people to a closer walk with God.

                                          b. When the anointing of God comes upon you, every hold that Satan has on your life will be destroyed.

                                                      i. (ISA 10:27) Says, “The yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing.”

                  B. There are 3 specific kinds of anointing for the NT believer, Each of these we can see in the OT thru types and shadows.

                              1. 1st is the LEPER'S ANOINTING. (Leviticus 14) goes into the subject in great detail.

                                          a. The leper was always outside the camp of Israel.

                                                      i. God told Moses that when a leper was healed the priest had to anointing him with OIL and the BLOOD OF THE LAMB.

                                          b. This was a type and shadow of salvation.

                                                      i. If you're born again you've experienced the same kind of anointing that the leper did.

                                                      ii. In the OT LEPROSY represents sin.

                                          c. Sin will begin to eat you up. It's like a cancer, it eats you up and its spreads and gets worse.

                                                      i. Sin sears your conscience. Each time you sin, it becomes easier & easier to sin again.

                                          d. The only answer for sin is the Blood of Jesus, and when you receive Him you receive the oil, the HS.

                                                      i. This is the believers 1st anointing.

                  C. The 2nd anointing that is in the believer's life is the PRIESTLY anointing.

                              1. This anointing is for service to the Lord.

                                          a. Turn to PSA 133:1-2.

                                                      i. (V 2) has to do with how God told Moses to anoint Arron & his sons to serve as priests.

                              2. But notice in these 2 Vs how God likens unity with the priestly anointing.

                                          a. Disharmony destroys the anointing. We need to learn that. The devil knows it.

                              3. Every Christian is called a Priest.

                                          a. But in order for you to keep that priestly anointing you must be united with the body of Christ.

                  D. The 3rd anointing is the Kingly anointing.

                              1. David was anointed to be king. But what came with that anointing? POWER, AUTHORITY, and DOMINION.

                              2. As we walk in that Kingly anointing the demons will flee with just one word.

                                          a. Jesus never spent hours casting out devils. But we see it today. We're casting out demons in the Priestly anointing.

                                          b. Jesus operated in the kings anointing. The disciples operated in the priestly anointing.

                                                      i. That's why the disciples had problems casting out demons from time to time.

                                                      ii. Jesus just spoke the a word and they were gone.

      II. The Leper's anointing comes by accepting Jesus.

                  A. The Priestly anointing comes by fellowshipping with Jesus.

                  B. The Kingly anointing comes by hearing Jesus, By hearing the “Rhema” Word of God.

                              1. It has to do with not only hearing God's Word but understanding it and having a revelation of it.

                                          a. Not in the head but in the heart.

                                                      b. As we step into that Kingly anointing Were going to see great things happen.

                                                                  i. We'll have a sense of power, authority, and dominion in the spiritual realm.

                                                                  ii. We need to have a revelation of God's Word, Knowing that He says what He means & that He means what He says.

                                                      c. But know this you will only receive the Kingly anointing after you receive the Priestly anointing, which comes by fellowship with Jesus.

      III. In the Word of God the word “anointing& the word “oil” are so closely related.

                  A. The oil is a type & shadow of the anointing. They are like each other in so many ways.

                              1. 1st oil will diminish if not replenished.

                                          a. Many believers are operating with a past anointing, not even knowing it's gone.

                                                      i. Car burn oil.

                              2. 2nd, oil leaks if there is a hole in the vessel.

                                          a. Look at EPH 4:27

                                          b. If we give place to the Devil, we create a hole in our vessel. A hole to where our oil will leak out.

                                                      i. If there is just the slightest crack the oil will be gone.

                                                      ii. Give no place or avenue to where the Devil will steal your anointing.

                              3. 3rd, fresh oil has a density, a thickness to it.

                                          a. It's oil that lubricates an engine so that excessive friction will not build up.

                                                      i. Do churches ever need the oil, that lubricant, to keep excessive friction from building up.

                                          b. But there's something else. Every 3000 to 6000 miles the oil in an engine needs to be changed.

                                                      i. Old oil could eventually ruin the engine.

                                                      ii. The color changes, even the oil losses it's feel.

                                                      iii. Have you ever gone into a church & felt that something was wrong.

                                                                  a. Let me say this, we're not lead by feelings, we're lead by the Holy Ghost & we walk by faith & not by sight.

                                                                  b. When we feel that something is wrong, maybe it's the Lord showing us something that we are/have been doing wrong.

                                                                  a. But there is something that is tangible about the anointing. It can be felt.

                                                      iv. I've gone into traditional churches & felt that something was wrong. It was as if the oil turned into water. It lost its substance.

                                                                  a. Benny Hinn, who was raised in Israel, said that, He often wondered why the Jews would sway back & forth as they were praying at the Wailing Wall.

                                                                  b. He said that he found out that during the OT times the power of God would come upon them as they were praying, & many times they would sway under the power of God.

                                                                  c. But now they do it out of tradition, a ritual. Paul wrote to Timothy in (2 TIM 3:5) “Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof.”

                                                      v. I would much rather have a church that is like a pack of wild horses and have to sayWhoathan a church that is like an old mule and try to get it to go.

                                                                  a. It's better to have a little fanaticism & still have to move of the HS, than to have things so organized and no move of the HS.

                                          c. Back in (PSA 92:10) It says, “But my horn shalt thou exalt like the horn of an unicorn: I shall be anointed with fresh oil.” (KJV)

                                                      i. The word “unicorn” here means “wild ox.”

                                                      ii. There is nothing more bold & more wild than a wild ox.

                                                      iii. This is the same energy, the same anointing that touched the apostles.

                                                      iv. It was this anointing that enabled them to do what God had called them to do. Even if it was out of character.

                                          d. There is something else about oil. It has a scent to it.

                                                      i. It can either have a fresh scent to it, or it has a bad scent to it.

                                                      ii. Someone trying to fake the anointing has a stench to it.

                                                      iii. But the true anointing of God has a beautiful fragrance.

                                                      iv Even believers who are filled with a fresh anointing will have a sweet aroma about them.

                                                      v. (SONG of SOLOMON 3:6) Says, “Who is this that cometh out of the wilderness perfumed with myrrh and frankincense”.

                                                                  a. It's the Bride of Christ.

                                                      vi. We all know that God has given us 5 natural, physical senses.

                                                                  a. I also believe, & I can see it from the Word, that God has given us 5 spiritual, supernatural senses.

                                                                  b. We can see, hear, smell, touch, & taste in the Spirit.

                                                                  c. (PSA 34:8) Says, “Taste & see that the Lord is Good”.

                              4. What about you? Where are you?

                                          a. Is your reservoir empty? Is your oil getting old? Do you need fresh oil?

                                          b. The Lord wants you to have more than just the cleansing oil of salvation. He wants you to have the anointing for the Priest & for the King.

                                                      i. His reservoir has never been exhausted. His supply is never ending.

                                                      ii. Ask the Lord right now, say: “Lord, I'm ready for a new anointing. I'm ready for fresh oil.” ...

                                                      iii. Now you have to put action to your words. When you go home today or whenever you have time, spend time in His presence, get before His throne & don't leave unto you sense that knew anointing.

                                                      iv. Draw nigh to God and He will draw nigh to you.

WOLCC 2/21/93 SUN AM From Benny Hinn's book God's Anointing for you pg. 12-15

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