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            We're going to continue on t subject of FRESH OIL. Oil is a symbol of t H.S. or t anointing of God which is upon every believer. Fresh oil means a new or fresh anointing from God, something that we all need. You can't survive on yesterdays oil. As you go thru each & every day your oil will begin to dwindle. As you minister to others or as your going thru different trials & tribulations, it's taking from that oil, that anointing. If you don't minister to others & give out of that oil, then your oil will turn bad, it will begin to smell. Many of t traditional churches are running on old oil.

            This entire Psalm that we just read is a Psalm of true praise to God. T reason that I say true praise is that many times when we sing we don't place our attention on t Lord, we're just singing words W/out meaning what we're saying.  In this Psalm it's telling us that in t midst of true praise "I shall be anointed with fresh oil."

            I. In (JER 2:13) T Lord said, "For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters, {and} hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water." (KJV)

                        A. T 1st evil that they did was to forsake God.

                        B. T 2nd evil was that they hewed out cisterns for themselves, broken cisterns, that can hold no water.

                                    1. In other words, they left God's plan & made their own plans.

                                                a. And because their plans were man-made, they couldn't prosper.

                                                b. In (V 11) it tells us that because they have done this they will not profit. (JER 2:11)

                                    2. As we said last weak, a "cistern" is a "reservoir" or a "tank".

                                                a. God doesn't want us to be empty cisterns, He wants us to be full reservoirs.

                                                b. We won't be able to be those full reservoirs w/out t anointing of God upon us.

                                                            i. We need Fresh Oil.

                        C. How are we going to have fresh oil, that fresh anointing from God, so that we won't be broken, empty cisterns, but full reservoirs?

                                    1. 1st of all, He wants us full of t Word of God.

                                                a. (COL 3:16) Says, “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly

                                                b. God says that He wants His Word to dwell in you in an abundance.   (richly means abundance)

                                    2. T 2nd thing that he wants us to be is full of t Spirit.

                                                a. (ROM 12:11) Tells us to be "fervent in spirit."

                                                b. T Amplified Bible says of that same V, "Be aglow & burning w/ t Spirit."

                                                c. But I think t Moffatt Translation says it best, "Maintain t spiritual glow."

                                                            i. Notice that there is something that you have to do. You have to "Maintain t glow of t Spirit."

                                    3. Turn to EPH 5.

                                                a. In (EPH 5:18) it tells born‑again, Spirit filled Christians to be "filled with the Spirit."

                                                            i. He's not just telling us to be filled w/ t Spirit, He's telling us to be filled w/ t anointing.

                                                b. How are we going to be filled w/ t anointing?

                                                c. EPH 5:19‑21

            II. In (PSA 92:10) t Psalmist said, "I shall be anointed with fresh oil."

                        A. That means that he had been anointed previously w/ oil.

                                    1. If you asked someone for a fresh glass of water, you must have had fresh water before; other wise you wouldn't know there is a difference.

                                                a. T psalmist had been anointed w/ fresh oil before & he knew that he need fresh oil now.

                                    2. Paul is telling us in (EPH 5) “To maintain a constant experience of being filled w/ t H.S."

                                    3. T phrase, "Be filled with the Spirit" in (EPH 5:18), is actually "BE BEING filled w/ t Spirit," in t Greek.

                        B. There are 7 things that will happen when you're Anointed with the HS. Go back to PSA 92

                                    1. 1st, your spiritual eyes will be opened. PSA 92:11a

                                                a. That's not just talking about seeing in the natural, but you will see it in the Spirit, the outcome and the consequences for those that rise up against you.

                                    2. 2nd, your spiritual hears will be unplugged. PSA 92:11b

                                                a. You're going to hear things from the from the Spirit of God.

                                    3. 3rd, your life will flourish. PSA 92:12a

                                                a. You are going to flourish as long as you are rooted and grounded in the things of God.

                                    4. 4th, you will have long life. PSA 92:12b

                                                a. Cedars have a long life span.

                                                            i. The word Cedar comes from the Hebrew root word meaning Firm & Strong.

                                                            ii. When there is an anointing of the HS upon someone there is a strength that goes with it.

                                    5. 5th, You will be abundantly blessed. PSA 92:13

                                    6. 6th, you will bring forth fruit. PSA 92:14

                                                a. The anointing means that there will never be a time in your life that will be without fruit.

                                    7. 7th, God will reveal Himself thru you. PSA 92:15a.

                                                a. Why does the anointing come, “To show that the Lord is upright.

                                                            i. The word “upright” means “upright, just, correct

                                                            ii. The Lord will use you to show His power, His glory, and His purity to the world.

                                                            iii. The anointing of God comes for the main purpose of bringing people to a closer walk with God.

                                                b. When the anointing of God comes upon you, every hold that Satan has on your life will be destroyed.

                                                            i. (ISA 10:27) Says, “The yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing.”

                        C. There are 3 specific kinds of anointing for the TN believer, Each of these we can see in the OT thru types and shadows.

                                    1. 1st is the LEPER'S ANOINTING. (Leviticus 14) goes into the subject in great detail.

                                                a. The leper was always outside the came of Israel.

                                                            i. God told Moses that when a leper was healed the priest had to anointing him with OIL and the BLOOD OF THE LAMB.

                                                b. This was a type and shadow of salvation.

                                                            i. If you're born again you've experienced the same kind of anointing that the leper did.

                                                            ii. In the OT LEPROSY represents sin.

                                                c. Sin will begin to eat you up. It's like a cancer, it eats you up and its spreads and gets worse.

                                                            i. Sin sears your conscience. Each time you sin, it becomes easier & easier to sin again.

                                                d. The only answer for sin is the Blood of Jesus, and when you receive Him you receive the oil, the HS.

                                                            i. This is the believers 1st anointing.

                        D. The 2nd anointing that is in the believers life is the PRIESTLY anointing.

                                    1. As I mentioned last time, this anointing is for service to the Lord.

                                                a. But there is something else that I want you to see. Turn to PSA 133:1-2.

                                                            i. (V 2) has to do with how God told Moses to anoint Arron & his sons to serve as priests.

                                    2. But you notice in these 2 Vs how God likens unity with the priestly anointing.

                                                a. Disharmony destroys the anointing. We need to learn that. The devil knows it.

                                                            i. Why do so many couples fight on Sunday morning.

                                                            ii. We need to realize that it's a tool of the Devil.

                                    3. Every Christian is called a Priest.

                                                a. But in order for you to keep that priestly anointing you must be united with the body of Christ.

                                    4. Look at ACTS 2:1-4 About 3000 were saved that day.

                                                i. ACTS 2:46-47

                                                ii. ACTS 4:24-31

                                                iii. ACTS 5:12-14

                        E. The 3rd anointing is the Kingly anointing.

                                    1. David was anointed to be king. But what came with that anointing? POWER, AUTHORITY, and DOMINION.

                                    2. I believe that as we walk in that Kingly anointing the demons will flee with just one word.

                                                a. Jesus never spent hours casting out devils. But we see it today. We're casting out demons in the Priestly anointing.

                                                b. Jesus operated in the kings anointing. The disciples operated in the priestly anointing.

                                                            i. That's why the disciples had problems casting out demons from time to time.

                                                            ii. Jesus just spoke the a word and they were gone.

            IV. The Leper's anointing comes by accepting Jesus.

                        A. The Priestly anointing comes by fellowshipping with Jesus.

                        B. The Kingly anointing comes by hearing Jesus, By hearing the “Rhema” Word of God.

                                    1. It has to do with not only hearing God's Word but understanding it and having a revelation of it.

                                                a. Not in the head but in the heart.

                                                            b. As we step into that Kingly anointing Were going to see great things happen.

                                                                        i. We'll have a sense of power, authority, and dominion in the spiritual realm.

                                                                        ii. We need to have a revelation of God's Word, Knowing that He says what He means & that He means what He says.

                                                            c. But know this you will only receive the Kingly anointing after you receive the Priestly anointing, which comes by fellowship with Jesus.

SUN AM 11/4/90 WOLCC SUN 2/14/93 AM

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