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The Gallows Speech of the Son of Man: Joy and Peace in the Trenches of Perplexity

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An exposition of John 16:16-33. In the final moments of Christ with His disciples-just moments before His arrest, He gives them the foundational components of joy and peace. Christ reveals that that His resurrection, urgent prayer, the love of the Father, and His victory over the world alone offers invincible peace and joy.

The gallows’ speech of the Son of Man: joy and peace in the trenches of perplexity—John 16.16-33   Proposition: two guaranteed provisions for joy and two guaranteed provisions for peace, both of which are necessary for a life of courage in a world of despair.   #1—the guaranteed provisions for joy (vv. 16-24)   Two guaranteed provisions for an invincible joy:   Provision #1—The resurrection is the foundation of your joy (vv. 16-23a). 3 reasons why the resurrection is the foundation of your joy: 1) the resurrection is the historical verification that Christianity is absolutely true 2) The resurrection is the undeniable demonstration that Jesus Christ is everything He claimed to be 3) The resurrection kill sins like anger, anxiety, discouragement and even depression   Provision #2—Prayer is the means to your joy (vv. 23b-24) 3 reasons why prayer is the most lethal weapon ever devised: 1) prayer gives you unrestricted possibilities (v. 23b) 2) prayer reveals God’s unbelievable generosity (v. 23b) 3) the ultimate purpose of prayer (v. 24) #2—the guaranteed provisions for peace (vv. 25-33)   Two guaranteed provisions for peace:   Provision #1: The love of the Father is the foundation of peace (vv. 25-30)   Provision #2: The supremacy of Christ is the guarantee of peace (vv. 31-33)
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