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Sunday,April 12

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Anyhow, praise the Lord.

today's messages going to be I'm a Flippin chapter 2 verses 5 through 11.

and as I said before and this on certain time and this song

what we can't be wishy-washy Christian more. we can't be just people that time fear this or fear that and I know most of us are that's in this Fellowship of believers. But I do. Ask us to press in a little deeper. A lot of us can definitely use a little sharpening whether it's the way that we come across whether it's the way that we have. Absolutely.

Speak and act how people receive us is how they would receive Jesus. So I do I do ask that when you as we go through these scriptures today that you just ask the Holy Spirit to clean clean. Those are also said yes. Using the wrong words. It's very interesting as a said to speak into a screen to look at right now. I watched it set me up a little audience of teddy bears of currents. So that's pretty awesome. So Etc interesting for sure and I'll let spray father I ask that this word would absolutely permeate our hearts today that it would absolutely I'll go t take fruit spring for father for the ones that are already have this word that's implanted in them Father allowed this to be a watering of that seed. Let it flower shop in into a great mustard tree by the guy that we would absolutely walk and talk like Jesus did and all authority in all honor in Jesus name welcome to Resurrection Sunday at me like in the fellowship welcome. My name is Pastor Mike. and we are here today live streaming because of best at-home orders But just because we are home as I said, I reiterate this time time to run message him route this livestream that we it's not about meeting in a building. It's about being the church. I believe that God at this time is forcing us.

True that says he's not doing himself but a lot through these circumstances. He's forcing us to get out of the Four Walls of buildings. I'm not just talking about our church. I'm talking about all churches. I'm talking about going to the fair with him. I'm talking about looking at the signs of the times. But today's message is about to take heart and also to understand. Hours work. So let's get right into scriptures and father. I ask that you would absolutely Empower this message to go deep within us draft for Easter us to do your will on Earth as it is already as in heaven. father bring your kingdom down in Jesus name reversed five of Philippians chapter 2 test have this in mind among yourself, which is yours in Christ Jesus who threw He who though he was. And the form of God did not count it.

Equality with God as things to be grasped.

but emptied himself by taking the form of a servant being born in the likeness of man. Birthday and being found in human form. He humbled himself by becoming obedient to the point of death even the death. on a cross

therefore God has highly exalted him and bestowed on him the name that is above every name so that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow in heaven and on Earth and under the Earth.

And every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord to the glory of God the Father.

It's interesting in these verses that I just read. Today's sermon will be short and sweet but it will have the impact that it has to have.

In today's world, we don't have people. Confessing Jesus but we do have people through this pandemic that's happening in the world today coming to coming to Jesus. Coming into the kingdom. not from the so-called Church leading them. But by the spirit where it says by my spirit I shall see these things. What's the spirit of the Living God that is in US? It's the spirit of the Living God where it says.

Back here in verse 5 have this mind among yourselves switch is yours in Christ. Jesus who know he was in the form of God did not count equality with God anything to be grasped, but look look in the next scripture, but he emptied himself. That's what we have to do today church. We have to empty ourselves of our selfish desires of our worldly possessions, and I'm not saying that worldly possessions are bad in themselves. but if we're looking at gaining worldly possessions instead of what the next part of this for a says it says by taking the form of a servant being born in the likeness of man. We have to understand that it's great going to work. It's great gaining wealth in this world, but That's not the greatness the greatness that Jesus talks about here. Is he emptied himself from all of the the pollutants that may pollute him? carrying out the kingdom assignment that he had

University that says emptying found in human form humbled himself becoming obedient to the point of even the death on Cross. We understand. And I'm not sure that most of us can really understand. in this time that we live in That we are absolutely.

Able to die to every worldly ambition.

And I'm not trying to make this Resurrection Sunday happy sermon, but you know what it unfortunately. I have to answer the goddamn. I don't have to answer to man. And I know within myself. I know that I need his polishing. I know I need his consuming fire to absolutely can send those things. That's in me that kept them from the world. Where I once was empty now, but I allowed.

Those Treasures the selfish ambitions. those things that maybe in certain areas of my life. Let me straddle both sides of the fence. But and this time that were we're living in and this time that of uncertainty and all that. I can't just preach a Be happy. I can't just say and teach to say you know what it's going to be. Alright, it will be okay. But it will be okay. If we do what the word of God says to do and that says empty ourselves humble ourselves set aside those things that are of the kingdom of God. Everything we have is his including our very soul that means everything that I have. Whether it be my house my car my bank account my kids my wife. I have to lay them down at the cross of Jesus. And say Lord, what is my kingdom assignment?

What do you want me to do in these uncertain times? How do you want me to Proclaim your goodness your Your Glory among the people that give appointed me to And part of that is is this church body part of that is my workplace part of that is where I shop to do my groceries that I would continue to lift up his name.

If we ask he will answer. We just sang that song, but we need to be the hands and feet of God. We need to be. Does castles of Honor?

We need to have the whole armor of God on. Not just went right now. Hey Lord, there's many people crying out to him right now. Because everything they have is lost in America loan. There's 30 million or more people kind of work. I thank God that I have a job to go to

and I thank God that he showed me that that's part of my mission filled.

I'm thankful that I have the opportunity and the great honor of serving piece people.

So my question is Anybody that's watching?

It's time.

Are you going to answer the call? Are you going to rise up and be the Warriors that God desired and assigned you to pee? Some of you are doing exactly that. I'm not saying that you have to be like me. I'm not saying that you have to be a Billy Graham or anything like that. I'm saying that you have a kingdom assignment to have a kingdom Vision within your heart that God himself placed there.

fulfill that if you need help finding out what that is. First of all go to your closet and start praying to the Holy Spirit. Start praying to the Lord Jesus use your heavenly language if you have to. baptism of the Holy Spirit praying you're having a language that because that cuts through all all the English that cuts through our mind. A lot of times we can't conceive the things of God in our mind. So we just stopped or will allow the voices of the enemy to come in or are flush to come in to say, you know what? I don't want to pay that price.

But we're going to pay that price one way or the other folks.

today But today be a new day a newness of life.

That's one of the things that I can cry out to God about. I can get a do-over if you want. Call to repentance. It's changing completely the course I was on. Absolutely.

Going to the course at his desire to my life.

I love he shows up or he just speaks a little word in my heart. I like it more when I hear him audibly and it is possible to cure the father audibly.

But more than that, it will be through hit the scriptures. That he's put in. What we call the Bible. Let those scriptures that I read today absolutely telling income symptoms.

Stop them that's in your life today. It's a what are things that I can say that? He is risen. I want him to be risen in my life. I want him for people to see me Shining. Like she shines it's not me and myself. It's me, but Jesus. Illuminating himself through me When we become empty vessels, he can pour the newness of life in us and that's the life that we truly are designed to live. Don't settle for a partial rally. saddle or nothing less than the best of Jesus Christ settle for nothing less in the kingdom of God. And all of its righteousness all of its Glory so when he does come back and he does say hey.

Well done good and faithful servant. Come in Joy. Enjoy. Enjoy the The Lord we don't even understand what that really means because we comprehended as human men and women. but today I tell you that when you absolutely empty yourself out take the form of a servant to his will and nothing else. We will understand. But it is my thing that we have to be completely perfect people because there's only one that's perfect in that. His name is Jesus Christ. So let us all. Just absolutely bow our heads and say Lord Jesus.

I asked at your holy spirit with come in. And help me empty completely empty myself. burn up the stubble and you're consuming fires within us that it would absolutely the seed of the spirit is in a slot that erupt like a consuming fire that not only would we be Stop on our life we can send but true. Aspen empty that your glory would go out and consume the stubbles of others that we would be and all humility with all of with all authority. That we would be able to lead many people into the kingdom of Jesus Christ that we would save the so-called Christians right now. That we would awaken the Warriors. Jesus Christ Thank you for I praise you for Thor? I thank you that each person watching today. Would take a portion of this. Absolutely. This is quite a bit of meat that I'm Father let us know on it. Let us share the card. The saint just simple milk of them of a message today for this Resurrection Sunday. Because he is risen. Next time for Christ to rise up on this Earth. If we lift his name High He will draw all men unto himself let your church, but that be there one desire to return to their first love. And that is Jesus.

Setting everything besides beside us. That's not or if you let us use everything that you've bestowed and given up to us. Unto the kingdom of your glory. Enter the kingdom. Jesus we thank you and we praise you for it. in Jesus name

w f u r slides after this

conclude the service. I ask that you did the men and women of God and go do the things. as well if you've ever seen me in person or I never dismissed service because we are not dismissed as Disciples of Jesus Christ. We are simply sent. The absolutely carrying out what we just seen and heard. So today I would ask that each person would get in their closet. And pray and ask God himself.

If you're doing the kingdom assignment that is assigned to your hearts. Praise the Lord that there should just be a confirmation of that when you go to your closet and pray. if not Ask him to show you his vision for you.

and your family

it is not a time to bury our heads in the sand. It's time to put on the full armor of God and be the Warriors that he's asked us to be.

Call your mom said her homeschooling right now and dads. May the spirit of God be with you this week May he give you all the patients all the joy that the teachers them self. Enjoy.

And more than that. Take courage. This sound too will pass. in Jesus name amen

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