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Faithfulness # 1

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     I believe that this current move of God is coming to an end. (We had the Charismatic movement, the Healing movement, and the Word and Faith movement.) It’s not to say that those things have ended. It’s God’s will for people to be filled with the Spirit and healed, and we will always need the Word of God and faith. But there’s coming the next move of God and that is an outpouring of God’s glory. I believe that we are about to witness the greatest display of God’s power that the world has ever seen.

     I. JOEL 2:23

              A. In this V He’s talking about different rains, an early rain and a latter rain.

                        1. These are different moves of the Spirit of God. The rain of the HS.

              B. JOEL 2:24-25

                        1. I believe that this is already beginning to happen. The Lord has begun to restore to us what the enemy has taken.

                                  a. We’re seeing a restoration taking place.

                                           i. Not everyone will walk in it. Just like not everyone will be saved.

                                           ii. Only those that choose to walk in obedience to the Word will have this great restoration.

                        2. JOEL 2:28-29

                                  a. We have never seen an outpouring like this.

                                           i. Sure we see it in some pockets here and there. We’ve seen some rain of the HS here and there, but never a full outpouring.

              C. But only a remnant will walk in it.

                        1. God always has a remnant.

                                  a. When each big move of God takes place, only a remnant goes on with Him into that move of God, and God begins to bring new people into that move.

                        2. Are you going to be 1 of those that move on with the Lord, or will you be left behind?

                                  a. You can’t answer that with your mouth, you have to answer that with your heart.

                                  b. Only those that have a heart after God, those that are faithful and obedient to Him will usher in the next great outpouring of God.

                        3. What is this next Great Outpouring of God?

                                  a. The Glory of God. His Glory revealed to the Church.

     I. NUM 14:20-21; 22-24

              A. Every generation has had its role to play in God’s ultimate plan.

                        1. In the time of Moses, God manifested His power on behalf of the children of Israel.

                                  a. Spectacular things were done that actually commanded that respect of the Egyptians.

                        2. I believe that our generation will experience that same thing.

                                  a. The day has come for the Church to rise up under the leadership of the H. S.

                                  b. The Church will command the respect of the world, not because of any political aspect, but because the miraculous power of God will manifest through the body of Christ in sings and wonders.

                                           i. The Church will show forth the Glory of the Lord.

              B. We know that Moses was a man of God, but another important thing that we can say about Moses is that he was FAITHFUL. NUM 12:5-8a (V 1 CushiteBlack”)

                        1. God needed his obedience.

                                  a. Moses’ job was to stretch out his hand in the earth and command the will of God to be done.

                                  b. God had to have someone that was loyal and would act on and obey His Word.

                        2. God needs faithful, obedient people in this hour because He is going to show Himself strong.

                        3. Turn with me to PSA 103:7

                                  a. There’s 2 things here that I want you to see.

                                           i. 1st either we can know God’s ways or we can know His acts.

                                           ii. I don’t just want to see God’s acts

                                           iii. I want to know Him and to be known by Him. I want to know His ways, and when you do, you’ll see His great and mighty deeds.

                                  b. Turn to PHIL 3:8-10

                                           i. This is when you’ll see the mighty hand of God.

                        4. Back to our scripture in (PSA 103:7), which says, “He made known his ways unto Moses, his acts unto the children of Israel.”

                                  a. How did Moses get to know God’s ways?

                                           i. JAMES 4:8a.

                                           ii. You need to press in to know God. (prayer, Word, worship and praise, waiting on the Lord.)

                                  b. If Moses would not have been faithful to know God’s ways, the children of Israel would never have seen God’s acts.

                                           i. Moses’ heart was loyal toward God and he made himself available to God, and did what God said.

     II. The H. S. is dealing with us in very much the same way.

              A. God is not looking for ability; He’s looking for availability.

                        1. God needs you and me to do the work that must be done.

                                  a. He needs people who are faithful.

                                  b. The reason why this age is coming to an end is that it’s harvest time.

                                           i. It’s time for souls to come into the kingdom of God.

                                           ii. But it’s going to take us to accomplish the work.

              B. Look at 2CHRON 16:9

                        1. The word “perfect” in this V does not mean those who never make a mistake.

                        2. It means loyal, devoted, dedicated, consecrated, faithful.

                                  a. This same V (2 Chronicles 16:9) from the NIV says, “For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.”

                                  b. The Moffatt’s translation says, “He exerts his power on behalf of those who are devoted to Him.”

                        3. God is looking for those who are devoted, loyal, consecrated, dedicated, and committed to Him, His plan and purpose.

                                  a. He wants your heart.

     III. So often Christians say that they want to sell out to God or that they have sold out to Him, but to do that there are going to be many times that we have to deny ourselves.

              A. We have learned to practice faith. God wants us to practice faithfulness.

                        1. MARK 8:34

                                  a. To deny yourself is to disregard your flesh, your own desires, and at times even your ambitions and interests.

                        2. GAL 5:17

                                  a. The word “lusteth” means “desires.”

                                  b. The flesh desires things that are against the spirit.

                                  c. To follow after the Lord and to walk after the Spirit we have to deny the desires of the flesh, and we have to follow after the desired of our inner man (our spirit).

                                  d. Our spirits have been recreated in the image of the Lord.

                                           i. In (Genesis 1:26) God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.”  (fall, new birth, new creation)

                                  e. For the person who is born-again to follow after the inner man or the human spirit is to follow after the H. S.

              B. There is a choice that you have to make. Either follow after God with loyalty and faithfulness or follow after the ways of the flesh.

                        1. There are times that people want to have 1 foot in the things of God and 1 foot in the things of the flesh.

                                  a. They want the good things from the kingdom of God (health, prosperity, victory, and blessings) without giving themselves to God and serving Him with their whole heart.

                                  b. Look at what Jesus said about this. MATT 15:8

                                           i. You can confess the Word from now until Jesus comes, but if your heart isn’t right, it will not come to pass.

                                  c. Acts 8:9-22a

                                           i. What he wanted was something good, but his heart was not right.

                                           ii. As far as we know he never got it, at least until his heart changed.

     IV. God desires our loyalty and our faithfulness to accomplish his will in this earth.

              A. But in order for us to be loyal and faithful to God, we have to set our priorities in order.

                        1. The things of this world can steel our time and energy which we should be giving to the things of the spirit.

                                  a. You can use your faith for the affairs of this world and get so caught up in the cares of this world.

                                  b. You’ve got to be careful that you don’t become caught by the thorns of this life.

                        2. Look at MARK 4:18-19

                                  a. If you get caught up in giving your thoughts and energy to anything other than to God, you can not walk in the power of the Spirit.

                                           i. Weather it’s things that look good (but not what God wanted you to do) or things of the flesh, I’m not just talking about sin but that’s also included, anything that causes your heart to be given to this natural, physical world instead of God, is going to stop you from walking in the power of God.

              B. It’s the faithful servant that is blessed.

                        1. MATT 24:44-46

                                  a. What was he doing? What the lord told him to do.

                                  b. This faithful servant was blessed of his lord.

                                  c. I want to be that faithful and wise servant that is doing what the Lord wants me doing when He returns.

                        2. What about you!

WOLCC SUN AM 10/25/92 From Gloria Copeland’s book “Walk in the Spirit” chapter 1, pg. 1-10

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