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     I've just felt that we need to continue teaching on the subject of faith. We've been on t subject for 2 weeks now, but we need to continue on it for a few weeks.

     I. Again (HEB 11:1) Says, "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

              A. The Moffatt's translation says, "Now faith means that we are confident of what we hope for, convinced of what we do not see."

                        1. Another translation says, "Faith gives substance of what we do not see."

                        2. Pastor Randy's translation says, "Faith is t Guarantee that t things we've hoped for is already ours."

                                  a. You might hope for finances to pay a bill or some other obligation, Faith says, "It's already mine," BEFORE you see it in t natural.

                                  b. It's faith that brings it into the realm of reality.

                                           i. It's faith that brings it into this realm, where we can see it & touch it.

                                  c. You might hope for healing, but faith says, "It's already mine.

                                           i. (1PET 2:24) Says, "Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed."

                                           ii. Notice that, that V said, "By whose stripes ye WERE healed."

                                  d. That's how faith sees it.

                                           i. Faith says that it's already mine.

                                           ii. Faith is a spiritual force that will bring thing into this realm of reality.

                        3. Turn w/ me to ROM 12:3

                                  a. What I wanted you to see in that V was that God has given each Christian THE measure of faith.

                                           i. Some have tried to say that God gives each person a different measure of faith, some more & others less.

                                           ii. But that's not t character of God

                                           iii. (ROM 2:11) Says, "For there is no respect of persons with God."

                                  b. Our V in (ROM 12:3) says, "God has dealt to us "THE measure of Faith."

                                           i. God has predetermined to give each Christian a set amount of faith. We're all given the same amount of faith.

                                           ii. Now, what you do w/ that amount of faith is up to you.

              B. (ROM 10:17) Says, "So then faith {cometh} by hearing, and hearing by the word of God."

                        1. Your faith will grow & be strengthened by hearing t Word & by using your faith. (Muscle)

                        2. So exercising your faith will help your faith grow, but you've got to hear t Word 1st.

                                  a. & just hearing t Word is not enough.

                        3. Look at LUKE 8:18

                                  a. You have to earnestly listen to the Word of God.

              C. LUKE 8:11-15

                        1. The word "KEEP" here in (V15) means "To hold or to hold fast, to have, to take possession, seize."

                        2. The only way the Word of God will cause faith to grow in our lives, that will produce fruit, is by earnestly listening to the Word & by Keeping (Holding) it in our heart, giving the Word 1st place.

                                  a. Seize on to it.

                                           i. I found something interesting when I looked up t word "Seize" in the dictionary.

                                           ii. One of t definitions of the word was "To lay claim to for oneself or as one's right."

                                                     a. We need to "Lay claim" to t Word of God for ourselves.

                                  b. Notice that Jesus said at the end of (V 15) "Bring forth fruit w/ Patience."

                                           i. (MARK 11:24) Says "Believe that you receive or have faith that you receive & you shall have them."

                                           ii. You've got to believe that you received 1st then you'll have it.

                                           iii. It doesn't say how fast. -- Patience

                                           iv. (HEB 10:36) Says, "For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise."

     II. I few minutes ago I briefly made reference to "Being a doer of the Word."

              A. James said, "Faith w/out works is dead."

                        1. If faith doesn't have a corresponding action to go w/ it, it's dead. It's not going to produce anything.

                        2. LUKE 8:21 ________

                        3. You remember the woman w/ the issue of blood in (MARK 5) She put action w/ her faith. _____ (Heard about Jesus {faith came} she ran to Him).

                                  a. Jesus replied to her, "Daughter thy faith hath made thee whole."

                        4. ACTS 19:6

                                  a. They had faith to receive the H.S. w/ tongues.

                                  b. But what was the corresponding action?

                                  c. "They spake"

                                           i. T corresponding action can be as simple as confession t Word.

                                           ii. But if you have faith in t Word, you have to act on it.

                                           iii. If you refuse to act on it, your doubting t Word.

              B. (MARK 11:23) Says, "Shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe."

                        1. Too often we're ruled by our physical senses (what we see or feel) & that causes doubt.

                        2. JOHN 20:25-29

                                  a. Thomas' faith was not based on the Word of God. It was based on his PHYSICAL senses. (saw or didn't see) (touch)

                                  b. Thomas wouldn't believe unless he could see Jesus & touch His wounds.

                                           i. That's natural human faith, that's not the God kind of faith.

                                           ii. Natural human faith (which even non-Christians have) Says, I'll believe it when I see it.

                                           iii. But the God kind of faith says, "I believe it before I see it, because God said it's so."

              C. ROM 4:17-21

                        1. Can you see the differences between Abraham's faith & Thomas' faith.

                        2. Abraham was fully persuaded that, what God had promised, He was able to perform.

                        3. We need to have faith like Abraham's faith.

                                  a. 1st Abraham had God's Word for it. _____

                                  b. 2nd Abraham believed God's Word. _____

                                  c. 3rd Abraham didn't consider his physical senses. (What he saw or felt)

                                  d. 4th Abraham gave praise & worshiped God.

                                           i. In (V 20) it says that Abraham "gave glory to God."

                                           ii. The word "Glory" means "praise & worship."

                                           iii. Never forget about praise & worship, Abraham did it before he ever saw the manifestation.

                        4. The God kind of faith says, "If God said it, than it's true." (moon cheese)

                                  a. Too often our faith is based on what we see, feel think, circumstances, or what we hear others say.

                                  b. Let your faith be based on God's Word ALONE.

WOLCC 11/17/91 SUN AM also preached on 8/11/96, but it’s name is called Faith ABC.doc

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