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I Am A Fighter!

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We live in interesting times.

Because of this we wonder at times, is there is any hope? Can I do this as a Christian? How do we live in a world which is not ideal, nor always understandable?

Use God’s power.

Paul says “be strong” in God’s mighty power. In chapter 1 he talks about us knowing the power of God. Here the intent is that we would use the power which is available in Christ to live in this un ideal world.

Stand firm against our enemy.

This is how we use the Resurrection power of Jesus.

Our primary battle is in the spiritual realm.

We must remember this! We easily can see this world as our enemy yet, Scripture makes it clear that is not the case. Our enemy is not governments, no matter how oppressive they are. Our enemy is not fellow human beings.
Ever since the Garden of Eden there has been battle by an enemy of God’s people.

Our focus is not on evil but on Christ.

We must remember this. Satan would love for us to get so caught up on how he works, where he works, and so on. We can easily be duped into thinking he is more powerful than he is or not existence. Yet, in all that we must remember the command to be strong in the Lord and His mighty power. Our focus is on the rightful king, who won the war by rising from the grace. This is what we celebrate this day!

We put on God’s armor.

Paul takes imagery from the prophet Isaiah and applies it to us as His people, His church. This should not be a surprise to us because Ephesians has been teaching us that what is true of Christ/God is true of us!

God’s armor is a gift.

Meaning to some extent we receive the armor of God, it isn’t just something we do. In our own power none of the amor will fit.

God’s armor is a way of life.

The armor is also described as traits we live out. Therefore we are to act rightly before God and others, we are to be truth bearers. We are to bring peace by the Gospel.

The Gospel not only saves but sustains.

I need the Gospel each day and so do you. The beauty of the resurrection is the power of the empty tomb will sustain you and me.

The goal: so we can stay faithful.

Stand firm and continue to stand firm is how Paul put’s it.

1. Stay alert.

2. Pray always.

Pray for God’s people.

Pray for boldness.

Remember: God’s power is alive!

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