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"Hidden Figures 2.0"

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The Power of God's Ability within Me

Day 2
Hidden Figures
Recap Launch
- Hidden Figures
Movie Highlights
Harriet Johnson (mathematician)
Dorothy Vaughn (supervisor of the IBM computer data center)
Mary Jackson (Engineer)
- Recap Scripture
Five (5) points:
1. Impossible is a mindset .
2. There is an audience waiting on your arrival from being hidden.
3. Eventually you can’t stay hidden, being hidden is a temporary holding place of the greatness that is within you.
4. You can not hide what God wants the world to see through you.Your testimony of where you have been is proof that Impossible is achievable. #Levels2This
5. You have a choice at how amazing your life will be!
The least likely is always going to be the one who becomes the most prominent. Of all of the disciples that went on to do great writings in the Bible, it was not one of the disciples that authored the most books was the Apostle Paul one who came from the other side of the tracks.
You see he was a chastiser of Christians he absolutely hated everything about their movement, until one day he had an encounter with God on the road to Demascus. Eventually he would go on to do great things, established the order and structure of the church, marriage the qualification of marriage, the foundation and definition of love, and so many other great things.
Another amazing fact about Paul is no other disciple could take credit for his transformation. ( who will be the greatest…)
Remember the three (3) C’s of for this new life:
After your
Will Be
Through your challenges it will build and produce CHARACTER!!!!
I am cutting off contaminated relationships, and I am starting with the one that I have had within!
Your conversion and your decision to evolve and grow spiritually is highly essential. Think about this without the Apostle Pauls conversion there would not be what we are doing right now.
The necessity of you being in Christ during this time needs to bring not just you closer to God but those that you have influence with.
Who do you know that is around you that at times will pull on you for advice, guidance or even trust you to check them?
If you don’t have any then change your circle until you can get those around you. To have people around you that is not afraid of your evolution and their desire to evolve is such an awesome feeling.
If you are on here find somebody in this comment feed or somebody you know and say can we grow together? Now this is not a matchmaker moment I need ladies with ladies and guys with guys, and if you can’t find anybody on here we as a collective will partner with you. Why because we desire to see God’s children grow in every area of their lives.
I truly believe that this atoning moment for Paul as an introduction to even himself, it is the same way for us when we come into an awareness of something great we just accomplished. Which brings us to a few questions:
What happens when we come to the realization that we are already living the impossible? Doing what seems difficult becomes bearable and achievable.
What happens when we look at what we have been living through and though we believe we have failed still achieved the impossible?
It would say that what we perceived to be impossible, the God of impossibilities from within in me is made now activated.
God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we could ever ask or think according to the Power (God) that’s in you!
What happens in this text according to our lives pertaining to this message? He shows you what He is able to do once you let go of logic and learn how to do what is needed to be accomplished through reading His Word, and through prayer. Pastor Elon posted a video Monday petitioning us to read our Word and get some prayer in too.... ()
Why? Because that is the time where God unlocks all of the impossibilities. We struggle with those places when we don’t spend time in our Word. Yes THIS IS US, and the reason why many of US aren’t winning like we should is because we have studied the facts of societies impossibilities and not God’s possibilities and His vast accomplishment.
The Floods, the Mountains, and Storms are all here to show you, that you have the ability to overcome. Do you know how many things as a creation we have gone through that we shouldn’t have made it out of, yet we did? Tons!
Grace to live is the primary Agent of achieving the impossible! We have been hidden long enough. God brings us into these awakenings when we are finally finished with trying to figure it out. The intercessors used to call on God and say,” He is a mind regulator...” I truly believe that we need a mind adjustment so that we can bring things back into alignment of what needs to happen.
Like I said before this is the greatest opportunity and time for the church to be seen. Don’t tell me about a pandemic. Listen they never said we couldn’t do our job, we just have to be strategic with our implementation and use wisdom on how to reach the ready masses. There’s a hungry nation out here and they need to feel God’s Love.
What are we not seizing that God has already released? This is a real question right now in the midst of what is deemed as a jarring time of life.
Some of us have been living and walking around, and still hidden in plain sight. Which is completely out of order.
He brought us out of darkness and into His wonderful light.
If this text is true, and it is. Then what are we not being right now that He has called us out to be?
This series is going to show you the dynamics of life that we live on an everyday basis. How we handle ourselves, our spouses, our family, and our time with God.
“and when he had came to himself...” when will we come to the fullness of God’s awareness of who he has created us to be? God created us a little lower than the angels.
How long will you stay hidden in the shadows of your past, how long will you stay hidden beneath the lies of others, how long will you stay hidden due to the criticisms of other..... COME OUT OF HIDING YOU’RE FREE TO BE AS AWESOME AS GOD HAS CREATED YOU TO BE! Tell yourself it is time to Live Impossible, Live out Loud, This Is Me, Now I See Me and so will the world!!!!
Father, I thank you for this time of sobriety and reality check that I have been living beneath my awesomely created life that you seen fit to establish me to have. Now Lord I take back the authority to live in the open in confidence, and with peace that I am destined to win in every area of my life. I repent right now and for living beneath my amazing birthright and privilege as your child. Lord Jesus I am here and from this day forward show me how to MOVE like you did when you sent yourself in flesh as only Jesus did. I am forever grateful and from this day forward I am doing just that MOVING FORWARD!
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