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! I.      Turnover to Matthew 6:24-26.
!! A.  God has already promised to meet our needs.
!!! 1.
What faith does a /bird/ have?
Or the /lilies/ of a field?
!!!! a)    Yet /God provides/ /for/ their /needs/.
!! B.  It really doesn't take much faith to have your needs met, it's a promise of God.
!!! 1.    Now, /it's time for the hundredfold/.
!!! 2.    /It's time to begin believing God for abundance/.
!!!! a)    /Side thought/: The /tree/ in the garden is a /tithe/.
Last week, we /talked about/ /what Jesus said/ in /John 15:7/, /"If you abide in me and my words abide in you."/
!! A.  If we want to begin to expand on the outside, then we have to expand on the inside.
!! B.  All the prophecies that have come forth from prophets of God like Kenneth Hagin and Ed Dufresne and what you can probably sense in the Spirit, is that we are about to enter into the greatest move of God ever seen on earth.
!!! 1.    /But we have to ask/.
/How hungry are you?/
!!! 2.    /If you want it/, /it's going to //cost you/.
!!!! a)    You're /not/ going to /walk in it/ /unless/ you /pay the price./
!!!! b)    You have to /expand on the //inside/, in order to /expand on the //outside/.
!!! 3.    /What/ /do you mean/ by it's going to /cost you?/
!!!! a)    /It's going to //cost you// your //time/ in /prayer/, /worship/, /studying the Word/, /commitment/, /faithfulness/ /and/ /loyalty/.
!!!! b)    /How// can you have the presence of God/ in your life /and/ /his anointing/ upon you /when you haven't been with Him/.
!!!! c)  /Where is our hunger for God?/
!!!!! (1)  You can't even minister in the anointing or in the gifts if you haven't been in his presence.
!!!!! (2)  If you think you are, but haven't been in his presence, you're operating in familiar spirits and don't even know it.
!!! 4.    /Purity// is so important/.
!!!! a)    /How can we //flow// in the //anointing// of //God who is pure//,/ /when //we're not/.
!! C.  Ed Dufresne said that the Lord sent him to heaven and the Lord said, "In the year 2006 will be the biggest revival in history.
The churches will be overflowing to where we will have to have services six days a week, 2 services a day.
!!! 1.  /We need to have a //new commitment// to //walk in the anointing./
!!!! a)    /A new commitment/ to /guard// the //anointing/.
!!!! b)    A /new commitment/ to /walk in holiness// and //Purity/.
!!!! c)     A new /commitment/ to /prayer/, to the /Word/, to /worship/, to our /relationship// //with// //the Lord/.
Luke 18:35-42
!! A.  (In V 42) Jesus said, receive your sight.
Your faith has saved you.
!!! 1.
In The /NIV/ it says, /“Jesus said to him, “Receive your sight; your faith has healed you.”/
!!!! a)    You can see how /important/ /faith/ is /in your asking./
!! B.       But there's something else I want you to see.
Look at verse 37-39.
!!! 1.    /He was asking…//(“Jesus, thou Son of David, have mercy on me.” “Thou Son of David, have mercy on me.”)/
!!! 2.  Notice what was said to him in verse 39.
!!!! a)    There was a /crowd/ of people /there/, and the /closest to him/ /told/ /him/ /to be quiet./
!!!! b)    /Message translation/ says, /"Those ahead of Jesus told the man to shut up."/
!!! 3.    /Many times/ /those that are the //closest to you/ /are the //ones// //that// will te//ll you to be quiet or shut up./
!!!! a)    /Sometimes/ it's /those who know you best/.
!! C.  Some say that it was his faith that got Jesus' attention.
Others say it was his persistent asking.
!!! 1.    /NO/, /it was his asking in faith/ that got Jesus attention.
!!! 2.    And it was /his asking in faith/ that /got the job done/.
IV.Turned back to John 15:7.
!! A.  Here it says, "ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you."
!!! 1.
The /NIV/ translation says, /"ask whatever you wish, and it will be given you."/
!!!! a)    /Thinking/ about it /is/ /not asking/.
!! B.  But there is something equally as important in this verse that we have not look at yet.
!!! 1.    /Verse 7/ /says/,/ "If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you."
/(/Then ask/)
!!! 2.    /You can't stand empty and be filled at the same time/.
!!!! a)    /You can't be void of the Word/ of God /and/ /expect to be filled/ or full.
!!! 3.
He said, /"If ye abide in me/ /AND MY WORDS ABIDE IN YOU."/
!! C.  Jesus said, "Out of the abundance of the heart mouth speaketh."
!!! 1.    /If His words/ are /really/ /abiding in you/, then it's /going to come out of your mouth/.
!!! 2. What does Joshua 1:8 say?
!!!! a)    If you're /meditating/ on it, it's /going to come out/ of your mouth.
!!!! b)    Gauge yourself.
!! D.Sometimes people are borrowing someone else's confession.
!!! 1.    It's /not in their heart/.
Their /quoting/ what they /heard/ someone else say.
!!!! a)    They are /repeating/ /what/ they think /sounds good/ or what say think they are /supposed to say/.
!!!! b)    They're /copying/ someone else or /mimicking/ them.
!!! 2. Look at Matthew 15:20-28.
!!!! a)Look again at verse 22.
!!!! b) /She didn't have any right/ to call him /"Thou Son of David."/
!!!!! (1)  She wasn't a Jew, she didn't belong to any of the tribes of Israel.
!!!!! (2)  Rehearsed, wasn't in her heart.
!!!!! (3)     Jesus knew it, look at verse 23.
!!! 3.    Then /she realized a rehearsed confession isn't going to work/.
It's got to /come for my heart/.
!!!! a)Look at verse 25.
She /spoke from her heart/, /"HELP ME."/
!!!! b)        Look at verse 26-27.
!!! 4.    /That was pretty quick of her/.
!!!! a)/It was in her heart/.
Verse 28.
!! E.  At first Jesus wasn't responding, spiritual leaders (the disciples) were trying to send her way, but she wasn't going to give up.
!!! 1.    /She kept pleading her case/, /and/ /she spoke words of say from her heart./
!!! 2.    /Jesus said she had great faith/ and she /received her miracle/.
V.   1 JOHN 5:14-15
/The Glory of God/, /the anointing of God/, /the blessings of God/, /the gifts of the Spirit are coming/, /but are you ready?/
/What is it to you want from God/, /ask that your joy may be full./
*/WOLCC Sunday, May 25, 2003/*
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