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Faith-Ask in Faith # 1

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I.      Turn with me to Isaiah 43:25-26.

A.       Notice, "Put me in remembrance, let us plead together."

1.    We have been given many promises, yet we have not put him in remembrance.

a)We have not asked the Lord for what we need.

b)        We are faith people. We should be asking for the budget we WANT.

(1)  Not only for what we need. (Takes little faith).
(a)   He will take care of us.

(i)     That doesn't take faith.

c)Step out and ask for what you want.

B.      Turn to James 1:1-2

1. He says, "Count it all joy." But why?

2. Because verse 3 says "Knowing This."

a)Count it all joy because you know something.

b)        What do you know?

(1)  God will never let you down.

3.Look at verse 3-5. (James 1:3-5). Note: patients causes maturity.

a)In the middle of a trial or tribulations, he says, "ASK."

b)        "Ask for wisdom" (what to do), maybe all the wisdom you need is to ask for what you want.

C.       Go down to verse 6 (James 1:6).

1. Ask in faith, and you will receive if you faint not.

2.       Let's go on reading, James 1:6-8.

a)Notice that someone who doubts is bouncing all the place.

(1)     They're filled with turmoil.

b)        Rest in faith don't get uptight, don't waver.

3.    It's time for the rain. Don't be discouraged, but rather be encouraged.

a)    God is going to fill your barns, he's going to fill your house with his glory, he's going to fill your checking accounts, he's going to give you the dreams and desires of your heart.

b)  And as his glory is poured out, He is going to fill the churches.

(1)  But there is accountability. No more playing church, no more playing religion.

II.      In Isaiah 43:26 the Lord said to plead your case.

A.  Have you pleaded your case today?

1.    You've asked God for prosperity, but are you ready to answer him when he says, "Why should I give it to you?"

a)    The NIV translation says, “let us argue the matter together."

2.    You better be ready to answer him. "WHY SHOULD I GIVE YOU $10 million?"

a)    What would you say? Do you have a God given goal or dream in your heart for the Glory of God?

b)    It's not that $10 million is a lot to God, it's Starbuck change.

B.  How do we plead? (NIV argue).

1.    You're not arguing or fighting with God in any way, but your STATING YOUR CASE.

2.    Like Abraham with Sodom and Gomorrah, "Lord if there be 50 righteous, 40 righteous, 30, and so on."

a)    State your case like a lawyer would.

III. Turn to John 14:13-14.

A.  Look at this, "If you ask ANYTHING in my name, I will do it."

1.    Just enough, food, needs, money? NO, IF YOU ASK "ANYTHING."

B.      John 15:7

1.    The Lord said to Ed Dufresne that 97% of my people are living in poverty. (Through his eyes)

2.    He went on to say that He wants us to have so much extra that if we took a year off with no pay it, wouldn't hurt us.

C.  John 15:7-8a (Here in is my Father glorified)

1.    God is glorified when we prosper.

2.    Notice again what it says in verse 7 (read).

a)    If ye abide in me and my words abide in you…

b)  There's two conditions.

(1)  One, you have to abide in him.
(2)  Two, you have to have his words in your heart.

c)     Then, ask what you will and it shall be done unto you.

d)    NIV, Ask whatever you WISH, and it will be given you.

(1)  Now I didn't say this, Jesus said it.

IV.    Turnover to Matthew 6:24-26.

A.  God has already promised to meet our needs.

1.    What faith does a bird have? Or the lilies of a field?

a)    Yet God provides for their needs.

B.  It really doesn't take much faith to have your needs met, it's a promise of God.

1.    Now, it's time for the hundredfold.

2.    It's time to begin believing God for abundance.

a)    Side thought: The tree in the garden is a tithe.

V.     Just a minute ago, we talked about what Jesus said in John 15:7, "If you abide in me and my words abide in you."

A.  If we want to begin to expand on the outside, then we have to expand on the inside.

B.  All the prophecies that have come forth from prophets of God like Kenneth Hagin and Ed Dufresne and what you can probably sense in the Spirit, is that we are about to enter into the greatest move of God ever seen on earth.

1.    But we have to ask. How hungry are you?

2.    If you want it, it's going to cost you.

a)    You're not going to walk in it unless you pay the price.

b)    You have to expand on the inside, in order to expand on the outside.

3.    What do you mean by it's going to cost you?

a)    It's going to cost you your time in prayer, worship, studying the Word, commitment, faithfulness and loyalty.

b)    How can you have the presence of God in your life and his anointing upon you when you haven't been with Him.

c)  Where is our hunger for God?

(1)  You can't even minister in the anointing or in the gifts if you haven't been in his presence.
(2)  If you think you are, but haven't been in his presence, you're operating in familiar spirits and don't even know it.

4.    Purity is so important.

a)    How can we flow in the anointing of God who is pure, when we're not.

C.  Ed Dufresne said that the Lord sent him to heaven and the Lord said, "In the year 2006 will be the biggest revival in history. The churches will be overflowing to where we will have to have services six days a week, 2 services a day.

1.  We need to have a new commitment to walk in the anointing.

a)    A new commitment to guard the anointing.

b)    A new commitment to walk in holiness and Purity.

c)     A new commitment to prayer, to the Word, to worship, to our relationship with the Lord.

The Glory of God, the anointing of God, the blessings of God, the gifts of the Spirit are coming, but are you ready?

What is it to you want from God, ask that your joy may be full.

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