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During that time in of our meetings in Oklahoma at winter Bible seminar, the Lord On encouraging me over and over about the Word and the vision that he's given me concerning Word of Life Christian Church would all come to pass. Basically, that would be a church of a minimum of 300 people (is what I saw) and it would continue to grow from there. I've had a knowing and I continue to have a knowing on the inside of me that the day will come when this church is a large, large church.

Through that encouragement that I had from the Lord, I knew that was not time for me to move on, but to continue standing in faith for this church to grow. And it was up to me to convey that thought to you and to encourage you to continue to stand in faith with me without wavering and without being led by circumstances.

On our return from Oklahoma, the Lord gave me three words. And that was "EXPAND AND GROW." I knew that meant to expand the church. The Lord wants Word of Life to be a church were every age group can come in and have their needs met.

Now I have to be obedient to the Lord and use the people that we have or maybe even people that he will soon bring in to help fulfill God's plan. Is some people aren't right for some of the positions that we'll begin to have, God is big enough in he'll take care of it.

Some of the things that the Lord put upon my heart to begin to have Word of life will be:

A Greater Missionary Program: maybe focusing on one country and a place were I could go to visit and bring back with the vision. (evangelistic, and to aid in the maturing of the saints.)

Adults Sunday School: Right Now One Class but Eventually Split up into Two or Three Classes. (Also Evangelistic, and to Aid in the Maturing of the Saints.)

Super Children's Church during Adults Sunday School: (Evangelistic, and Maturing of the Saints)

Weekly Youth Meetings: (Probably on Sunday Mornings) (Mostly Maturing the Saints and Evangelistic)

Cell Groups: Meeting on a Weekly Basis. (Evangelistic, Maturing the Saints, Fellowship)

And Fellowship Groups: Which Would Meet about Once Every Six Weeks for Just Fun and Fellowship with Some Kind of Activity. The Three Groups Would Be a Senior Citizens Group, Middle Age Group, and the 3rd Group Would Be (Singles Young Married Couples or Married Couples with Young Children.) (Fellowship, evangelistic)

    The younger group (singles, young married couples, or married with Young children) would have activities like hiking, Bowling, miniature golf, and maybe going to an amusement park.

    The middle age group would do things like going out to dinner or maybe a movie or something else they might have in common.

    And likewise, the senior citizens group would do things of interest to them.

Even in the Music Team the Lord Wants Our Music Team and Our Worship to Expand and Grow. To expand in numbers and to enter into a deeper praise and worship. If you have musical talent don't hide step out and be obedient to the Lord. (Even vocals) (Worship and evangelistic)

But I need your help and support in fulfilling these areas. I understand that people don't like change even if change is for the better, but I'm asking you to trust me and to trust the Lord. He has everything under control. You might ask what happens if a program or a person does not work out. Them the program or the person will be changed. But you need to remember if we don't bring new life into this church it will die. And that would be an abomination before the Lord.

We're going to begin advertising on TV but to do that it's going to take quite a bit of finances; probably about $6000 a year would be a minimum figure. But to start off we need to raise about $1500. (Evangelistic, repentance, to come back to the Lord, maturing of the Saints). MATTHEW 6:21

Now on going to open it up not for debate but to see if you have any suggestions on how we can fulfill what the Lord said to expand and grow or if you like to volunteer for some these things we just mentioned that I can take your name down and pray about who the Lord would have.

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