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Ephesians # 6 Eph 1-21 thru 2-6

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We’re going to continue on the book of Ephesians. Last time we left off with (EPH 1:19-20). So we’re going to pick up from there.

   I. EPH 1:19-21

          A. Last time we said that 4 of the 5 Greek words for “Power” are found in (V 19). The 5th one is found in (V 21). It’s the Greek word “Exousia” which meansAuthority.”

                 1. (V 21) is talking about the Authority of the Devil.

                        a. All the Authority of the Devil has now been placed under Jesus.

                 2. This V is also telling us that the Name of Jesus is higher than any name other name.

                        a. But it even goes on to say more about that, His name is higher than any other name, in this world (now) and in the world to come (the millennium and eternity after that.

          B. EPH 1:22

                 a. The word “PUT” in that V meansPut in subjection

                        i. It’s also a military term meaning being “forced under.”

                        ii. Every principality, and power of Satan’s kingdom has been put under Jesus’ feet.

                 b. This V goes on to say that Jesus is the Head of the Church.

                        i. If Jesus is the Head of the Church that would mean that we are the body (As V 23 states).

                        ii. If we’re the body we are also the feet. That means that Satan is under our feet.

                 c. He has no power over us, unless we let him walk over us. (If you work for someone, the boss has the authority. If he doesn’t use that authority, the employees can walk all over him.)

                        i. We have the authority over Satan. We have to use our authority or he will walk all over us.

          C. Let’s go on, we’ll start with EPH 1:22-23

                 1. Jesus is the fullness or the completeness to the body of Christ.

                 2. The word “FillethmeansFulfillment of the Word of God and of God’s promises.”

                        a. Jesus is the fulfillment of all of God’s promises to the body of Christ.

                               i. If I have fulfilled my commitment to do something, that means that it is already done.

                               ii. Jesus has already fulfilled the promises.

                        b. But this V in written in the present tense, meaning that Jesus is the fulfillment to all of God’s promises to you right now.

   II. In Chapter 2 we’re going to look at where we have come from. EPH 2:1

          A. Death refers to separation from the living.

                 1. The physically dead are separated from the physically living. The Spiritual dead are separated from the spiritually alive.

                        a. Separated from God.

                 2. The words “Trespasses and Sins” are 2 different Greek words, but they both meanMissing the Mark

                        a. But “TrespassesmeansMore of a blunder, a sin without any forethought.”

                        b. The word “SinsmeansYou knew exactly what you were doing and did it anyway.”

                               i. Before you knew Jesus, you were dead and lost in both.

                 3. But He says in this V, “You hath He quickened (made alive).”

                        a. God raised you up and gave you His life through the work of Jesus.

          B. EPH 2:2

                 1. In time past (before we knew Jesus) we walked as a sinner in Satan’s world system.

                        a. Before you knew Jesus you were led and manipulated by Satan.

                        b. You weren’t doing your own thing, you were doing Satan’s thing.

                 2. He goes on to say, “According to the prince of the power of the air.” (V 2)

                        a. The word “AIR” is the “Atmospherearound the Earth.

`                       b. Satan is referred to as the “Prince” in this V, but who is thepower?”

                               i. The word “Power” would be better translatedAuthority.”

                        c. The only 1 that Satan is a prince over would be the “Fallen angels and Demons.”

                 3. If you remember the story in (DAN 10) where Daniel was praying 21 days, God sent an angel with the answer.

                        a. Before the angel could get through a fallen angel stopped him, and another angel from heaven had to help him so the answer would get through.

                        b. The fallen angel was in the Atmosphere. That’s Satan’s place of authority.

                               i. (2 COR 4:4) refers to Satan being the God of this world.

                 4. The end of (V 2) says, “The spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience.”

                        a. The spirit that is now working in the unsaved is the demonic influence.

          C. EPH 2:3

                 1. The word “Conversation” is much better translatedManner of life.”

                 2. Without Jesus in a persons life theirNature” is totally different from us.

                        a. Their nature is the same as the children of wrath, which is the nature of the Devil.

                        b. In (JOHN 8:44) Jesus said, “Ye are of your father the Devil.”

                               i. Same nature.

                 3. A sinner sins because that is his nature.

                        a. Just like birds fly and fish swim, because that is their nature.

                        b. A sinner sins because that is their nature.

                 4. In (Vs 1-3) is how God found us.

                        i. (V 1) We were spiritually dead; (V 2) Under Satan and his system; (V 3) controlled by our fleshly nature.

   III. In (V 4) we being to see a contrast. EPH 2:4

          A. In this V Paul says that God is rich in Mercy.

                 1. The word “Mercy” means “God’s good will and kindness toward the undeserving.”

                        a. Mercy is the act of God’s blessing upon man even though he didn’t deserve it.

                        b. Why did God have mercy on us? Because of His great love.

                 2. The next few Vs go on to explain how great God’s mercy is.

                        a. EPH 2:5-6

                               i. When we were dead in our sins and trespasses God raised us from the dead and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ.

                               ii. God said to us, “Welcome home son

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Thurs. 3/21/96

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