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Ephesians # 34 Eph 6-16 thru 6-17a

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We’re going to continue on the book of Ephesians. Last time we were on Ephesians 6:15 so let’s pick up from there.

   I. EPH 6:15

       A. Some have taking this V to mean that we are to be ready to share the gospel when we can.

          1. And we need to be ready to share the Gospel, and Peach the Word when we can, but that is not what this V is talking about.

          2. Others have even said that it refers to being ready to share the message of salvation.

              a. We should share the message of salvation, and to share Jesus, but that’s not what this V is talking about.

       B. In Ephesians chapter 6 Paul is talking about a spiritual battle that we are going through.

          1. He tells us toPut on the whole armour of God,” WHY?

           a. So that we may be able to stand against the wiles (and attacks) of the devil.

          2. What is going to help us stand against the attacks of the enemy?

          3. Paul tells us that we are to put on our shoes and have them tied, meaning that we have to have on the GOSPEL OF PEACE.

              a. The phrasePreparation of the Gospel of Peace,” literally meansReadiness that comes from the Good News of PEACE.”

              b. But the word “PEACEmeansThe tranquil state of a soul assured of its salvation through Christ.”

                 i. We stand in the confidence of God’s love for us, His union with us, and His commitment to fight for us.

                 ii. Knowing that God loves us and there is nothing that can separate us from the love of God.

                 iii. Our names are written in the Lamb’s book of Life, and no devil can steal that from us.

                 iv. That gives us a strength in God to stand against the wiles of the Devil.

   II. EPH 6:16

          A. Notice the 1st thing that Paul says in this V “Above all.” After we have on the other parts of the Armor, The most important, part of our armor is the SHIELD of FAITH.

                 1. That is if you were to stop right there. In the next V or 2 Paul goes on to list 2 or 3 different parts of our armor. (Maybe just as important as the Shield of Faith)

                 2. The SHIELD that is mentioned here is the larger of the 2 shields the Roman soldier used.

                        a. This was a shield that was used in war.

                               i. The Romans also had a smaller shield that was used in hand to hand combat, 1 against 1.

          B. But the shield that is used here in (EPH 6:16) is a large shield that was used in war, when there were many against you.

                 1. This shield was about 2½’ wide and about 4’ tall. It was enough to cover the entire body.

                        a. It was light enough to carry with you and you could move it to protect you depending on which angle the enemy was coming.

          C. When Paul says that shield of faith, is able to quench the fiery darts, the word “QUENCH” means “EXTINGUISH.”

                 1. The SHIELD OF FAITH will PUT OUT the enemies FIERY DARTS.

                 2. Now when we here “FIERY DARTS” we think of darts that we would throw at a dart board, but the meaning is much more than that.

                        a. According to the Greek it can mean “a dart, a javelin, an arrow, or a missile.”

                        b. In the ancient world, armies would make large balls, about the size of a small basketball or a bowling ball, place the on a CATAPULT, set the ball on fire and shoot them into a city.

                               i. These FLAMING MISSILES would do much damage to a city.

                               ii. The SHIELD of FAITH will handle Satan’s largest weapons.

                               iii. That’s why the Shield of Faith is so important.

   III. EPH 6:17

          A. 1st of all Paul tells us to “Take the Helmet of Salvation.”

                 1. This can not refer to Salvation in the sense of getting saved.

                        a. Paul’s writing to Christians, those that are already saved, and it’s only Christians that can Put on this Armor.

                 2. Turn with me to 1THES 5:8

                        a. The HELMET covers the HEAD which is the SOUL.

                               i. Notice that Paul says here that the BREASTPLATE which covers the CHEST is FAITH, but HOPE is the HELMET.

                               ii. FAITH is of your SPIRIT, and HOPE is of your MIND.

                        b. Really your MIND and your SPIRIT work together.

                 3. Turn with me to HEB 11:1

                        a. You hope with your mind, but when you put faith with it from your spirit it gives that HOPE substance.

                               i. Faith from your spirit will take what’s in your mind and give it substance.

                               ii. Faith gives Hope Substance.

                        b. It’s important that you NEVER GIVE UP HOPE.

                               i. The Devil will try to get you to LOSE HOPE.

                               ii. He will try to bring in DISCOURAGEMENT. Sickness, Debt, Unsaved loved ones, the different Trials, Tribulations, and Problems that you face.

                               iii. If we LOSE HOPE we STOP our FAITH from working.

          B. The BIBLE says in (TITUS 2:13) that Jesus is our BLESSED HOPE.

                 1. We need to keep our eyes on Jesus.

                        a. (Hebrews 12:2) Says, “Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith.” KJV

                 2. We need to keep our eyes on Jesus and on His Word and NOT on what the Devil is doing.

                        a. If you keep your eyes on Jesus and on His Word you will not lose hope.

                        b. Never give up or Lose HOPE, faith will give Substance to the things that you HOPE for.

THURS. WOLCC 12/19/96

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