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More Than Conquerors (Part 1) Romans 8:36-37 (Part 7 of God for Us series)

Pastor Scott Hedge
God for Us  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  31:14
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Since God for us

§ No enemies-- v. 31b

§ No lack-- v. 32

§ No guilt-- v. 33 (no one can file a charge)

§ No judge-- v. 34

§ No catastrophe-- vv. 35-36 (he lists several possibilities)

§ No separation-- vv. 37-39

The cause of suffering – v. 36 “for thy sake”

§ This is our expectation--“just as it is written”

§ This is God’s will

The conquest of suffering-- v. 37 “more than”

§ The quality of victory

o “We are more than conquerors”

§ The completeness of victory

o “In all these things”

§ The miracle of victory

o “Through him that loved us”

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