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Ephesians # 29 Eph 6-4 thru 6-10

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We’re on the book of Ephesians and we’re going to pick up right where we left off last time.

   I. EPH 6:4

          A. This is actually speaking to the both parents here and he is telling them not to provoke your children to wrath.

                 1. The Words “Provoke not your children to wrath” means “Don’t aggravate them.”

                        a. The NIV says, “Do not exasperate your children.”

                               i. It means “To excite to anger.”

                               ii. It has the idea behind it that it is almost done intentionally.

                        b. I like how the LIVING Bible puts it, it says, “Don’t keep on scolding and nagging your children, making them angry and resentful.”

                 2. Paul goes on to say in (V 4) “But bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.”

                        a. The New American Standard Bible probably translates it best, it says, (Ephesians 6:4) “And, fathers, do not provoke your children to anger; but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.” NASB

                               i. Children will get angry, frustrated, and even rebellious when they are disciplined without instruction as to why.

                               ii. That’s only fair, if you’re going to discipline them. You need to explain to them what they did wrong and how to do it right.

                        b. Discipline sometimes means a SPANKING. Turn to PRO 13:24

                               i. The NIV says, “He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him.” (Proverbs 13:24) NIV

                               ii. Look at PRO 29:15, 17

                               iii. PRO 22:15

                        c. The ROD or a SPANKING will give WISDOM to the child, and it will cause the FOOLISHNESS to leave, but it even goes further than that.

                               i. PRO 23:13-14

                               ii. If a child is not SPANKED when they do something wrong, they are in danger of HELL. More so than the child who does receive this kind of correction.

                               iii. You don’t spank a child for everything that they do wrong, and we’re not talking about abusing the child, but a spanking does the child good.

                 3. Go back to EPH 6:4

                        a. A spanking and discipline are good but it’s not enough. There has to be INSTRUCTION.

                               i. Instruct them in what they did wrong and how to do it right and instruct them in the WORD OF GOD.

                        b. Parents are to INSTRUCT them IN THE LORD and children are to OBEY in the Lord. (EPH 6:1)

          B. EPH 6:5

                 1. Today servants and masters would be EMPLOYEES and their BOSSES.

                        a. If your boss tells you to sweep the floor, you better do it, but if he tells you to do something that is against the Word of God, you’re going to have to tell them, “NO.”

                 2. Paul goes on to say, “With fear and trembling.”

                        a. 1 commentary says that means “Honor and respect with the idea to MAXIMUM EFFORT.”

                               i. We are to Honor and respect our bosses with maximum effort.

                 3. In singleness of your heart” means “With sincerity of heart.”

                        a. As unto ChristThink of the work you do as working for the Lord, being a godly example.

                               i. Your reward will be more than a paycheck, you’ll get rewards in heaven.

          C. EPH 6:6

                 1. The will of God is for you to do your job and do it well, Not just when your boss is watching, your have another boss whose watching all the time and that is the Lord Jesus Christ.

                        a. Don’t be a man pleaser, be a God pleaser.

                 2. EPH 6:7

                        a. The NIV says, “Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not men.” (Ephesians 6:7 NIV)

                        b. But the words “Good will” from the KJV also meansPeaceable spirit.”

                               i. Don’t be 1 to stir up strife, or spread rumors. Be a peace maker.

                 3. EPH 6:8

                        a. It doesn’t matter what position you’re in, whether you’re the boss, the employee, or you work for yourself, do what is right and the Lord shall reward you.

   II. EPH 6:9

          A. Now he’s speaking to the bosses. And he’s telling the bosses to treat all their employees EQUALLY.

                 1. Don’t play FAVORITES or show favoritism.

                 2. The word “FORBEARINGmeansSTOP.”

                        a. Stop threatening.

                        b. Correction might be needed, but don’t do it by yelling. Remember you have a Boss and that is the Lord Jesus Christ.

   III. EPH 6:10

          A. This begins Paul’s conclusion, but this is not meaningless farewell, there are some very important teachings here.

                 1. Paul begins to talk about Spiritual warfare.

          B. If the Christian is doing what Paul has exhorted us to do in the last 5 chapters, he will go through spiritual warfare.

                 1. Paul tells us to be strong in the Lord and in the Power of His might so that we will not be overcome by the enemy, but we will rise up in VICTORY.

                        a. Next week we’ll get into how to be victorious.

Thurs. 10/31/96 WOLCC

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