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Ephesians # 14 Eph 4-1 thru 4-7

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We’re going to continue on the book of Ephesians. Last week we finished (Eph chapter 3) so let’s get right into Chapter 4.

   I. Starting in Chapter 4 we have a transition. Chapters 1, 2, and 3 are Positional Truths, Who we are in Christ, where we stand in Him, What belongs to us as a believer, But Chapters 4, 5, and 6 are more Practical or Temporal Truths.

          A. A Practical truth is the application of a Positional Truth.

                 1. Because Jesus has made me the righteousness of God in Christ, now I can live a holy life before God.

                        a. In the 1st 3 chapters we’ve been gaining knowledge, starting in chapter 4 we’re going to be getting into Wisdom, or the Application of Knowledge.

                 2. For many years there have been men and women that have preached against sin without teaching who we are in Christ and the victory we have in Christ.

                        a. Their teaching came forth saying that we should Crucify the flesh, but they had to crucify the flesh in their own strength.

                               i. You can’t be successful in crucifying the flesh in the Outer Man.

                               ii. The only way you can crucify the flesh is by the Inner Man.

                               iii. These 1st 3 chapters have been strengthening the Inner Man.

          B. Let’s start with Chapter 4 EPH 4:1

                 1. Paul exhorted them to walk (live a life) worthy of their calling.

                        a. This Calling is more than their call to salvation and walking the Christian life, but it would also refer to walking worthy of the things that we are suppose to do.

                               i. It might be ministry, it might be service to the Lord it might be on the job, or it might be in the home with the family.

                 2. EPH 4:2-3

                        a. The 1st thing that Paul mentions here is “Lowliness” which is an old KJV word which means, “Humilityor the act of beingHumble.”

                               i. Paul is telling the saints that they should be completely humble in their daily walks.

                               ii. This virtue (of Humility) is listed first because of Paul’s emphasis on unity (pride promotes disunity; humility promotes unity).

                        b. The 2nd virtue listed is “Meekness.”

                               i. Meekness” means “Gentleness.”

                               ii. It is the opposite of Rudeness, and Harshness.

                               iii. It suggests having one’s emotions under control. But it does not suggest weakness.

                                      a. One who is controlled by God and has the virtue of “Meeknessis angry at the right time but never angry at the wrong time.

                                      b. Moses was known as the meekest of all men (Num. 12:3, kjv). Yet he got angry when Israel sinned against God (Ex. 32).

                                      c. Jesus was meek and humble in heart (Matt. 11:29). Yet He became angry because some Jews were using the temple as a place for thieves (Matt. 21:12-13).

                                             i. (EPH 4:26) Says, “Be ye angry, and sin not.”

                        c. Meekness” also means “Being teachable.”

                 3. The 3rd virtue that is mentioned here in (EPH 4:2) is “Long-suffering” which is “Patience.”

                        a. Patiencenever gives up. It endures to the end even in times of adversity.

                               i. (HEB 6:12) Says, “That ye be not slothful, but followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises.”

                               ii. As long as we walk in faith and patience we’ll inherit the promises.

                 4. The 4th virtue mentioned in (EPH 4:2) is “Forbearing.”

                        a. Forbearing” means “To hold one’s self erect and firm.”

                               i. In other words, it meansTo stand your ground.”

                               ii. That means when someone comes to you with a situation that they have compromised in, don’t condone their actions, Stand your ground, stand firm with your convictions.

                               iii. But how are we to do this IN LOVE.

                        b. You don’t want to be Sharp, Rude, or Rigid, but when they come to you, you need to tell the Truth in Love. Look at EPH 4:15

                               i. Speaking the Truth in Love will help a person grow in the Lord.

                        c. Paul says in V 3Endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.”

                               i. The word “Keep” here means more thanto hold on to” it means to “Guard.”

                               ii. We are to guard this Unity.

                               iii. He then mentions that we are to do it in the “Bond of Peace.”

                               iv. Stay at Peace with one another, guard the unity.

   II. Vs 4-6 are going to tell us everything that we have in common: 7 factors that unify all believers.

          A. EPH 4:4

                 1. (One body - the Church, One Spirit - the Holy Spirit, One Hope of your Calling - Eternity with the Lord)

                 2. EPH 4:5

                        a. (One Lord is the Lord Jesus Christ, One Faith is our faith in God, One Baptism is the Baptism into the Body of Christ) (1COR 12:13) Says, “For by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body.” Into the Body of Christ.

                 3. EPH 4:6

                        a. One God and Father of course refers to God Almighty.

                               i. Knowing that we are 1, should help keep the believers in Unity.

                        b. In this same V it says that “God is above all.”

                               i. The Father is above all Believers and Unbelievers, But He’s only in the Believers.

          B. EPH 4:7 Now we get into what each of us has as individuals.

                 1. Grace refers to the Office that each of us stand in.

                        a. Each of us stand in a different position in the body of Christ.

                        b. This position is not something that we chose, but something that God calls us to.

                               i. It doesn’t matter what position we’re called play, we’re part of the team, and we need to play our part.

                               ii. In (EPH 4:11) we have the 5 Pulpit Ministry gifts, which we’ll get into it next time.

                 2. In the Book of Romans it give us another list of different offices.

                        a. Let’s look at it. ROM 12:6-8

                        b. Notice what Paul says in the 1st part of V 6, “Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us.”

                               i. God is the 1 that gives us the Grace to stand in these positions.

                               ii. That means that He gives us, not only the Calling, but the Ability and the Anointing to carry out these callings.

                        c. We need to seek the Lord to find out what He wants us to do, and then begin to do it.

                               i. If it’s in the Church, you have to go through the right channels, Talk to the Department head 1st, if there is no head in that department, come and talk to me or Patti.

                               ii. It doesn’t matter where you are in the body, what I mean is where God has placed you.

                               iii. If you’re the toe, praise God that the toe is willing to function properly.

                               iv. I’m so glad that my toes are all there and work properly, without them I would be hindered.

                               v. It’s the same for the Church.

                 3. If you’re the right arm, then do it with all diligence.

                        a. There is nothing better than the whole church doing what they are supposed to do, It brings unity.

                        b. (PSA 133:1-2) Says, “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! 2It is like the precious ointment upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron’s beard: that went down to the skirts of his garments.”

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WOLCC Thurs. 5/23/96

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