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Ephesians # 13 Eph 3-14 thru 3-21

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     Let’s get right into the book of Ephesians, Last time we ended with (EPH 3:13) So let’s pick up right from there.

     I. EPH 3:14

          A. Paul is leading up to a prayer here. His 1st statementFor this cause,” refers to the Vs that we read last time, It refers back to you and I, as Gentiles, receiving the Gospel and salvation.

              1. So he’s sayingBecause you and I are receiving the Word of God, I bow my knee to the Father.”

              2. The next few words, “Of our Lord Jesus Christ,” do not appear in the original text.

                   a. It’s true that God is the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ, but Jesus is not the subject here. You and I are.

                   b. We are named after the Father, along with all of His family.

                   c. We’re of the Family of God.

          B. EPH 3:15

              1. The family in heaven is named after the Father, and the family on earth is also named after the Father.

                   a. If you were to die, you don’t leave 1 family and join another. We’re all 1 family.

              2. EPH 3:16

                   a. The word “Strengthened” in this V means “Overcoming Strength.”

                        i. Then Paul uses the word “Might” which is the Greek word “Dunamis” which is “the Power of God.”

                   b. What Paul is saying here is that it’s God’s will that you have an Overcoming Strength in the Inner Man, which comes from the Power of the HS.

                        i. God wants us to be OVERCOMERS, Overcoming sin, Overcoming the enemy and even Overcoming situations, but how are we going to get this Overcoming Power to live a victorious life?

                        ii. You already have this Overcoming Power, because the HS lives within you.

                        iii. But you put this Power in operation by FAITH.

              3. EPH 3:17

                   a. In this V Paul is dealing with a foundation.

                   b. Jesus dwells (or is at home in our hearts), but you need roots that are grounded (or Established) that will keep the house from falling over.

                        i. What we need to be rooted and grounded in is Love.

              4. (GAL 5:6) Says, “Faith which worketh by love.”

                   a. Fear in the opposite of faith.

                        i. You can’t operate in faith and have fear in your heart. They nullify each other.

                        ii. What is it that keeps fear away?

                   b. John said in (1 JOHN 4:18) “But perfect love casteth out fear.” KJV

                        i. That’s why faith and love go hand in hand.

                        ii. Love keeps fear away, and lets faith operate.

     II. EPH 3:18

          A. In this V it refers to “All the saints.”

                 1. All the saints are supposed toKnow something.”

                        a. What is it that we are to know?

                 2. We are to knowWhat is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height.”

                        a. In studying this out, some Commentaries says this refers to knowing the fullness of the love of God, but (V19) already talks about that.

                 3. As I was reading other books written on the book of Ephesians, 1 of them brought out that “The breadth, and length, and depth, and height,” refers to Knowing God in fullness.”

                        a. Knowing God in fullness would mean Knowing Him personally and knowing about Him, which would mean KNOWING HIS WORD.

          B. EPH 3:19

                 1. Here he tells us that we also need to knowThe Love of Christ.”

                        a. He says that we are to know the love of Christ whichPasseth knowledge.”

                               i. The word “Knowledge” here means “Natural Knowledge.”

                        a. Knowing the “Love of Christgoes beyond natural human knowledge.

                               i. The only way we can truly know the Love of Christ is to know it by the Spirit of God.

                 2. Once we know God personally and know His Word, and also know the love that He has for us, then we can be filled with the FULLNESS of GOD.

                        a. The “Fullness of Godrefers to “Being filled with the presence, power, and riches of God and of Christ.

                               i. RichesSpiritually and Naturally, which also means the Blessings of God.

          C. EPH 3:20

                 1. Sometimes we get the thought in our mind that the problem that we’re going through is so bad that it’s really going to take a fantastic miracle of God to get us out of this problem.

                        a. Our thinking is that “This 1 is going to be more difficult for God.”

                               i. This short circuits our faith.

                               ii. The bigger the problem is the more we think that God is not going to come through, or we don’t have the faith to believe God will perform the miracle that we need.

                        b. James tells us in (James 1:6-7) that we need to ask in faith, or we will not receive anything from the Lord.

                               i. A major miracle is no more difficult for God than healing a hang nail.

                               ii. Nothing is to difficult for God.

                        c. (Eph 3:20) Says that “God is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think.”

                 2. The very last part of (V 20) throws some people.

                        a. When he says, “According to the power that worketh in us.”

                               i. It means that if God is in us, then He is able and will perform that miracle.

                              ii. But it goes a little further than that, it refers to having the Fullness of God in us.

                        b. Along with that comes faith in God.

                               i. It’s our faith in God that brings about the miracles.

                 3. Let’s end with EPH 3:21

                        a. Paul in this V begins to ascribe Glory to God.

                        b. It is the Church that is to bring Glory to God.

                               i. Fighting with other Churches and their beliefs do not bring Glory to God.

                               ii. But our life and our praise and worship brings God Glory.

                        c. Paul make the statement here that Glory will come through the Church throughout all eternity.

                               i. That tells me that the Church is not going to end, just our dwelling place will change

                               ii. We’ll always be the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Bride of Christ.

                               iii. Our purpose is to bring God glory.

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WOLCC Thurs. 5/16/96

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