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Good Friday April 10, 2020

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First of all, it doesn't seem to be a good day does it? because it was a day when Jesus was despised by the chief priests and scribes and by the crowds, by Pilot, by the Roman soldiers. And a day when he was found not guilty and yet punished and put to death Instead a guilty man. Barabbas was set free. And it was a day when it looks like the chief priests sons of the religious leaders got got away with premeditated murder basically is what they were doing. So that day if we look at it just from all those different viewpoints. It was a bad day. So if any of those things were good. but despite all those bad things that people were doing. God was at work doing other plans during that day that working something out with good for us and then it was all part of his plan to send the Lord Jesus into this world to one day die for us. And in order to benefit us So despite man's wickedness God was working things out for good through this day. The Lord Jesus Himself said that He came into this world to seek and to save that which was lost. Jesus knew that he'd come on a mission to rescue people So part of the thing that makes this Friday good is that there was some rescue involved in that. And then I was thinking how can we picture maybe a little bit and I'll go this is just a full picture of what Jesus actually did but it's still a great sacrifice. Some people are making so of course at the moments. I just put up a picture of Jack the events and nurses and all that masks in the current crisis of Kobe blocks of bad things that are happening and people becoming sick many have died and then probably activities life. Are most people's nice around 12 everybody in this country and their life is being affected. and then stop play some of the some of the nurses and doctors have have have died as a result of Searching virus and why they been treating patients? And circles all around the world think of some signs where nurses are standing there in doctors with sign saying I stayed at work for you. You stayed at home for us. So the only thing is that coming on with that work to help people to recover. On our behalf to do something for us. So the whole circumstances is Bass the virus is bad in the sickness. The death is bad, but these people are bringing something good by sacrificing perhaps the angel in all due to M rescue others who is sick. I'm so similarly the Lord Jesus and that's what makes Good Friday good because everything bad. Chihuahua eyes perhaps seems to be happening there. Let's see how tall this Badness that was happening. Jesus was working and staying there on the cross for us. Not just to not rescue us from physical death quit from spiritual death. And I just got a few verses here from Isaiah where I dying to live 700 years before Jesus was born with it. What happened to Jesus was part of God's plan wasn't just by chance or mistake that he died on the cross. Because seven hundred years before it happened and God gave these words to I saw a describing what Jesus would do. Sofia Festival in Vesta street. It's about what we see it initially the bad things receive it Jesus Whiskas despised and forsaken of man A Man of Sorrows.

And then in the next bus Chase surely he has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows, but we esteemed him stricken Smitten by God. The only way is to our allies physical eyes. What happened to Jesus just sings band Soulful and and drone but then I saw it goes on to explain. He says the Jesus was pierced for our transgressions. He was crushed for our iniquities upon him was the chastisement process Peaks and with his wounds. We are healed. Play song is explaining that it was through what Jesus did on the cross that good comes because he was pissed and crushed and chastised and wounded for our sin. I am and then in the last of us, I'll look at it and say so all we like sheep have gone astray and we have to send everyone to his own way, but the lord has laid on him the iniquity of a soul.

So I'll spiritual weakness wickedness what the Bible calls sin smells like it's just something else Alice at the center of our Lives instead of gaunt who made us so creative and it's Jesus Took the penalty that we deserve but I'll send for our iniquity as he died on the cross and provided us a way to be forgiven for God's plan because he loved us so much he was willing to do that then and now Ghostface and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved you will be rescued. That would save just means rescue. And then that's something to think about him thinks what Christ has done for us on the cross the good thing he did that was to rescue us from Austin. Is he done with that sweet? We know that Jesus didn't stay dead and buried in the Tomb and three days later he rose again and he's alive today know and we can know him in our lives today. I just had to show this some real explains just none of us from Impala space, but I was saying she made him to be sin who knew no sin. So that in him we might become the righteousness of God. 2 Corinthians 5:21

So what makes this a good Friday it's because of what Jesus accomplished on our behalf on the cross to call the Father's Love and sending him and now that we know this is all Jesus. We have this promise. They'll probably get them eternal life and they will never perish and no one will snatch them out of my house. Unless we think about some times have been good. All times have bad that we might go through in our lives times of crisis at the moment. I'll times when things will be better. Hopefully in the near future that we can know that through all those times and try still has Us in his hand and he is with us through all the trials and difficulties that we might go through and then

Good Friday Good Friday because despite the bad that men will doing God work to bring bring good out of that.

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